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Re: Aussie and American "soccer" fans...

Sorry for bumping an old(ish) thread, I haven't been on here for a couple or three months and I actually forgot about it.

Anyway, I am quite surprised at some of the comments made here. Basically stating that you don't follow your national league and/or a specific team because of the low standard. So that begs the question, as some of you have "chosen" to support teams that you have no affiliation or connection with, what would you do if "your team" suddenly went up sh*t creek and got relegated a couple of divisions. What if you couldn't follow them as much as you do now because coverage of League 1 and 2 isn't as widely available? Would you suddenly change teams and support someone else or would you still try and keep up to date albeit with less interest?

For those of you that don't know, my team is Man City (genuine fan, season ticket holder since a young age, go to away games and to Euro aways before anyone asks or comments) and I know for a fact that if the core following City had through the dark days in the 90's didn't stand firm then City wouldn't be experiencing what they have experienced over the past few years as they certainly wouldn't have been able to find their way back to the big time so rapidly.

Other big clubs have also fallen on hard times (Leeds, Forest, Sheffield Wednesday and going back even further Man Utd and Chelsea) so it certainly isn't beyond the impossible although the game has changed drastically.

This is all hypothetical of course but interesting nonetheless.

By the way, Kudos to the few of you that back your local sides and leagues. Remember to ALWAYS keep the faith and your loyal support will eventually be rewarded one day.
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