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Re: How About A War Games Style Elimination Chamber?

Originally Posted by TripleG View Post
What I would do instead of doing the alternating entrants with the man advantage deal that War Games have, I would do random draw entries like all Elimination Chambers have.

That way, you can start off with say Sheamus & Rollins. Then the next two entries are Ambrose and Reigns, and with the 3 on 1 advantage they are able to eliminate Sheamus. That way Cena & Ryback have to come from behind to win it.

Yeah yeah, I am giving Cena & Ryback more superman stuff, but I would like it if they continued to emphasize The Shield's 3 on 1 advantage that they always use to help them rule whatever situation they are in.
It could work either way, whether you had Sheamus, Ryback, Cena or Maddox, Ryback, or Cena. I like the idea of being able to beat them down 3 on 1, but I think the match would get a little boring during that time of just watching them go 3 on 1. I would rather see it done my way.

If it's Sheamus instead of Maddox. I would have Rollins & Sheamus start out. Ambrose comes in, turns the tide. Ryback comes in, dominates and evens things up. Reigns comes in and turns the tide again. Cena comes in and once again evens things up.

W/ Maddox, I'd have Cena & Rollins start out. Ambrose turns the tide. Ryback evens things up. Reigns turns the tide again. Then Maddox comes in w/ Cena and Ryback both down. He stares down the Shield w/ a deer in headlights look. Maddox starts hitting the Shield left and right, gets the crowd way behind him and dominates, only to be eliminated shortly after, lol.

After that, not sure where it would go. There is good reasons for both teams to win. Maybe, just maybe, have Maddox interfere in the match, get taken out, but cause just enough of a distraction for The Shield to lose so they don't look that weak.

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