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Re: How About A War Games Style Elimination Chamber?

I love this idea so much and it would certainly be a good match, plus it gives some guys something to do leading up to Wrestlemania. Here's how I'd book it - The Shield vs. Cena/Ryback/Sheamus.

There's an entirely logical way to book this match so everyone comes out looking good...
- I'd start Rollins & Sheamus, Sheamus controls for most of the start
- Next in is Reigns, helps Rollins wear down Sheamus
- Ryback in next hot: quick succession of moves on Rollins & Reigns while Sheamus is down
- As a Shield member is in the corner, Ryback charges for a shoulder tackle but misses & smashes head on Chamber window
- Sheamus recovers in time to help save Ryback from a 2 on 1 beatdown
- Ambrose in with Ryback still down, triple powerbomb, Sheamus eliminated
- Ryback recovers, quick moves to all 3, Shellshocked to Rollins, Rollins eliminated
- Cena in hot, goes to deliver AA to Reigns, Ambrose low blow
- While Cena is down, Ambrose & Reigns take out the monster, Ryback eliminated
- 2 0n 1 odds now, but Cena slams Ambrose onto Chamber floor, AA to Reigns, Reigns eliminated

Up next is the most important section & it needs to be booked in a similar fashion or the Shield loses a lot of steam

- With Ambrose & Cena left, Ambrose MUST get the upper hand for Cena to look vulnerable
- As Ambrose stands over Cena & gloats, Maddox comes from beneath the Chamber, into the ring behind Ambrose & low blows him
- Cena recovers enough to AA Ambrose & pick up the win for his team

I think that as long as the eliminations are alternated & Maddox is involved to help Cena get the win, everybody comes out smelling like roses. Cena doesn't lose, but the Shield looks like they were going to win the match without Maddox's interference. Maddox gets a measure of revenge, even if it's short-lived for him to get beaten to a pulp by the Shield on TV again. The main points from this? The Shield has some individual moments to shine, Reigns is NEVER in the ring 1 on 1 (I'm not sure he could carry an extended portion of the match), and most importantly Cena isn't invincible and needed some help to escape.
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