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re: R&B Thread

Originally Posted by Clique View Post
So many kids these days (I'm not that old so I don't know why I say kids but anyway), many in my generation, don't appreciation real melody, harmony, soulful connection to the storytelling within a song, and play old build. They want hard hitting beats and what I call that manufactured sound that is over-produced and autotuned. If that's their music preference they choose then goody for them. I just keep listening to the classics. Maybe it's because I grew up on this stuff and stayed with it more than the new R&B (rapping & beats) my peers listen too. I honestly can't tell you a Trey Songz or any of those other guy's songs that I like. That "Adorn" Miguel song we talked about earlier is decent.
I don't necessarily think that the R&B genre is "dying", per se, but I believe it's decline is a product of two things:

1.) There is a demand for crossover appeal. Instead of sticking to one genre, you now have a multitude of artists trying to experiment and clash together characteristics of certain genres into one. Contemporary R&B has started to embrace elements of the ever-so-popular electronic genre, which has been "the" genre for the past few years now. Which brings me to my next point.

2.) It is in a transition. R&B has enjoyed decades of mainstream success up until recently, and I believe that it's just a natural cycle. What's hot now will not be hot in 20 years.

Originally Posted by LBGetBack View Post
No doubt. Like that bullshit that Usher makes now? And lots of others music sounds just like it......I'm stunned there's actually people alive who like that shit. People been trying to talk about "hip hop is dead" for a decade, but it's R&B that's been in much worse shape......because it's "relevant" artists all abandoned it or turned it into something real gay sounding.
I never found Usher to be that great of a musician to begin with. He's a fabulous performer, but his discography is a mixed bag. I definitely prefer listening to his singles rather than a whole album.

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