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Re: WWE 2013 - Massive Change for the New Era

Monday Night RAW
28th January 2013|Phoenix, Arizona

The show kicks off with the usual pyrotechnics with the roaring crowd making themselves heard in the background. We are welcomed to the show by Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross who is returning from illness at the Royal Rumble to be here tonight. They go straight into the happenings of last night at The Royal Rumble PPV, JR talks about the Rumble...

Jim Ross: "Last night at the Rumble folks Brock Lesnar made a shock return to win the 2013 Royal Rumble and will now face for a World Title at Wrestlemania!"

Jerry Lawler: "One can only imagine that Lesnar will face off for the World Heavyweight Championship because of the fact that the WWE Champion is also a client of Paul Heyman, CM Punk".

Jim Ross: "Tonight there is expected to be a lot of answered answers, what is next for The Rock and John Cena after a pretty unsuccessful Royal Rumble? Will Lesnar announce who he will face at Wrestlemania 29? It has been confirmed that CM Punk will defend his title in the Elimination Chamber but who will he face? And finally, who will replace Vince McMahon as the new WWE Chairman?"

'No Chance in Hell'

Out comes Vince McMahon in his usual march to the ring with a big smile on his face looking ready to address the WWE Universe, he grabs a microphone and gets ready to talk to the audience. He takes a moment before opening his mouth as the crowd chant his name and bow down to him, signs in the crowd read 'forever the boss'.

Vince McMahon: "Thank you! Welcome to Monday Night RAW! As you all know I am soon to be giving up my position as the WWE Chairman to someone that I believe will be right to lead this company in to the future. I think that it is now time to bring to you the people that will be leading this company to the future! There have been a lot of people that have applied for the role when I first announced that I would hand this company over to someone, only three people have been chosen for the position and now allow me to introduce them... My daughter Stephanie McMahon!"

'All Grown Up'

Stephanie walks out to the ramp to huge ovations from the WWE Universe as she walks to the ring another them song rings out throughout the crowd...

'The Game'

The crowd goes crazy as HHH walks out to the stage as Stephanie just enters the ring and hugs her dad. HHH comes out on the CEO suit and short hair with a massive smile on his face, he makes his way to the ring to be greeted with a hug and a kiss from his wife Stephanie and a firm hand shake from Vince McMahon. The crowd go crazy at the fact that Vince, Stephanie and HHH all stand side by side in the middle of the ring but before the third person is announced they all pick up microphones.

Stephanie: "Dad can I just say what an honor it would be to take over the WWE from you, to carry on the legacy that you have created into a new era and an era led by me. I have to tell you now that no one has a better knowledge of this company than me and HHH and I am saying right now that as husband and wife we could co-own the company into this new era."

HHH: "Vince, your daughter being wise as she always is. There is no one that knows more about this company both inside and out than me and Stephanie and im pretty sure that these fans would love to see us take over from you! Just listen to them and the reaction that they gave when they welcomed us out here tonight! So how about we welcome your third choice out here now and inform them that they are no longer required for the role? Come on out person number 3!"

After a few seconds no one comes out and the arena sits in silence.

HHH: "I guess guy number 3 realized that they were no longer right for the role Vince so I think its time to announce me and..."

'Here comes the Money'

Shane McMahon: "Actually Hunter, guy number three is happy to come out and announce his position for the Chairman position. You see I have experience in management and I would be much, much better at the role of chairman, I have always been the first man on the list for the job! But I, will not take the back seat ass kissing role that you and Stephanie are taking right now, I plan to enforce my right to be WWE Chairman and that force begins right NOW! You see to be the boss you need to have your inside men, your contacts to help you out in a time of need, allow me to introduce some of mine, just for you Hunter!"

'Shield of Justice'

Out come The Shield from the crowd and start to make their way to the ring toward Stephanie, Vince and HHH. HHH trying to protect them both tells them to stand back as The Shield jumps the barricade and surrounds the ring preventing any of them from leaving. As they jump into the ring Stephanie and Vince leave leaving HHH in the ring on his own. HHH tries to take them all on, on his own but after a few minutes the numbers get the better of him and they begin to beat him down. Eventually they beat him unconscious and throw him from the ring, they then pick him up and hit him with a triple power bomb threw the announce table. The Shield then flee the arena threw the crowd. As Stephanie attends to HHH and Vince climbs back into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Vince McMahon: Shane, what are you doing? This is uncalled for! You have ruined your every chance to be the next chairman of the WWE because I will not stand for this and you trying to force your way into the chairman position! This ends...

Shane McMahon: Actually Dad, I can use force because I am about to make your life a living nightmare until you agree to hand the WWE Chairman position to me and the nightmares are about to begin!

The lights suddenly go out and a giant BONG is heard throughout the arena and the crowd go wild as another BONG arrives not long after it. The lights come on and Undertaker is stood in the ring behind Vince, as Vince turns round and Taker hoists him into a Tombstone and plants him on his head. The Undertaker then gets into his usual pose on one knee and sticks his tongue out to seemly announce his return to the WWE.

--------------------Commercial Break--------------------

Dolph Ziggler (w/ AJ and Big E) vs. Chris Jericho|Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

This match was as you expected a masterclass between one of the best and a former best in the company. The two of them showed great mat and technical ability but Ziggler obviously had the advantage with numerous outside interference from both Big E and AJ as they tried to help Ziggler to win. Eventually though their plan was ruined when the referee caught Big E going for Jericho and stopped him before he could and removed both him and AJ from ringside. This left the match to be more open and to allow the two great wrestlers to show their real ability.

The match went on for a couple more minutes with the two of them going back and forth with many near falls, and Ziggler continuing to show off while competing which was the downfall of Ziggler as he showboated and boasted to the crowd he had not noticed Jericho recovering to his feet as ziggler turned into a Codebreaker for the three count and the end of the match

Winner via Pinfall|Chris Jericho|10:36

--------------------Commercial Break--------------------

Jerry Lawler: Welcome back to Raw, so far tonight we have had an action packed night so far! We have had the return of Stephanie McMahon, HHH, Shane Mcmahon and The Undertaker!! The return will be more remembered by Undertaker and Shane though as they wrecked havoc over Vince and HHH along with the Shield just as Vince was about to announce the new Chairman of the WWE!

JR: It looks like Shane is going to force his father into making him the WWE Chairman, maybe because he thought he has no chance without doing so. Shane has the Shield and Undertaker under his control and I cant see anyone stopping him from getting his goal!

Lawler: We have also seen Chris Jericho be the first man to qualify for the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match and will now have the chance to walk into the Wrestlemania the WWE Champion but up next we have the next of the qualifying matches and then The Rock is in the house to address his WWE Championship defeat to CM Punk!


Kofi Kingston v David Otunga|Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match

The match was a quick and poor one between two men with opposite styles but Otunga dominated the majority of the match with his strength and power continually beating him down any time he tried to make his way back to his feet, Otunga done a lot of flexing his muscles throughout the match showing off and eventually it came back on him when Kingston began to get the upper hand using his high flying ability to perfection hitting various dropkicks and knees to the face of Otunga.

The match finished in style with Kofi Kingston with both him and Otunga fighting on the turnbuckle and Otunga attempting to get Kofi with a superplex off the top rope but Kofi escaped and knocked Otunga to ground and when they both recovered to their feet Otunga in the ring and Kingston on the ropes, out of no where Kofi connected with a super Trouble in Paradise off the top rope and connecting to Otunga and went for the pin 1...2...3!

Winner Via Pinfall|Kofi Kingston|5:25

--------------------Commercial Break--------------------

'If You Smell'

The Rock walks on to the ramp without his usual smile and without the usual match from and to each side of the stage but walks straight to the ring ignoring the massive cheer that he received when his music hit and he appeared. He got straight into the ring and grabbed a microphone and still stood with the same plan and blank face he had since he walked onto the stage but he then began to talk...

The Rock: "Stop, you people should not be cheering The Rock, you people should not give The Rock a warm welcome tonight! The Rock has failed, failed for the first time in his life to achieve something that he was so certain he was going to achieve!"

A Rocky Chant Runs Through The Arena

The Rock: "The Rock promised that he would deliver, The Rock promised he would rid the people of the sarrow that they have felt under the dark title reign of WWE Champion CM Punk which has now reached 435 days and he failed to break it and shine light upon the WWE. The Rock does not deserve to be cheered, CM Punk won fair and square, The Shield came to ringside but never got involved! I just was not good enough."

Fans begin to jeer as the Rock says he wasn't good enough

The Rock: Too be honest The Rock has nothing left to do now in the WWE I failed to win the WWE Championship against CM Punk, I have not been offered a chance to participate in the Elimination Chamber and that gives me no hope to be at Wrestlemania 29, it is time for The Rock to...

'The Time is Now'

More boos that cheers are heard as Cena makes his way onto the ramp with microphone in hand

John Cena: Wow! Hasty crowd here tonight! Rock why are you out here moaning about losing the WWE Championship, I have been in your position twice and one of those moments is right now! Like you yesterday i promised the WWE universe that I would win the Royal Rumble and go on to Wrestlemania to become a World Champion and I failed, the same thing happened at Wrestlemania 28 when I promised that I would beat you for almost a year and I lost! I will be WWE Champion in 2013 and that is a promise I keep!

The jeers continue to be louder than the cheers as Cena says that

Cena: Rock I have an offer for you! I at the minute do not have the chance to face for the WWE Championship, I rejected the chance to compete in the Rumble, because there is only one way that I want to win the title and that is to make up for Wrestlemania 28! By beating you Rock in a match to determine the #1 Contender to the WWE Championship! This time I will succeed!

The Rock: Cena, shut your mouth! You can come out here and run your mouth to The Rock all you want but I am not interested, I beat you and I am done now that the WWE Championship is out of my hands,you can succeed elsewhere!

Cena: If you are afraid of a rematch Rock then that is fine, if your confidence has been knocked because Punk beat you once then that is fine but Punk has beat me 6 times in a row and I still have not given up on the WWE Championship! I have a desire to be champion and I will be champion so im giving you until the night after the Elimination Chamber for an answer Rock! Think about it.

--------------------Commercial Break--------------------

6 Man Tag Match|Antonio Cesaro and Team Rhode Scholars v Team Hell No and The Miz

As it has been this kind of match is what has been making the Tag team division in the WWE noticeable again with top teams quite like the ones on show here. The match started with Kane having the upper hand on Cody Rhodes hitting him with various upper cuts and a suplex before tagging in Daniel Bryan who technically outclassed Rhodes and kept him on the ground away from making a tag to Cesaro or Sandow but Rhodes managed to escape with a perfect dropkick and crawled his way to Cesaro for the tag who then picked apart Bryan and isolated him making various tags between Sandow and Rhodes the three of them kept Bryan away from the tag.

Bryan eventually got a tag to The Miz while Cesaro was the legal man and all 3 men went at it clearing the ring leaving Cesaro and Miz, Miz though walked straight into an uppercut from Cesaro and was then planted with a Neutralizer and then a Crossrhodes from a recovered Rhodes for the pin.

Winners Via Pinfall|Antonio Cesaro and Team Rhode Scholars|12:59

-We go backstage to Matt Striker-

Striker: "Hello, please welcome my guest at this time Ryback! Ryback, last night you managed to eliminate three people before finally being eliminated by John Cena, what do you have to say?"

Ryback: "Last night,I was hungry for one thing and that was to feed upon and hurt everyone I came in contact with! My aim was not solely on winning the match but to hurt people and preventing others from doing so. When I learned that The Shield had not entered I lost sight because I had an appetite for the three of them and John Cena took advantage."

Jeers from the crowd as Ryback mentions Cena

Ryback: "I missed the opportunity to feed on the three members of the Shield which is why right now I am asking the Shield. Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins to face me in a 3 on 1 Gauntlet Match at the Elimination Chamber PPV! I will waiting to feed upon their answer! FEED ME MORE!" FEED ME MORE!

The crowd chant FEED ME MORE along with Ryback

--------------------Commercial Break--------------------

Singles Match|Ryback v Tensai

This was as you expect a squash match at Ryback takes his frustrations out on Tensai hitting him as soon as the bell rang with a Meathook Clothesline and then picking him up to connect perfectly with Shellshocked for the pin and the win

Winner Via Pinfall|Ryback|0:36

--------------------Commercial Break--------------------

'Cult of Personality'

CM Punk walks out onto the ramp with a smile on his face holding tightly to his WWE Championship as he is accompanied by Paul Heyman. Both of them make their way to the ring as Punk holds his WWE Title above his head so that everyone can see that is there. As they get into the ring it is Paul Heyman that grabs a microphone and goes to talk rather than Punk.

Heyman: "CM Punk comes out here today to address the WWE Universe, but he has asked me to do the honors as you people in Phoenix, Arizona are not worthy to share the same air of the WWE Champion and BEST IN THE WORLD, CM Punk!"

This receives loads of head from the crowd

Heyman: "CM Punk has now done all there is to be done and defeated any opponent that has came his way all by himself! Punk has been WWE Champion for 435 days, and I can tell you that will never be accomplished in the modern era again! CM Punk has beaten, Rock, Cena, Orton, Jericho, Big Show and ADR! There is not one man left for him to face."

Heat continues to come from the crowd

Heyman: "CM Punk might as well retire with the WWE Championship because we all know that no one in this company can beat him and the one man on everyone's lips is Brock Lesnar but he is a client of mine to and he is ready to take the World Heavyweight Championship! So if it is OK with CM Punk I would like to invite the future World Heavyweight Champion out here! Brock Lesnar!"

Punk nods his head and cheers come from the crowd for Lesnar

'Next Big Thing'

Lesnar walks on to the stage and marches back and forth as the crowd go wild, he eventually stops at the top of the ramp looking down on Punk and Heyman while doing his jumping on the spot. He then begins to walk towards the ring and then does a lap on the outside before hoping on the apron and getting into the ring and taking the microphone from Paul Heyman.

Lesnar: "Paul I have known you for a very long time and I think me and you both know that CM Punk is not the Best in the World, that is in fact me"

Punk looks at Lesnar startled as the crowd go nuts

Lesnar: "Now hear me out, I am just hear to announce the title that I am going to face for at Wrestlemania and Paul here has mentioned that title numerous times for you all seeing as I am good friends with him he knows. Though I have started to wonder, with CM Punk claiming to be the Best in the World which match would I prefer"

The fans start a destroy Punk chant as Lesnar acknowledges them and laughs

Lesnar: "I have the chance to decide whenever I want to, I can decide the say before Wrestlemania! I will need time to think about it and for that I will give my answer next week, so I would like to offer my hand to you Punk in respect"

Lesnar reaches his hand out to Punk as Heyman talks him into the shake telling him to hurry before he Brock changes his mind to which Punk offers his hand back. As they lock hands Lesnar hoists Punk onto his shoulder and hits him with the F5 as Paul Heyman screams for Lesnar not too, Lesnar gets back to his feet and grabs the microphone...

Lesnar: "I choose the WWE Championship, Punk!"

--------------------END SHOW--------------------

Elimination Chamber Card so Far

Elimination Chamber|CM Punk (c) v Chris Jericho v Kofi Kingston v ??? v ??? v ???|WWE Championship

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