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Re: Cena Rumble win make Elimination Chamber Pointless?

I actually never liked the set up of "Hey we've got 30-40 guys in the Royal Rumble fighting for a title shot and then 3 weeks later 10 of the losers will be getting title shots!" set up that they had from Royal Rumble to Elimination Chamber. It makes it look WAY too easy to get a title shot. I liked it better when it was "Oh you didn't win the Rumble? Well tough luck. Try again next year". Getting a title shot should be a hard process and opportunities should be few & far between because the harder it is to win a World Title, then the more it will mean when somebody wins one. Of course when you have 12 PPVs a year and two World Titles, it just leads to over-saturation.

Now this year's set up for EC looks like it is going to be a War Games style EC match with Cena, Sheamus, & Ryback facing The Shield and then six men competing for a shot at Wrestlemania against the winner of Alberto Vs. Big Show III. I like that a lot more. The Elimination Chamber is used to set up a title shot, so at least putting six Rumble losers in there works as a 2nd chance to get to Mania as a challenger (which is born out of necessity due to having two World Titles, which I hate, but whatever I'll go with it) so they still are on a road to the title rather than just willy nilly getting a title shot because we have 5 spots to fill against the champion. And the War Games style match is a good way to keep the Rumble winner busy to bide time before his title shot at Wrestlemania.


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