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Re: Being the booker

The opening of Raw was awesome with all the heels in the ring demanding Foley to come out, if this was real I would commend Flair and Foley for being there after the brutal streetfight. A Foley guy vs One of Flairs troops will be a great ME.

Jazz vs Trish is usually a good match and Im sure this one would be too also Im looking forward to Shaniquas Open Challenge but I am sure she will retain exceeding a full year as champion.

The DX promo was great as usual also very funny. DX will have some sort of Elimination match at Survivor Series, I'm sure which will perhaps involve DX vs Team Cena.

HBK beats Hurricane, what a shock!! {sarcasm}

CENA IS HERE! He takes out DX which is expected and Im sure theyll get the better of him next week, leading to him coming up with a Team of 3 others to help him with his war against DX.

WGTT with a nice win here, I'd be happy if you pushed them back into the tag team title picture and it seems to have started tonight with a nice win over Kenzo and Dupree.

The Cabana was COOL. Eugene and Carlito's feud continuing, I thought it ended at Bad Blood?! It'd be kinda interesting to see him feud with RVD instead and be handed his first loss to push RVD back up the card after losing to Mysterio but I also like Eugene.

MISTERRRRRRRR KENNNNEEEDDDDYYYYY gets another win over Val Venis, thats awesome and Im sure he'll have something to do at SS or atleast I hope.

Christian promo was great and very in character, making fun of Grisham and calling him a dork and then hinting at a feud with Stone Cold BUT I WANT TO SEE SCSA AGAINST GOLDBERG AT 'MANIA! NOT CHRISTIAN! The only way >C< vs Austin could happen is at Wrestlemania and Clash Of The Champions, and Clash has already passed? Could you be building all the way until next years Clash? I seem to remember you saying Austin will be retiring at Wrestlemania.

Batista vs Rey was a good ME and its nice to see Rey Mysterio on Foleys team but what happened afterword is what I'm going to remember from this Raw. UT ON MICK FOLEYS TEAM! This Wargames will be awesome.

This was a great Raw and I look forward to the The Survivor Series recap which I'll review, SD was great as well but I just have the time to review it ATM. The Fatal Four Way will be great and Im curious as to how Eddie Guerrero will be used in that match.
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