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Re: Who stands out the most on WF?

Originally Posted by Crimson 3:16ô View Post
Well I didn't red rep you back, neither did I complain about you red repping me. I just stated that you red repped me cause you were mad at me after I exposed you for the idiot that you always were and are. So that wasn't rep angst

And fuck, I green repped you for real bro. How is it not showing up on your User CP? Go check it again, hit some F-5's till it shows up.

Ah wait, even the rep system knows that you don't deserve a green rep from me.

You were just being plain stupid by taking on me thinking that I made that rant to get some symphy. You never realised I was kidding and you never realised that guys were being sarcastic when they wished me luck for my future. You were just being dumb as fuck and when you realised that you indeed were being stupid, you were hurt, you red repped me out of excess butthurtness and then you changed the topic by speaking of rep angst and by blindly calling me a Punjabi because you're too dumb to know anything more about India except Khali.

And no, I'm not Rajesh either. Go back to your mom's basement Howard, you jewish piece of trash. And please, please don't come back.
wasn't it you that made that huge thread about how you're leaving and done with the forum.

and now you're back, with a new avatar and signature?

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