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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

JAM's Review

The show had to start with Orton after what happened last week. I think that Ted and Cody shouldn’t have been out there to sell the mind games that ‘Taker played last week. Then again, that would make the team look a bit weak. Also, I think since you had Cody and Ted out there, you could’ve given them a bit of mic time as well since they’re the ones who experienced first-hand the wrath of ‘Taker. Orton’s overall promo was alright but confused me a bit when he wanted ‘Taker to be suspended but then took it back or something. Lawler was alright here, glad that we got some sort of gimmick match for the WWE Title. Not a bad opening to the show but it could’ve been better.

Surprised to see Legacy lose here. I was very sure that they would win to gain some momentum back after last week but it was a good win for the Colons. The post-match attack was a good booking move to give Legacy back some heat, having them take out their frustrations on Carlito like that. Tag team division is surely heating up!

The Regal interview did well in putting over the Monarchy, especially Barrett. However, there were some instances where Regal just seemed a bit off to me, I can’t exactly pinpoint where that may be but yeah. You’ve almost got him down, just a few more promos and I think you’ll have him down. Brass knuckles from Regal for Barrett to win? I think it was an okay finish but maybe if you had Barrett look a little stronger but this result was alright too. Nice promo from the Miz. However, you missed some words and used you’re instead of your. It was a good promo, probably the best so far in the show. All the logic behind it was great, maybe even opened up to Miz being face at some parts. Sort of a shoot promo from Miz right here. Sheamus debut, can’t wait!

Nice little back-and-forth with the tag champions and their challengers. I used to really like these segments when Cryme Tyme are all funny and start auctioning stuff, that was great. You write Cryme Tyme really well and it’s been a joy to read. However, the tag champs promos seemed a little redundant here. The beating was a clear message to their challengers and I kinda wanted to see the challengers come out on top here but that’s fine. The tag team division has been really good thus far.

Orton was ofcourse gonna win this match against Goldie but the main talking point came post-match. Maybe we could’ve seen a little more but I think the tombstone thing was pretty good. But after last week, I think you should’ve left that hanging Cody and Ted on crosses thing on the go home show. This just seemed too little in comparison to last week.

I agree with CP that Beth/Melina does seem a little more big than the actual divas championship but I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Maryse is pretty decent in the ring and you’re doing a good job with building her up while building up the other divas.

I like TJ Perkins so I’m glad to see him get a bit of a push here. The Kennedy promo was gold. Not letting MVP get any word in is classic Kennedy. Bit of a random pairing though but you could probably make it work. Another tag team match, I think we’ve had enough with the tag team matches or maybe it’s just been the theme of the show so far imo. Punk and Swagger going at it is great. Potential match of the night at the PPV for sure.

The main event was truly something to see. Was a pretty good match but then Miz had to interfere. Surprised that you had Miz close out the show when the Monarchy was a big emphasis on this episode. The ending seemed a little too soon or well it’s like nothing really occurred. Would’ve been good to add in some reaction from HBK after the involvement of Miz.

Overall, the show wasn’t bad but it could’ve been better. The Monarchy was the emphasis of this show which I don’t mind but I think you gotta keep the WWE Title situation going strong as well. Plenty of positives for this show and the feuds are definitely there, you just need to pull the right trigger for everything to go into motion. Also, maybe check your work before you post it, saw some errors or some misused words but that’s fine. Onto the next!

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