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Re: As a TNA fan...it hurts me to say this

Originally Posted by The Smark One View Post
TNA needs to keep doing exactly what they are doing. Keep making stars and building there brand. and as far as creative goes, its gotten a lot better over the past year. I mean for fuck sake WWE is even taking ideas from TNA now. For example champions choice sounds a lot like open fight night to me. another example the aces and eights come around in TNA and all of a sudden a couple months later the WWE comes up with a stable (not nearly as big in size as the aces and eights). And indy guys are definitely the way to go but the WWE has beat TNA to punch with that as well. TNA missed out on Bryan Danielson, Jon Moxley, and El Generico just to name a few. TNA needs to revamp the X Division and all of the different match types that came along with the X Division. In closing people should want to watch TNA because its different from the WWE not because its a carbon copy of the E and not to watch all of there favorite wrestlers that use to wrestle in the E.

Originally Posted by joeisgonnakillyou View Post
Be a wrestling fan, not a ratings fan.
And I love this. Very quotable.

I think it's pretty much academic at this point that names do not necessarily = ratings and ratings don't necessarily = quality. And let's not fool ourselves here, John Cena is not much without the WWE machine behind him. If he truly is limited in the ring (I don't know his full potential as WWE tends to downplay that in wrestlers), and is trite on the mic, then what kind of character would he be in Impact Wrestling? He has to be Super Cena, the persona that maintains his popularity with the masses, in order to maintain his audience, but Impact's audiences don't really go for the Power Ranger types. The parents and kids who are into Cena in WWE may not be the type who would watch IW because their product is not as family-friendly. I find it hard to imagine that they would be okay with watching Velvet and her 'pigeons' or Bad Influence's antics. We already have a TNA-flavored Cena type, and he is sometimes called "Super Nero." Now, the people who like The Rock might be people who could switch over, but that doesn't mean they will. Many WWE fans are elitist and look down on TNA, so...yeah, I doubt they would be switching over, and certainly not for the long haul. What's more, no one less than The Rock would be able to do anything. But when it comes down to it, they want to see those "Superstars" in WWE.

And another point, WWE wrestlers have "lines"; in TNA they would have to be genuinely charismatic. Not an easy feat. I admire someone who can spout off hilarious or compelling things off the cuff, rather than someone who speaks slowly, enunciating each line they have rehearsed or have been fed. I want wrestlers who can talk, not "performers." If a WWE manufactured product (i.e. Superstar) came to TNA it would sort out whether they really are that good or if they actually suck. And while that would be an interesting experiment, it's not one I would want to take precious tv time for.

TNA needs to make itself known. THAT is the issue. They already have great wrestlers, including some awesome homegrown ones. The talent is already there. It is the brand that needs to be worked on. Did WWE not make its own talent? Why does TNA need to use theirs? Because they're already established? I say they can make, and are making, their own names. They have the money; they need to book their own marketing team to win them more fans.
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