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Re: Official Undertaker WM Streak Thread - No Other Threads

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
But the thing is taker is by all acounts a pro, he knows what his job is, he dont care about "wins" or losses

He knows how things work so he will show up IMO

And why cant they do that when the streak is broken?
If CM punk where to retired before he lost to the rock, would his holding the title that longer and NEVER losing it sell stuff more? no imo

I dont see how him wining or lossing affects it now, they can still call it the streak, its still the best recore4d out there
It would be incredibly moronic to call a destroyed streak "streak". Streak is something you have when it's still active.

Besides, 22-0 or 23-0 DVD sells better than say, 20-1?

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
If they DO want to break it though, you wouldn't let Punk break it until AFTER Taker has met Cena at Mania in my opinion.
Taker never faced a WWE Icon at Wrestlemania, dude. All 5 of them, Hogan, Bret, Austin, Rock, and Lesnar, he missed them all. Don't start hoping he'll see Super Cena.

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
Punk should not, but think of this, thast could be whats need to bring the next new face, I'd say its worth it in the end, takers legacy is nice and all but he form what I hear would have no problem giving the future the win
Vince McMahon, the boss of the company, does, however, have a problem with that.

Originally Posted by robertdeniro View Post
Paul Bearer Unsure if Undertaker Will Work WrestleMania 29

We've heard how Taker is one leg drop away from being in complete paralysis since WM 26.

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Whether it is Punk or not. They should not have anyone defeat the streak until AFTER Taker has met John Cena. They are missing out on a potential big money match there, perhaps even have it an 'I Quit' match or something. Undertaker defeats the face of the company and then the following year CM Punk or anyone who is scheduled to face him defeats the streak.

It won't do anything to Takers credibility. He went fucking 20+ years undefeated at Wrestlemania. People will still tune in to see The Undertaker whether he has a loss to his name or not. It's The Undertaker for god sake!
Was Goldberg's career the same after his 173-0 ended? Was Andre's career the same when his 15 years unbeaten run ended? Was Sammartino's career the same when his 7 years WWE title run came to an end? No, right?

When your career is build on a streak, you are only as relevant as that streak itself. And a streak is relevant only when it's not broken. Same applies to Undertaker.

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
What good dose the streak do when Taker is gone?
we always talk about how the new guys should be pushed to me thats one of the few impossible to fuck up (which means WWE will find four ways to easily) ways to get some one the man
We've seen many greats that never even begin to come near The Streak. Which means, if the new generation is indeed worthy of carrying the legacy of those greats, then not breaking The Streak is okay for them.

Originally Posted by Cookie Monster View Post
Can they take that risk though?

I mean they could have some new "star" break the streak thinking it'll give him the rub and the crowd would just not give a shit or he decides to pack his bags and leave because he realised wrestling isn't for him and doesn't like the travelling.

Originally Posted by Rayfu View Post
But I'm talking when Taker is done, if he leaves he leaves, it adds nothing to the streak, there is no risk, the streak would be "dead" at that point anyways in this case
No, a streak dies only when it's broken. If nothing/none stops it, it stays alive. Just look at Taker's current condition. He wrestler once a year since 2011, but nobody says his streak dies when he doesn't wrestle at Wrestlemania, right?

Originally Posted by Stone Hot View Post
I think the rumors about his health are false. Yea he can be hurting a little from the toll his body took over the years but come on the guy has been wrestling 1 match a year. He gets a years rest everytime and just cause of that I cant see his body hurting that bad to wear he cant wrestle 1 match a year. I truly believe he will be competing at WM 29 and WM 30. Its one match a year ONE match
The rumor about his health has been BS since WM 26. It amazes me how many people still buy it even at the moment. It's as legit as Punk saying Sammartino only wrestled 4 or 5 times a year.
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