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Re: How would you react to Cena quitting?

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
What's that? Getting destroyed and hulking up? How many 5 or 4 star matches has Hogan ever had in his career? Hogan was a fucking joke in the ring.
Hogan trained with some great wrestlers for quite a while before ever stepping into a ring. He had his ankle broke by Hiro Matsuda his first day in training, and didn't let it stop him. He had to beg to get into wrestling, he paid his dues. He wasn't sting working out in a gym and having someone asking him if he wanted to wrestle. He worked the indies and the undercard of the wwwf. In the WWF he had a character, he played his character there. His character did not involve long mat wrestling spots or chain wrestling. He was "HULK" Name and half of the character taken from the big green guy in comic books.

I suggest you go watch some old Hogan AWA matches, some stuff from NJPW.. Inoki vs Hogan alone proves you wrong.

Cena however trained in a wrestling warehouse that pumped out more nameless muscle heads than the indies could handle. He, like sting, was a muscle head who was approached at the gym and told he could make money as a wrestler. He was pushed through his school over MUCH MORE talented and able wrestlers, because of his look, into the e, where he spent a short time in OVW before going to the show. He wasn't a wrestler for 5 years before he was the world Champion. He's had everything handed to him, without doing anything of note to recieve it. His character in no way limits him from showing off these wrestling skills you're talking about, yet unlike Hogan who actually had about a 5 move set he got labeled with the 5 moves of doom term. That right there should tell you that the guy sucks.

What do I care. If you can't see that hogan was more talented than you're really not worth the time.

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