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Re: WWE 2013 - Massive Change for the New Era

Good results for the Royal Rumble; far better than in real life in my opinion. A quick review from RAW.

Good opening segment; one possible outcome might be Triple H vs Undertaker III at WrestleMania, possibly with Vincent Kennedy McMahon himself as referee. I, for one, hope that this doesn't happen, because, similarly to the 'Twice in a Lifetime' scenario that the IWC are moaning about in real life, last year was billed the 'End of an Era.' We don't need another match between the two. It's obviously far too early to tell, and I am definitely intrigued as to what happens next between these sides.

I'm not sure that The Rock would ever admit that Punk was the better man, but hey, it's your BTB . One thing you weren't clear on was when does Cena want the match? It's probably safe to assume that you meant WrestleMania 29, but you probably could have elaborated on that a little more.

One question I have to do with the Ryback/Shield situation is this; why would Ryabck want to take on The Shield by himself at a 3 on 1 disadvantage, when he lost to them at TLC even when the numbers were even? They've gotten the better of him in 3-on-1 situations all their short career, so you would think that he would try to enlist help against them. I also thought that The Shield should have attacked Ryback after his match if they're going to have a match at the PPV, but again, it's your BTB.

I liked this segment very much, and the build-up to WrestleMania between these two will be very interesting. I assume that Lesnar will be the face, but I don't know who Heyman will side with in this rivalry. Not much to complain about in this segment at all.

This show was VERY short for a 3-hour RAW. You only had three matches, one of which was a squash match, whereas a real-life RAW would have maybe eight. It isn't like you had no wrestlers to use. You didn't use any of the champions other than CM Punk. After Bo Dallas' big debut at the Rumble, he didn't get any time at all, where David Otunga did. Your show probably should have been twice the size, but it was your first show, so there's definitely room for improvement.

You've got some good storylines going, but there wasn't enough. Hopefully you can take my criticism on board and work more of the roster into the shows. I did enjoy it other than the length of it, though, and I wish you luck on future shows. I'll be reading.


Sheamus and Mark Henry battle for the right to face Triple H this Sunday at Extreme Rules as Monday Night Raw is now posted!
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