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Re: Being the booker

Saying as its only recaps, I wont be expecting full replies, but please leave a few comments, as there are a few pretty big title changes etc.

Survivor Series will be ready in time to be posted on Thursday, please leave predictions for the card too.

Run up to Survivor Series:

Raw; October 17th; Toronto:

Rhyno challenges The Hurricane in the opening match, for the Hardcore Title, scoring a victory, becoming the New Champion, with a Gore.

Backstage, Eugene offers to be a member on Team Foley at Survivor Series. Foley seems a little wary at first, not sure Eugene can cope with the War Games environment, but in the end, he makes the shocking decision of letting Eugene be part of the team, due to the desire, passion and heart Eugene has shown to help out Foley.

Evolution react to the news, watching on a monitor, and laugh at the decision, with Flair giving RVD a pep talk for his match with Eugene later.

Interview with Mr. Kennedy, just to get his character over a little more heelishly.

In a six man tag match, John Cena, Sting and Booker T defeat Luther Reigns and the DX Duo, with Cena pinning Cade, despite interference from Shawn Michaels.

Throughout the night, we see short clips of Shaniquas dominant one year title reign, which began 52 weeks ago.

Rob Van Dam defeats Eugene with the 5 Star Frog Splash, in a highly competitive match, with Eugene proving to be no slouch, but just not enough to take down a fired up Van Dam.

Backstage, Mick Foley runs into John Cena. Cena apologises for not stepping up to help Foley, but has his own problems with DX, which Foley understands. Foley makes a match at Survivor Series, with John Cena, Sting and two other men to be revealed next week facing DX in a Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match. If Cena wins, he gets a shot at the World Title at Armageddon, but if he doesn’t, Cena never gets another shot at Michaels for the duration of his reign.

Carlito hosts the Cabana with Rey Mysterio. Carlito makes fun of Mysterio throughout, with the usual jokes, but Rey keeps calm, until Batista interrupts, and attacks Rey, leading to a short, 2 on 1 attack. However, the lights go out, and the Undertaker appears in the ring, helping his team mate. This leads to an impromptu match.

Carlito and Batista defeat Mysterio and The Undertaker, with Carlito pinning Rey, after blasting him with Reys own Intercontinental Title.

We get a pre-taped interview with Arn Anderson, who is asked about his experiences from War Games, with him selling the match as a vicious unforgiving contest, which can end careers.

In an interview with Shawn Michaels, he lets out his frustration at the match made for the Survivor Series, but promises to get Cena out of his life for good.

In the main event, Torontos own, Trish Stratus ends the monumental one year reign of Shaniqua, but not without a fight, after Shaniqua kicked out of the Stratusfaction, and a Chick Kick, before a second Chick Kick ended the match. The celebrations began for Trish, with Toronto well behind her, with confetti and pyro going off, showing how big a result this was, ending a full year of Shaniqua as Champion.


Smackdown; October 20th; Vancouver:

The show opens up with The Cabinet talking in the ring. JBL brags about his win at Nemesis, and says that tonight, the Cabinet will all have gold. The Bashams make a quick speech, as does Jamie Noble, before the opening match…

AMW defend the WWE Tag Team Titles against The Basham Brothers, in the same arena that AMW won the belts at Judgement Day. However, lightning doesn’t strike twice, and the Basham Brothers, thanks to Jamie Noble, become the NEW Tag Team Champions, in the same arena that AMW won the belts!!!

In an interview with Goldberg, he reveals that he has been granted permission to sign a match for The Rock tonight, and introduces his hand picked opponent for him … Gene Snitsky. Goldberg then goes on to make a challenge for Survivor Series, to Rock and Austin to find 3 partners to face him, Snitsky and 3 others.

Brock Lesnar defeats Hardcore Holly in a hard hitting match up, cleanly with the F5.

In an interview with The Rock, he makes fun of Snitsky, before accepting Goldbergs challenge for Survivor Series, along with Austin.

Chris Jericho hosts the Highlight Reel, and before bringing out his guest, he talks about JBL, promising it isn’t over between them yet. Jericho then brings out his guest, fellow Canadian, Chris Benoit. The two don’t really get heated, with them mainly staying on good terms, until The System Success interrupt, and try to sell Simon System goods on the Highlight Reel. Benoit and Jericho don’t take too kindly, and this leads to an impromptu match.

Benoit and Jericho pick up the win, with a double tap out, although it is Benoit that is the legal man, making Masters tap to the Crossface, whilst Jericho locks Dean in the Walls of Jericho, stopping him from breaking the count.

Backstage, a number of the lower level stars that Kurt Angle had spoken to last week, whisper about Bret as he walks past, with the GM overhearing their chatter, calling him a chicken. He looks set to explode, at boiling point from the pestering he has gotten from Angle recently, even getting other guys to do it for him now.

Paul London defends the Cruiserweight Title against Jamie Noble, and just like AMW, it is in the very arena, in which London first won the belt in May. However, unlike the former tag champions, Paul London manages to retain the title, with interference from The Cabinet backfiring, as Chris Jericho and AMW run in to fend them off, distracting Noble, allowing London to roll him up for the three count.

Backstage, we see Goldberg and Matt Morgan shaking hands, apparently agreeing for Morgan to be on Goldbergs Survivor Series team.

Following a commercial, we see Austin approach Chris Benoit in the locker room, and asks Benoit to be part of his and Rocks SS Team, with the Wolverine agreeing.

In the main event, for the second week in a row, we get a shock result, with Goldberg screwing The Rock out of a sure victory, costing him the match to Snitsky. They begin a 2 on 1 attack after the match, but run away, with Austin and Benoit coming to make the save.


Raw; October 24th; Atlanta:

Shawn Michaels and Luther Reigns take on the two un-named members of Team Thuganomics, who are revealed as…Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!!! TWGTT take HBK and Luther by surprise, taking it to them right from the get go, putting DX on the back foot.

Cade and Jindrak try to save HBK and Reigns, but Cena and Sting even things up, joining the match at ringside too, and eventually, they prove to be the difference makers, with Cena distracting Michaels long enough for Shelton Benjamin to roll up the World Champion, and gets the amazing three count!!!

DX are irate with the finish, and complain in the ring, with Michaels tasting his own medicine on this occasion. Cena and Sting celebrate with TWGTT up the ramp, getting one over their Survivor Series opponents, just two weeks from the big event.

In an interview with Trish Stratus, the NEW Womens Champion announces her first defence will be at Survivor Series in a ten lady, over the top rope battle royal.

Team Evolution hold a meeting backstage, declaring that Mick Foley has until the end of the night to find a fifth team member, or it will be 5 on 4 at Survivor Series.

In her Raw debut, Nidia defeats Molly Holly in a passable match.

Team Foley holds a meeting in Foleys office. He lets the troops know that he hasn’t found a fifth member, with no one filling the criteria needed to represent him at the PPV.

The DX Duo retain the World Tag Team Titles against Booker T & Goldust, as usual via cheating, with use of the title belts assisting them.

In an interview with Rob Van Dam, RVD explains that the USA Network has ordered that he no longer uses expletives on their network. He says from this point on, if he isn’t allowed to speak his mind, he wont speak at all. Todd Grisham asks him another few questions, but Van Dam refuses to answer, beginning his vow of silence.

Rey Mysterio defends the Intercontinental Championship against Batista. Batista dominates the match, due to his size advantage, but Rey stays in the match, giving The Animal a heck of a fight, and counters a Batista Bomb, into a Hurricanrana, sending him into the ropes. Mysterio then hit’s the 619, but once he drops the dime, Carlito and Christian run to the ring, with Christian distracting the official, allowing CCC to attack Rey. This then brings out Eugene, and Mick Foley for the save, but it isn’t enough, as Ric Flair and RVD put the advantage back with the heels, until the lights go out, for at least ten seconds, before returning, and we see The Undertaker on the outside, whilst all of Team Evolution is out on the mats, and Mysterio is on top of Batista … 1...2...3!!! The four Team Foley members overcome the 5 of Team Evolution on this occasion.

It is announced that next week The Undertaker will face Batista in a Lumberjack match.

In another interview with a past performer in War Games, Dusty Rhodes also talks about the effect that the match can have on a career.

Mr. Kennedy defeats Stevie Richards, continuing his winning streak, once again, with the Green Bay Plunge.

Team Evolution takes to the ring, and calls out Team Foley, asking for their final decision on a 5th member. Mick Foley enters the arena alone, and states he doesn’t have a 5th member, and his team will go into Survivor Series one man down. Team Evolution make fun of Foleys popularity, and then each of his team mates, which results in Mysterio, Eugene and even The Undertaker (Taker enters alone to his own intro) to back up Foley.

This leads to a 5 on 4 brawl, with the man advantage helping the heel side, and looks like a sign of things to come, until …RANDY ORTON returns, and makes the save for Mick Foley, handing out five RKO’s to Team Evolution, before declaring he will be the fifth man on Team Foley, in a shocking development, considering the history between Orton and Foley.


Smackdown; October 27th; Charlotte:

The show opens up with a match between the two new members of Team Goldberg and the two new members of Team Bring It. Test and Scott Steiner are revealed as the final two men on Goldbergs team, whilst Rico and Ron Simmons are the two new members of Team Bring It!!!

The AFA win this tag team match, in flamboyant fashion, with Rico chasing Test away after grossing him out, allowing Simmons to hit a spine buster on Steiner for the win.

After a commercial, The Cabinet enter the ring, and have the gall to complain about how the CW Title Match ended last week. This brings out Chris Jericho, who reminds JBL of how their match ended at Nemesis, and how The Bashams won the tag belts last week, leading to a heated confrontation between Jericho and JBL, eventually bringing out the GM.

Bret Hart signs an 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match, with a twist, as the U.S, Tag and Cruiserweight Titles will be on the line, with The Cabinet taking on Jericho, London and AMW, and the winning 4 man team will take all the gold.

Gene Snitsky gets himself counted out in a match with Chris Benoit, after looking to be on the brink of defeat.

Bret Hart sets Kurt Angle straight backstage, telling him he is sick of the snide comments, and all the games he is playing, warning Angle to quit it. Angle plays innocent, pretending to not know what Bret is talking about.

Paul London retains the Cruiserweight Title over Shannon Moore in a fast paced match up.

Chris Jericho defeats Doug Basham, despite attempted interference from JBL.

Team Goldberg attack Team Bring It backstage, sending a message to their Survivor Series opponents, showing their power advantage could be a deciding factor.

In the main event, Triple H wrestles Kurt Angle to a No Contest with interference from Brock Lesnar ending the match.


Raw; October 31st; Hartford:

To start the Halloween show, Mick Foley addresses the fans, telling them if this is to be his last night in charge, he wants to have some fun.

In the opening match, Goldust faces Tyson Tomko in a Fancy Dress Match. Goldust dresses up as Frankenstein, whilst Tomko, who looks pissed off to be in such a degrading match, dresses up as Dr. Evil.

Tomko wins the match with his knock out big boot, and we find out from the commentary team that at Survivor Series there will be an eight man gauntlet, for the Hardcore Championship, with Rhyno defending against Tomko, Goldust, Booker T, Mark Henry, Stevie Richards, A-Train and The Hurricane.

Backstage, Randy Orton talks with Mick Foley, and the two shake hands, agreeing to put the past behind them. Foley thanks Orton for stepping up to back him up, with Orton telling Foley he can count on him at Survivor Series. Eugene then enters, and wants to trick or treat. This gives both Orton and Foley something to laugh about.

In a six man tag match, Shawn Michaels and the DX Duo defeat Sting and The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, with HBK pinning Benjamin in revenge for last weeks shock loss. After the match, Michaels calls Cena out, with The Dr. of Thuganomics answering, and beginning a brawl with Michaels.

Luther Reigns soon follows, sparking an eight man brawl, with everyone pairing off, and fighting up the ramp, or through the crowd, until all eight men are out of sight.

In a pre-taped interview with Sting, The Stinger talks about War Games, and his past experiences inside the structure, before saying he was never the same after any match he performed in War Games.

Rob Van Dam defeats The Hurricane in a pretty one sided match. Todd Grisham tries to interview Van Dam after the match, but again, RVD refuses to speak.

Backstage, Eugene runs into Christian and Carlito, as he tries to do some more trick or treating. They laugh at him, before attacking the poor little fella, and ruin all the treats he got, continuing to beat him up, until Rey Mysterio gets involved, and forces Christian and Carlito to run off.

Ken Kennedy defeats Danny Doring, with his Green Bay Plunge.

Backstage, Shaniqua attacks Gail Kim, Jacqueline and Molly Holly in the Womens locker room.

A Trick or Treat match between Lita and Stacey Kiebler ends, with Lita pinning Stacey. Just as she is about to reveal the ‘trick’, Shaniqua runs to the ring, and attacks both women, getting out more of her anger from losing the title a few weeks ago, heading into the Battle Royal at Survivor Series.

The fight between DX and Team Thuganomics continues backstage, into the parking lot, with DX eventually retreating, and hopping into a Taxi, getting away from Cena and his partners.

Backstage, Ric Flair delivers a final speech to his troops, in preparation for Survivor Series on Sunday.

The main event Lumberjack match, between The Undertaker and Batista, ends in a No Contest, with the lumberjacks, literally all the roster (bar DX and Team Cena) fighting, into the ring, with Team Foley and Team Evolution taking the spotlight, with their brawl ending the show, with neither side clearly on top.


Smackdown; November 3rd; Mohegan Sun:

Chris Benoit defeats Chris Masters with the Crippler Crossface, with Masters looking quite impressive at times, eventually not being enough for Benoit.

Interview with Brock Lesnar - just as build up for the Fatal Four Way Elimination match at Survivor Series.

We see Maven debut on Smackdown as the trade for Nidia to Raw. Bret Hart greets Maven, and walks him through the backstage area, where Chris Benoit offers a handshake, welcoming Maven to the brand, but Maven acts like a star, and rejects the handshake, which gets a sour reaction from Benoit, and a lot of the locker room who watch the exchange.

JBL & Jamie Noble team up to face Chris Jericho and Paul London. In a thrilling tag team match, The Cabinet are victorious, with JBL pinning Paul London, rolling him up, and pulling on the tights. Afterwards, Layfield and Noble run from the ring, not allowing any measure of revenge to be taken, before the major 8 Man elimination match at Survivor Series.

Backstage, Goldberg goes through a team talk with his four partners, ahead of their warm up match tonight.

A.F.A defeat William Regal & Lance Storm, in a short, comedy based match.

We see The Cabinet quickly leaving the arena, but they run into Spike Dudley, which angers JBL, and leads to a vicious 4 on 1 assault, taking their frustrations out on Spike.

Team Goldberg demolishes the thrown together five man team of Tajiri, Kidman, Scotty Too Hotty, Rikishi and Kanyon, eliminating all five men without losing one member. Scotty is gone first, after just 2 minutes and 11 seconds, following a Big Boot from Test. Kidman soon follows, @ 02:59, via the Pumphandle Slam of Snitsky, with Tajiri gone @ 04:23 due to a Powerbomb from Matt Morgan, Kanyon @ 07:40 due to passing out from the Steiner Recliner, with Rikishi being eliminated at precisely ten minutes by Goldberg, following an unbelievable Jackhammer.

After the match, Goldberg calls out Team Bring It, to give everyone a preview of this Sundays match. Rock, Austin, Benoit and the AFA enter the arena, and after a brief war of words, a brawl breaks out, with Team Goldberg getting the best of the fight, leaving Team Bring It, out on the mat, giving Team Goldberg the definite psychological advantage headed into Survivor Series.

In an interview with Team Highlight Reel, Jericho, London and AMW all send their message to The Cabinet, confident that JBL and co’s luck will run out.

In the main event, Kurt Angle teams up with Matt Hardy to face Brock Lesnar and Triple H, with Angle forcing Lesnar to tap out, heading into Survivor Series on top.

Official Card for WWE Survivor Series:
Date: 6th November 2005
Location: Manchester, New Hampshire
Event Music: Shinedown; Fly From The Inside

WWE Championship: Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman vs. Eddie Guerrero

Women’s Championship Match; 10 Lady Battle Royal:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Shaniqua vs. Victoria vs. Jazz w/Theodore Long vs. vs. Molly Holly vs. Gail Kim vs. Ivory vs. Jacqueline vs. Stacey Kiebler

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match;
WWE United States, Tag Team & Cruiserweight Championship ALL on the Line:
The Cabinet -----vs.----- Team Highlight Reel
John Bradshaw Layfield (U.S Champion) --Chris Jericho
Jamie Noble --Paul London (Cruiserweight Champion)
Basham Brothers (WWE Tag Team Champions) --America’s Most Wanted

Hardcore Championship Match; 8 Man Gauntlet:
Rhyno vs. A-Train vs. Booker T vs. Goldust vs. Hurricane vs. Mark Henry vs. Stevie Richards vs. Tyson Tomko

8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match:
---If Team Thuganomic’s win, John Cena recieves a World Championship Match at Armageddon ---
---If Team DX win, Cena never gets another shot at Shawn Michaels, for the length of his Title reign ---
Team DX -----vs. ----- Team Thuganomics
Shawn Michaels -- John Cena
Luther Reigns -- Sting
Garrison Cade -- Shelton Benjamin
Mark Jindrak -- Charlie Haas

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match;
Team Goldberg -----vs.----- Team Bring It
Goldberg--The Rock
Gene Snitsky --‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin
Matt Morgan--Chris Benoit
Test --Rico
Scott Steiner--Ron Simmons

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match:
1st EVER WWE War Games Match; Elimination Style: Two Men begin, with another entrant every three minutes thereafter:
- If Team Foley win, Mick Foley remains Raw General Manager -
- If Team Evolution win, Ric Flair becomes Raw G.M, and Foley will be fired -
Team Foley -----vs. ----- Team Evolution
Mick Foley -- Ric Flair
Randy Orton -- Batista
Rey Mysterio -- Christian
Eugene -- Rob Van Dam
The Undertaker -- Carlito

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