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Re: Pinnacle Combat :The Dark Horse Of Revolution

Pinnacle Combat : Apex Road 5
August 1st
Rutland, Vermont

The scene fades in to last week's recaps.

The cameras swing towards the ring, Dustin Hart, who was walking down the ramp during the commentators' introduction, is pacing the ring in an angry nature. He's holding a microphone in his hand and a blue sticky note, similar to the note that was seen last week at the end of the day that Hart read and without revealing to the camera, got really vexed with.

Dustin Hart : Last week, I received this.

Hart holds up the sticky note to the camera but the crowd stays silent.

Dustin Hart : I checked the cameras to see who put this nonsense on my door and something interesting popped up. Right when the show started and those two masked men that abducted Tazz last week, the cameras were cut off. Does anyone know what this means?

The crowd stays silent.

Dustin Hart : I promise if those two masked men trespassed and abducted Tazz during the show, they will pay! I checked Apex Road 2 for any evidence. Nothing. Nothing at all. These guys are really playing with fire. I'm checking each and every camera, the parking light cameras, the hallway cameras, even the goddamn bathroom cameras until I find a connection and the part that I can't connect is who these men are. I have no way of contacting them until All Out Assault like they said. These morons are messing with my promotion and messing with my show!

The crowd cheers and chants “PC”.

Dustin Hart : Even if they plopped Tazz back here without a evidence path to trace, I would drop this investigation but whatever they want, I hope they know this isn't the way to ask this. I represent this company and if I let this criminals basically, get what they want then what example am I setting?

The crowd gives a small pop.

Dustin Hart : Now onto this sticky note. I don't know whether those two masked men allowed me to address this to the public but I don't care. The sticky note says that they will bring Tazz to All Out Assault during their negotiation if I...

The crowd wants to know the stipulation.

Dustin Hart : If I, put on a chicken suit and dance in the middle of this ring.

Later That Night

Dustin Hart walks down the ramp with a chicken suit and a chicken head. Before entering the ring, he puts on this vibrant yellow and feathery chicken suit and head with large anime-like blue eyes. He walks up the steel steps and enters the ring. He was handed a microphone.

Dustin Hart : I hope these two masked men and Tazz pay me for this. I'm making a fool of myself on national television. Put on the music before our air time cuts off.

A comical tune is playing and Dustin Hart bends his arms like a chicken and dances around the ring. He then bends over as if he was pecking food of the ground. He almost trips over the surplus feathers on his feet. The crowd is laughing as Hart dances around the ring in his chicken costume. He continues on pecking the crowd and shaking his “tail”. Dustin Hart hangs his head in shame and wiggles his tail. He then falls to the floor. Hart grabs a microphone.

Dustin : Stop the music! I'm done! I'm done!

Dustin Hart takes off the head roughly and takes off the suit, stumbling in the process. KENTA is then seen on the stage in a chair. Hart catches his presence in the corner of his eye.

KENTA : Bravo. Encore! Encore!

Hart : You think your funny huh? Well lucky for you, I'm not general manager but I can book matches. You shouldn't talk KENTA your weak. Your whole team is weak. Brodus Clay smashed Yoshi Tatsu. Alex Shelley smashed Goto. I can destroy you, that isn't a threat nor a promise. It's a fact.

The crowd cheers as Matt Hardy walks past KENTA, who promptly stands.

Matt Hardy : I have it from here. KENTA next week, since you want to run your mouth, talk trash to a authority that can put their hands on you.

KENTA : Who would that be?

Hardy : Me.

The crowd cheers as Hardy extends his hand.

Matt : Next week! No disqualification! Shake my damn hand!

The crowd cheers immensely as KENTA locks Hardy in a GTS and then connects it! KENTA then shakes Hardy's hand.
The scene fades back to a capacity crowd. The temporary general manager, Matt Hardy is in the center of the ring.

Matt Hardy : What an Apex Road last week!

The crowd cheers loudly.

Matt Hardy : I learned some things. I was taught certain lessons. I even found out things that people can only dream of. I got to place some really awesome matches. I directed a television division bout. But most of all, I succeeded in entertaining you by giving you a show that only the Mattitude can do!

The crowd cheers significantly.

Matt Hardy : Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end.

The crowd stays silent, fearing the obvious.

Matt Hardy : I recently have gotten word from the board of directors before walking down that ramp and walking into the ring that the board...wants to rotate the positions of the temporary general manager.

The crowd reacts loudly.

Matt Hardy : Hence the reason they call it, temporary. Nonetheless, my last order from the Pinnacle Combat Board of Directors was to announce the new general manager.

The crowd cheers a small amount.

Matt Hardy : Ladies and gentlemen, your new temporary general manager!

Within moments, Paul London walks onto the stage wearing your standard tuxedo attire: A beige-ish tuxedo jacket with matching tuxedo pants, a white tuxedo shirt and white shoes. He stares at Matt Hardy, as he is clapping for London. The crowd pops loud, some even giving Paul London a standing ovation. Paul London marches down the ramp swiftly, noticeably elated for being chosen one to be the general manager. He looks at the crowd and poses for the crowd at ringside. London then runs up the steel steps and enters the ring. Matt Hardy looks Paul London then extends his hand. Paul looks at his hand and looks at the crowd. Paul London shakes Hardy's hand slowly then takes his mic fast.

Paul London : Ladies and gentlemen, your new temporary general manager...Paul London!

The crowd cheers loud, significantly louder and longer than when Matt Hardy announced.

Matt Hardy : Its not as easy at it looks Londo-

Paul London : -and as my first order as the main authority of Apex Road, the main event of Matt Hardy and KENTA will be a No Holds Barred match!

The crowd cheers huge as the lights dim noticeably. The spotlight shines on the east section of the crowd as KENTA, along with Goto and Yoshi Tatsu appear out of the crowd. Goto is the first to hop over the crowd barrier. He walks over to the officials standing near ringside and grabs three microphones. Yoshi Tatsu quickly walks up the ramp and bends the ropes, opening them for KENTA who enters the ring momentarily. Goto passes two microphones to Yoshi Tatsu and Tatsu gives one to KENTA who snatches the mic.

KENTA : Who the hell do you think you both are?

Paul London : I think I am the general manager.

Matt Hardy : I'm Matt. Matt Hardy!

KENTA : The general manager position should be given to one of the members of the prestigious and dangerous, Shinjiketo!

The crowd boos as KENTA and the two pose for the crowd.

Yoshi Tatsu : Tonight, I will be facing someone that I will be facing again at All Out Assault. His name is Chris Sabin.

The crowd cheers for Sabin's mention.

Tatsu : I will be defeating Sabin easily, and yes Hardy and London...without KENTA's help.

Hardy : I don't buy it.

Yoshi Tatsu smirks before walks behind KENTA. The crowd pops as Goto stands in front of KENTA to talk to Matt Hardy and Paul London.

Goto : My name is Goto.

The crowd boos enormously.

Goto : At all out assault, I made it a promise to snap a bone. It could be in match with you London. Or I could wait until the main event for you Matt Hardy.

Both, Hardy and London look at each other before laughing at Goto. KENTA then steps up to stare at each of them.

KENTA : Hardy. This isn't over. Not by long shot.

Each of them exit the ring quickly and jump over the crowd barrier except for Yoshi Tatsu since his match . As the commotion begins to settle, the cameras swing over to the commentators, Todd Grisham and Amy Dumas, as Chris Sabin makes his entrance with his friend and tag-team partner, Alex Shelley.

Todd Grisham : Welcome to Pinnacle Combat: Apex Road! We are getting closer to All Out Assault and I'd like to take the time to also welcome my colleague for the show, former champion, Amy Dumas! How are you tonight Dumas?

Amy Dumas : I'm doing well Todd. Actually better because of the three amazing matches coming up! The background for this match is that Alex Shelley faced Goto in a winning effort so Goto's tag team partner, Yoshi Tatsu will face Alex Shelley's partner Chris Sabin. But before we get into the three matches set up for this awesome night, lets get this match started.

Match #1
Yoshi Tatsu vs Chris Sabin
Singles Match

Tatsu and Sabin circle each other. After Goto's defeat, Yoshi Tatsu looks more focused than he ever has in any of his matches ever. Sabin decides to take the initiative and lock up with Tatsu, quickly getting the advantage. He Irish Whips Tatsu to the ropes and upon return Yoshi avoids a clothesline and instead of bouncing off the ropes again, he goes to the top rope, turns around and dives off for a crossbody. Yoshi goes for a quick pin. 1...2...Kick out! Yoshi Tatsu then quickly locks in the cloverleaf! Walking towards the center, Sabin tries to escape but Tatsu has the hold locked in. Tatsu wrenches his legs as Alex Shelley starts up a “Let's go Sabin” chant. Yoshi is then seen struggling as Sabin is tryinng his hardest to escape the hold and with the added crowd to support him, he is showing progress. Within moments, Chris Sabin breaks out of the cloverleaf and stands up. The crowd pops loudly as Sabin raises one hand in the corner while Tatsu walks over to Chris Sabin and knife-edge chops him three times before Irish whipping him into the opposite corner but Sabin runs up the ropes as Tatsu is behind him and basically flips over Tatsu. When Yoshi Tatsu turns around, Sabin pushes Tatsu in a corner and keeps him there with some punches. He takes some steps back and connects a running arched big boot to Yoshi Tatsu which the crowd pops loudly for. Tatsu is now grounded as Sabin goes to pin Yoshi Tatsu. 1...2...Foot on the rope! Goto put Yoshi Tatsu's foot on the rope but the referee did not notice! Alex Shelley goes on the apron and yells at the referee. With the referee's distraction, Goto slides in the ring and connects a punch but he has something on his hand. As the camera zooms in, it appears to be brass knuckles! Sabin goes down as the referee sees Tatsu pinning Sabin for the second time. 1...2...Kick out from Chris Sabin! No one in this entire arena is more surprised then Goto and Yoshi Tatsu! Sabin gets picked up and thrown to the ropes and upon return, Yoshi Tatsu connects a rolling snapmare and then a shoot kick to Sabin. Sabin coughs and lies on the floor with his arms wrapped around his chest. Yoshi Tatsu then goes to pick up Chris Sabin again but Sabin rolls out of the ring and onto the apron. Yoshi Tatsu then looks at Goto and they nod at each other. Yoshi Tatsu then rushes at Sabin and spears him into the crowd barrier. Goto then slaps Alex Shelley before kicking him in the gut and connecting a wrist-clutch Olympic Slam which he calls the Go To Heaven! Shelley is out as Yoshi Tatsu goes to the top rope. Yoshi poses for the crowd before diving off and connecting a top-rope spinning heel kick which nearly cracks Shelley's skull open! 1! Everyone is grounded. 2! 3! 4! 5! 6! Shelley shows signs of life. 7! 8! Shelley slides Chris Sabin into the ring. 9! Yoshi Tatsu slides into the ring at 9 and a half! Both of these guys are grounded. Tatsu crawls over to Chris Sabin and gets an arm over him. 1...2...Kick out!

Yoshi Tatsu is shocked! The crowd is shocked! People watching all over may be shocked! Yoshi Tatsu is most likely wondering what he has to do to keep his opponent down for the three count. Chris Sabin rolls out onto the apron and uses it to pull himself up. He looks at the crowd and poses as Yoshi Tatsu stands up. Chris Sabin jumps on the ropes and connects a springboard tornado DDT! Chris Sabin is now laid out. Tatsu is laid out and bloodied! Chris Sabin crawls over to Tatsu but Yoshi Tatsu is crawling to the turnbuckle. Tatsu pulls himself up and goes over to Chris Sabin who is on one knee. Tatsu then pokes Sabin's eye and the refere pushes Tatsu away and reprimands him for breaching the rules. The referee then turns his attention to Sabin who cannot see and Sabin reacts by sending the referee out of the ring! The referee has no choice but to ring the bell in favor of Yoshi Tatsu!

Winner by Disqualification : Yoshi Tatsu

Chris Sabin hears the bell ring and sees the referee on the floor. Obviously seeing that Tatsu was not the man going over the ropes, he gets extremely frustrated as Yoshi is already out of the ring, most likely halfway through the crowd. Sabin kicks the turnbuckle then lies his head on the turnbuckle.

Todd Grisham : Horrible upset for Chris Sabin but nonetheless, onwards with the show. One of the matches scheduled for tonight is the main event, Matt Hardy will face KENTA in a no holds barred match, according to the general manager of tonight, Paul London.

Amy Dumas : Also tonight, Matt Hardy combined two steaming feuds into one explosive tag match! John Morrison and Carlito will face Adam Cole and Brad Maddox.

Todd Grisham : Yes and up next, Chris Rayne vs Joey LeBell. Who knows what match they will be in? These two rookies graduated from Pinnacle Wrestling's development territory. Chris Rayne is also the brother of Miss Gorgeous, also known as Madison Rayne. LeBell is in the television division and Paul London has asked both of these men which number and letter they picked for the crowd. If you may excuse me, I must go find out our match type.

Todd Grisham picks up an index card and walks around ringside.

Todd Grisham : Do we have an N6 in the house?

A person in the back runs down the staircase and approaches Todd. Todd gives the man the index card.

Grisham : Pick one of the three choices.

Man : Easy, A. Parking lot brawl!

Todd : You all heard it folks! Coming up soon, LeBell will face Rayne in a parking lot brawl.

The scene fades Susan Brooke.

Susan Brooke : Hello! Hello! Hello Pinnacle Combat, I am Susan Brooke. My guest tonight is Carlito!

Carlito steps into the shot.

Susan Brooke : Hey Carlito, few questions for you tonight. What is your opinion on John Morrison, your tag team partner for tonight's match?

Carlito : John Morrison? He's ok. A little too cocky but he reminds me of my days back “en mi papa's” promotion. He's just a background guy in this match. I'm coming out this a winner and Morrison isn't preventing this.

Brooke : What is your plans in this match?

Carlito : Susan. I'm going out there and breaking bones. I'm Carlito. I don't need a plan.

Brooke : Final question. Going up against Sin Cara for the North American challenge must be a challenge?

Carlito : Not at all. Sin Cara is quick but “mucho” weak. He's not worth the fight. Watch tonight, this is only half of what I am going to do to Sin Cara.

Carlito walks away as the scene fades to a parking lot brawl. The referee announces that the match begins now.

Match #2
Chris Rayne w/ Miss Gorgeous vs Joey LeBell
Parking Lot Brawl

Joey LeBell and Chris Rayne will be facing each other in a parking lot brawl! Joey LeBell looks at Chris Rayne then blows a kiss at Miss Gorgeous also known as Chris Rayne's sister, who was known as Madison Rayne in TNA. Rayne then rushes Joey LeBell and spears him into a car door! Chris Rayne then opens the car door and takes out a crowbar. Joey LeBell gets up and turns around then gets hit with the crowbar! The crowd in the arena are cheering for Rayne as Joey LeBell is getting what he deserves. Chris Rayne then picks up Joey LeBell but LeBell takes the crowbar and swings it at the gut of Rayne. Joey LeBell then pushes Chris Rayne into the space between the open car door and the car's body. Joey LeBell then kicks the car door which swings onto Chris Rayne's shoulder and bicep! Chris Rayne falls to the floor while Joey LeBell stomps on Chris Rayne. Miss Gorgeous tries to pull Joey LeBell off of Chris Rayne and LeBell looks at Miss Gorgeous. She stands her ground and pushes him back. LeBell then lifts Miss Gorgeous onto his shoulders and goes to the hood of the car. Miss Gorgeous is trying to get out of the hold. Chris Rayne then swings the crowbar into the gut of Joey LeBell. He lets go of Miss Gorgeous and holds his stomach. Chris Rayne then sees a trash can and picks it up. Joey LeBell sees him pick it up and takes Chris Rayne's sister as hostage. He wraps one arm around her which stops Rayne in his tracks. Rayne then puts the trash can down as his sister back kicks LeBell between his legs causing LeBell to let her go and drop to one knee. Chris Rayne then picks up the garbage can and dumps a load of trash onto the peer rookie! Rayne then grabs Joey by the throat then grabs LeBell with his other hand. He lifts him up for a two-handed chokeslam but LeBell kicks Rayne in the gut and lifting him on his shoulders then performing a firemans carry takedown onto the windshield of the car! The referee counts to 10 then rings the bell!

Winner by Knockout : Joey LeBell

Joey LeBell stumbles away and can be heard shouting, “This isn't over!”. The scene fades to Adam Cole in his locker room. Just then, John Morrison sits beside him.

John Morrison : Did you see that match out there?

Adam Cole : I sure did. What are you doing here?

John Morrison : I got a sneak look at the index cards and I want to warn you that all three choices are going to destroy you and further prove my point that I will be the inaugural television champion. Not you.

Adam Cole : [while smirking] Very funny. But I could end your chances of making it to All Out Assault with any choice the gullible and foolish crowd gives me.

John Morrison : Oh yeah? Well lets see tonight.

John Morrison gets up.

John Morrison : ...and by the way, my locker room is better.

Adam Cole smirks at first before turning worried and catching up with Morrison.

Cole : Show me!

The scene fades to KENTA walking down the hallway backstage without Goto nor Tatsu. Matt Hardy comes out a door.

Matt Hardy : Where's your crew?

KENTA : Confidential.

Matt Hardy : You are so vulnerable. Your like one of those snotty teenage movie stars. Don't hide behind your security.

KENTA : Those are my family. I give them the utmost respect.

Matt Hardy : The utmost bullsh-t!

The crowd cheers. KENTA stares at Hardy and bumps past him, walking away. Hardy laughs a bit before the scene fading back to Britani Knight in the ring. As Zexuis makes her way down the ramp, the commentators talk.

Todd : These rivalries are getting huge! This is our women's division's match. These two have heat behind them. Zexuis's long time best friend, Pandora was badly hurt last week because of Britani Knight and her arrogance. With the added shyness and defenselessness of Pandora, Zexuis is entering this match with fury in her strategy.

By this time, Zexuis is entering the ring. The referee is getting ready to ring the bell.

Match #3
Britani Knight vs Zexuis
Single Match

The referee rings. Britani Knight and Zexuis lock up. Britani gets the advantage and throws Zexuis to the corner. She rushes at the corner and goes for a shining wizard but Zexuis avoids it and Britani Knight crumples in the corner! Zexuis runs to the ropes and bounces back then hits a clothesline. Britani Knight goes down and Zexuis connects a leg drop, trying to keep for grounded. Zexuis then picks her up from behind and goes for a back suplex but Britani lands on her feet. As Zexuis turns around, Britani Knight connects a headbutt then an uppercut and connects a discus elbow. Zexuis then goes to pin Britani Knight. 1...2...Kick out from Britani! Britani then picks up Zexuis and throws her to the ropes and then connects with a side kick. Zexuis staggers into the corner. Britani tries to perform a shining wizard which would have ended the match, but Zexuis avoids the attack and takes the advantage to connect a neckbreaker. Zexuis pins Britani Knight. 1...2...Kick out again from Britani Knight! Zexuis then throws her towards the ropes and upon return, Britani ducks a clothesline from Zexuis and bounces off the ropes again but Zexuis connects a sit-out spinebuster. Zexuis then goes to the second rope. As Britani Knight gets to a vertical base, Zexuis dives off but Britani Knight executes a jumping cutter. Britani then pins Zexuis. 1...2...Kick out! Britani locks in a body scissors and promptly, Alicia Fox's theme music is head throughout the arena. Britani Knight releases her grip and stands up. As she waits for Alicia Fox to come out, Zexuis is now recovering and the crowd notices. A long moment after, the theme music cuts off and immediately Zexuis pins Britani Knight with a schoolboy pin. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : Zexuis

Zexuis celebrates as Pandora is seen on top of the stage. Zexuis rolls out the ring and runs up the ramp. Pandora runs down the ramp and both of them hug tightly. They keep hugging until the scene fades away to David Otunga and Titus O'Neil walking down the ramp frustrated. Titus O'Neil kicks the temporary general manager's door open and both of these men walk up to the desk of Paul London. Paul London turns his office chair around and is seen speaking on the phone.

Paul London : I have the main office now! Wait honey, two males burst through my door and probably want to speak with their temporary general manager.

London hangs up.

David Otunga : I want to be on the show more often.

Titus O'Neil : So do I.

Paul London has already zoned out, spinning in his chair. Titus walks around his desk and stops his chair.

Titus O'Neil : Can you please give us a match?

London : Sure. Next week, you two will face...

London spins around in his chair for a second before he gets a good idea.

London : Brodus Clay and Super Crazy!

David Otunga : Thank you. Let's go Titus.

The scene fades from Titus O'Neil and David Otunga walking away to a video of a preview All Out Assault.

Paul London is seen staring at KENTA.

Common Target.

MCMG stare at each other.

Common Threat. Equals.

The scene cuts to black.


A scene of Hardy doing the Twist of Fate onto the steel steps.

A scene of Super Crazy doing a moonsault off the ladder.

A scene of Adam Cole superkicking John Morrison.

Matt Hardy : This

Jack Swagger : This

Goto : This

JTG : This is

All Out Assault!
Aug 31st, 2012
The scene fades to John Morrison in the ring with Carlito. As Brad Maddox and Adam Cole make their entrance, the commentators hype the background of this match.

Amy Dumas : Brad Maddox approached Carlito and these two had fought inside and out of the ring. Carlito has not taken liking to the youngster and the Caribbean has developed quite a rivalry with the kid. The rivalry between Morrison and Cole traces back to the first show, these two have bickered over everything and then some. Both had appeared in a match before. Morrison and Carlito are also both number one contenders. John Morrison is the number one contender for the television championship. Carlito is the number one contender for the North American championship. Also during the video, Todd Grisham had already asked a crowd member for their opinion on the next match.

Match #4
John Morrison and Carlito vs Adam Cole and Brad Maddox
Tornado Elimination No DQ Match

As the referee rings the bell, this tornado no disqualification elimination tag team match begins. John Morrison instantly attacks Adam Cole and Brad Maddox immediately attacks Carlito. Morrison throws Adam Cole out of the ring but Cole hangs onto the apron and John Morrison goes for a punch and swings a little too hard as Cole ducks, avoiding the punch and then uses the ropes to kick John Morrison in the back of his head. Meanwhile, Maddox and Carlito trade punches. The crowd pops appropriately for who punches who. Brad Maddox gets the advantage and Irish whips Carlito to the corner. Maddox then approaches the Caribbean and attempts to weaken Carlito with punches to the head and gut. Adam Cole goes to the top rope and waits for John Morrison to turn around and as he executes a diving crossbody. Morrison gets flattened as Adam Cole pins John. The referee counts. 1...2! Kick out by Morrison! Adam Cole then gets on top of John Morrison and punches him violently and repeatedly in the face. Maddox lifts Carlito so that he is seated on top of the turnbuckle. Brad Maddox gets onto the second turnbuckle and he gets Carlito in a DDT hold. Carlito punches Maddox in the gut and tries with all his might to escape the hold but Maddox dives backwards and busts Carlito's head into the canvas, performing the DDT off a turnbuckle. Maddox turns around to help Adam Cole. Cole picks up John Morrison and both of them lock in a double suplex! They flip Morrison over and land a suplex. Adam Cole then connects with elbow drop. Adam Cole goes for a pin. 1...2...Pin broken by Carlito! Brad Maddox stomps on Carlito while he is grounded and eventually Adam Cole joins in. They stomp on Carlito and with that distraction, John Morrison rolls out the ring and searches under the ring. Adam Cole picks up Carlito and connects a scoop brainbuster which he calls the “Cole-ateral”. Morrison gets a steel chair from under the ring then slides back into the ring. Brad Maddox rushes at Morrison and gets hit in the gut with the steel chair. Maddox doubles over as Adam Cole tries to avenge Carlito but Morrison trips Adam Cole over the ropes and as he holds onto the ropes and pulls himself onto the apron, John Morrison swings the chair on Adam Cole's back and Cole goes flying and colliding onto the crowd barrier. Maddox turns Morrison around and lands a double-knee facebuster with the aid of a steel chair. Morrison literally flies in the air and hits the turnbuckle before falling down. Carlito gets up and hits a backstabber on Brad Maddox! Brad Maddox rolls out of the ring before Carlito can get an arm over for the three-count. Adam Cole is now on his feet. Carlito gets up. John Morrison is showing signs of being busted open. Brad Maddox is on one knee. Cole slides into the ring and locks up with Carlito. Carlito then hooks Adam Cole, lifts him up and slams him down with a lifting reverse STO which he calls a “Cool Shot”. Carlito hooks his leg. 1...2....Kick out. Brad Maddox gets in the ring with the ring bell. A crazed look in Maddox's eye, he goes to swing the bell over at Carlito but he catches the attempt and kicks Maddox in the gut. Maddox staggers back and Carlito connects with a dropkick. John Morrison gets up and looks at Cole. He pulls Cole to the corner. Morrison connects with a split-legged corcscrew moonsault! Carlito picks up Brad Maddox who has a sudden burst of energy and tries to clothesline Carlito but Carlito ducks and hits a backstabber with the upper-advantage. Both Morrison and Carlito pin Adam Cole and Brad Maddox respectively. 1...2...3!

Winner by Pinfall : John Morrison and Carlito

Both these men go to a turnbuckle, climbs to the middle one and pose for the crowd. The crowd pops as Morrison and Carlito are victorious against the cocky opposing team. John Morrison climbs off the turnbuckle and holds his stomach a bit. Carlito jumps off the turnbuckle and both of these men look at each other. Carlito extends his hand. Morrison looks at Carlito and shakes his hand proudly. This scene fades to a video of last week's main event.

Super Crazy and JTG are trading punches until JTG pokes Super Crazy's eye then goes under the ring to find a steel chair. Combined with the referee's blocked view, JTG does not hesitate to swing the steel chair across Crazy's head. The crowd pops loudly as JTG slides the chair back under the ring right when the referee turns around. Jack Swagger has Jushin Liger in a Gutwrench Powerbomb hold. Jushin Liger tries to escape but Jack Swagger lifts him up....and connects a hurricanrana! Jack Swagger rolls out the ring and Jushin Liger follows behind him. 1! Jack Swagger walks up the ramp. 2! Jack Swagger gets turned around but Jack Swagger kicks Jushin Liger in the gut and goes for a DDT but Liger pushes Swagger towards the crowd barricade. 2! 3! 4! 5! Jack Swagger slaps Liger and runs into the ring. 6! JTG sees Liger and goes to hold him down. 7! Jushin Liger sees JTG and hits another Rolling Koppu Kick! 8! 9! Jushin Liger slides in at the last second! Jack Swagger then locks in a gutwrench powerbomb but Jushin Liger lifts up Swagger and slams him to the turnbuckle. Jushin Liger performs a shining wizard to the cornered Swagger and watches him stagger out of the turnbuckle. Jushin Liger poses as Super Crazy hits the Crazy Bomb on JTG (straight-jacket powerbomb). Jushin Liger goes for a sit-out powerbomb. He lifts Swagger up! Swagger punches Liger in the head! As Jushin releases his grip, Jack Swagger lifts up Jushin Liger and slams him down, executing the gutwrench powerbomb. He pins Jushin Liger. 1...2...3!
When the scene fades back. Sin Cara and Carlito are seen walking backstage. The two seem pretty cool about their match. They walk through the parking lot talking and laughing. Just then Carlito pushes Sin Cara away and gets ran over. Dragon Rojo Jr. looks at Sin Cara in his car then exits. He starts to pound on Cara. Dragon Rojo Jr. punches and kicks Sin Cara in a winning effort. Eventually, enough referees and officials separate Sin Cara from Dragon Rojo Jr. As Dragon Rojo Jr. is escorted away from the two, Sin Cara and Carlito are strapped onto stretchers and loaded into the ambulance. When the scene fades back, Hardy and KENTA are in the ring. KENTA is sitting in the center of the ring.

Match #5
Matt Hardy vs KENTA
No Holds Barred

The referee rings the bell and this no holds barred match is underway. Just as soon as the bell rings, the lights go out. The crowd is on their feet as footsteps are heard. As the lights go back on, KENTA is standing over Matt Hardy while Yoshi Tatsu and Goto are knelt down, looking at Matt Hardy. Yoshi Tatsu and Goto pick up Hardy and restrains his arms behind his back. KENTA taunts Hardy by imitating his trademark pose. The crowd pops loudly as KENTA pads his knee, cracks his neck and slaps Hardy. As if that slap woke up Matt, Hardy springs to life and he tries to break free. He slaps Hardy four times, connects a spinning chop and finishes with a roundhouse kick. Just as they were going to finish Hardy off with a Busaiku Knee Kick, the Motor City Machine Guns run down the ramp and they attack Goto and Tatsu. Unfortunately, Chris Sabin has to deal with Goto and KENTA while Shelley has his hands full with Yoshi Tatsu. Eventually, Sabin is seated in the corner and Goto is now dealing with Chris Sabin alone. KENTA focuses his attack on Shelley and just then, Paul London, along with The Usos are running down the ramp. Jey Uso superkicks KENTA and KENTA goes down. Tatsu throws Alex Shelley over the top rope. Goto throws Chris Sabin over the top rope and the Motor City Machine Guns hit the floor. Jimmy Uso goes for Goto while Paul London goes after KENTA, dropping punches down onto KENTA. Yoshi Tatsu kicks Hardy out of the ring. This is a 6 on 3 encounter but the Shinjiketo are holding their ground. Eventually, Gangrel and Kevin Thorn run down the ramp and beat down on the Motor City Machine Guns. Goto uses a page off his leader, KENTA and hits a Go To Sleep on Jimmy Uso! The crowd is in shock as, Jimmy goes down lifeless. The lights go off for a second time. Louder sounds of hustling and tussling can be heard. As the lights come back on, Jimmy Uso, Jey Uso, Goto, Yoshi Tatsu, Gangrel and Kevin Thorn are gone! Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin had been the victim of a bloodbath! Paul London is sitting, leaning on the announcer's table. By this time Matt Hardy and KENTA are in the ring, Hardy on one knee, KENTA leaning on the turnbuckle. Hardy gets up and poses for the crowd. KENTA and Hardy are now standing up. KENTA still looks a little roughened from the wild encounter. Hardy smirks at KENTA and KENTA returns the smirk. KENTA locks up with Hardy. Matt Hardy gets the advantage and throws KENTA to the ropes. KENTA comes back and hits a Busaiku Knee Kick to the skull of Matt Hardy! Hardy goes flying across the canvas like a ragdoll! KENTA goes to pin Hardy. The referee counts! 1...2...Foot on the rope! KENTA notices the referee stops counting and looks at the foot on the rope! He drags Matt Hardy towards the center of the ring and stalks Hardy. He awaits for his opponent to rise! The crowd boos! Hardy is on one knee and KENTA is literally shouting at Hardy to get up! This is an all or nothing moment until Paul London slides into the ring and attacks KENTA. He jumps on KENTA's back and punches his head but KENTA flips London over his head and onto the ground. KENTA boots Hardy down and picks up London. KENTA places London on his shoulders. The crowd pops immensely. You can sense the heat in the arena! The boos turn into cheers as Matt Hardy surprisingly kicks KENTA in the gut, who consequently releases Paul London, and connects a Twist of Fate! Paul London slips out of the ring and grabs a steel chair from out of the ring. Matt Hardy makes his trademark hand gesture while grounded to assure the crowd that he is still in this! Matt Hardy crawls over to KENTA and pins him. The referee counts. 1...2...Paul London swings the steel chair as hard as he can on Matt Hardy! London then swings the steel chair at the referee! The crowd is extremely shocked at Paul London! Hardy rolls off of KENTA and both of these contestants are grounded. The crowd pops loudly as London looks down at KENTA and Hardy. Paul London was not on Hardy's side! The general manager has turned his back on Hardy but the crowd gives a mixed reaction. KENTA gets to one knee and looks at Paul London. London smirks and smacks KENTA back down with the chair! Hardy is on one knee and London tries to hit Matt Hardy for the second time but Hardy catches the chair in mid-swing. Hardy gets to his feet and flings the chair across the ring. Paul tries to punch Matt Hardy but Hardy throws London out of the ring! KENTA gets to his feet and is busted open. He stalks Hardy. Matt Hardy turns around to deal with KENTA but KENTA lifts Hardy above his shoulders and connects a Go To Sleep! KENTA pins Hardy. No one is there to make the count until JTG runs down the ramp wearing referee attire and counts the pin. 1...2...Hardy's foot on the rope! JTG sees it but counts to 3!

Winner by Pinfall : KENTA

JTG then exits the ring and walks backwards up the ramp. London grabs a microphone.

London : All of you wait!

They each stop in their tracks.

London : JTG, I saw you stare at the foot on the ropes so next week, Matt Hardy and a partner of his choosing will face JTG in a handicap match!

The crowd cheers immensely as Matt Hardy hooks a Twist of Fate then exits the ring. The four stare at each other as the scene fades to black.


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