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Re: I gave TNA a chance yesterday and I loved it

Originally Posted by Kabraxal View Post
It can be frustrating... but he isn't anywhere near the worst in history for a champion. TNA would be better served with someone else in the long run... not a knock on jeff, but he's old guard. TNA right now needs someone either newer to the main event scene or someone who hasn't had the runs in a few companies he's had. It's time to do what the WWE did in 98 and build those new stars that they can create a revolutionary product around. I think maybe TNA is doing that though... we have to deal with the short term superface booking, but I think it's endgame is to put over another star. Could be wrong... but it just feels like everything is building to that.
I agree with everything you said and I hope the last thing you said is so. Jeff doesn't need it; he'd still be over with his fans without it. I think his kind of character doesn't even match with someone who would even aspire to be a champion because it seems like a strange goal. What does a character like his really need the title for anyway? To prove that he's the best? That's not what his character comes across to me as. For a pseudo-mystic (or w/e it is) character like his, a title seems a trivial thing. Just going out there and performing for his "creatures" should be his goal. It's kind of hard to explain. But anyway, I don't know why they changed from Aries, but both of the previous champions were steps in a new direction, a changing of the guard, if you will. We've seen Hardy as a champ of some sort for years now. I actually would have really liked to have seen Daniels as the champ, though I'm not exactly mad that he didn't get it (hopefully he will eventually).

Maybe they're cooking something up. I hope they do, and I hope it's awesome.
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