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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by Stone Hot View Post
No brother it wont. Rock vs Austin was every other year and Taker vs HHH they were ignoring that their WM 17 match ever happend. its gonna be just 1 rematch at mania thats it. Cena will win and then face Taker at WM 30. Cena even said it himself he would like to face undertaker at WM 30

its right here

If we're talking about who wants to face Taker, then Sheamus, Del Rio, and Ryback among others have voiced an interest to go at The Streak, but that doesn't mean it will happen.

Besides, Cena himself said he wants nothing to do with The Streak, here:


Enough proof Taker/Cena at WM is nein, brother?

Originally Posted by ashes11 View Post
Pied Piper - You are one of the best posters when it comes to the Deadman, but I genuinely disagree with you, Taker V Cena will be Wrestlemania 30, it's the least he Taker deserves.
Well, my apologies, man, but the stats and facts side with me. Taker never faced a WWE Icon at Wrestlemania for more than 20 years. I refuse to believe it's just a coincidence, so I have no reason to start believing Cena/Taker will ever happen at any WM.

Originally Posted by Charlie Bronson View Post
50/50 shot at Cena/Taker happening. But I would rather see Brock/Taker if I had to choose.

I did want Rock/Taker, but with his stamina all fucked up, I am not sure Taker could carry him.
I think there's no need to worry about Taker/Rock if it ever happens (highly doubtful, though, since Taker never faced a WWE Icon at Wrestlemania). The match will rely more on in-ring psychology and crowds reactions ala Taker/HBK or Rock/Hogan. I don't think the match will happen because we'll see Rock/Cena 3, though.

About Brock/Taker...been there, done that. Mediocre feud with mediocre matches. Not interested. Besides, I think we'll also see Brock/HHH 3 next year.

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
I just seriously want Undertaker to compete, not worried who it will be against. At this point it'll have to be a huge name no matter what. HHH, Punk, Cena, Jericho, all those guys would be great.
Oh, man, I prefer Taker/Jericho over Taker/Punk any day. Too bad we'll see Jericho/Ziggler instead.

though, if we get Taker/Punk at WM 29 I'm hoping for Taker/Jericho at WM 30 next year. Would be wicked back to back show stealer.

Originally Posted by TheWrestlingFan View Post
Me too, I said to myself earlier in the year. Taker should of retired at WM28 but seeing all this talk now about the streak makes me amped up for a match.
Hear, hear.

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Yes they do, I hear many say "I was there" "I remember" and books about that
even then how many pepole who NEVER watched watched the last part becuse of that?
i know my parents did and I know many others that did as wel

Yes winning is, but winning aginst someone who is undefeated is biiger then someone undefeated winning again which is my point

to have an undefeated guy be undefeated? that's what you can see every time you can only see them lose it once and its truly an amazing moment

pepole dont pay to see an outcome they see comming and they know is going to happen,t hats why they need to put taker with hbk, HHH, and tease him lossing so much pepole pay to see that because
WINNING against someone undefeated is a huge deal

I never said they would not have any matches, or that you could not name them just that if and or when he losses that bmatch will insatnyl be a classic and will have pepole talking\buying dvds\ watching

When all is said and done, no matter what you will have Takers great matches, which are based off his performance, but people will also remember his loss far more the most of those, not all since he unlike most who arte undefeated had an IMPRESVIE showing
but again more will remember the match he lost then remember all the good matches he won

I do not deny he has put guys over, but there is no limit imo, he can still put over a young guy and start a new era.

There is no "fair shair" as one of the old guys THATS YOUR JOB, for as long as your still there your putting guys over

He is called the best ever at poltciing because of that, and i never said best ever, I just said it made him relevant to this day

No, what the defnition is, instead of being called deisail ro God forbid Oz he will go down as Nash and one of the first memorys will be him beating Goldberg and many other things as well

I disagree, you can sell just as much if not more if he losses

put it this way he goes 22-0 people buy the dvd or what ever, THATS it since he is done there is no "milk it evere year" now, he wont be back to fight next year no more to add to the strea
there is no extra sell
pepole will buy if its 21-1 becuse it sells

you think pepole show up to watch him win like they know he will?
You think people breath stops when Taker wins again like always? no its always when taker is down for the one two
and evrey one stands up, many in disbelief before the kick out

I highly doubt this is "true", as even if it where\is it could chnage at anytime and even that if true thats cause they can still milk it next year, but hween he retires they wont be able to
right now there is no reason to end it cause you can still use it next year so of coruse he dont want it to end but his last match there is no exra for taker wining

Even if this was true, this could be a step in the right direction,y ou cant just stop making right decisions just because they "mess things up"
LOL, bro, we're so different at this. Let's just leave it at that.

The Streak is 20-0...and counting.

Originally Posted by iwatchwrestling View Post
All I can say is if Cena and Taker meet for Mania 30, if Cena no sells Taker's promos like he did Rock's, I hope Taker lights him up.
Cena don't sell!!!*

*Said in Machete style.

Originally Posted by JAROTO View Post
WM29 vs Lesnar
WM30 vs Cena

is it too much to ask?
For Vince? It's like building Rome.

Originally Posted by Vic Capri View Post
I'm 100% against Punk being fed to The Streak.

- Vic
Me too, I'd rather see Jericho being added to The Streak this year.

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