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Originally Posted by Faraday View Post
This is also nonsense. Call out any randon group of players and say this and you're likely to correct.

11/31 or 12/31 in terms of scum make-up doesn't make saying "one or two, maybe three" a particularly impressive thing to do.

*Don't like Cloverleaf saying there's bussing going on with the Doc wagon? Seems an easy accusation to make and I don't get why he made it. "Oh, I'm not on the wagon but if Doc does flip scum then I can attack the people on the wagon despite the fact I wasn't", type thing. Especially since he never really thinks Doc is scummy? It's weird.

*Titania's post read town. Why? Because it looks like it shows some gnuine thought going into it. Well the anark read - I think the stuff about me; while accurate is something she could plausibly fake. People trying to strawnman it as "lol she's not caught up either let's vote her" are pretty bad. Would like more reads from her/a wider focus, though.

*Sxe what about IMPULSE and Skyfall do you dislike? I'd not mind explanations about all of your reads a bit more (apart from kenny) but those 2 in particular, please. I don't really agree with the Kenny read, sure he's being fluffy - and him getten "gotten to" isn't like the end of the world or a scum-tell? I'd actually argue his annoyance makes more sense from him if he's town and annoyed by my insulting of his scumhunting.
I'm not going to sheep onto the Doc wagon. He's posted once. Plus, I already have an Anark wagon that I would love people to join.

Also, I called Doc out as being scum last game and he flipped scum. My reads on him have been pretty good as of late. He'll likely say, I thought he was town so I['m wrong, but in reality I just told him something he did appeared town so I was reluctant to vote.

My noted sadi scum.


Why couldn't there be some bussing going on, it's an easy wagon to join, i.e not much reason needs to be given. Why wouldn't a team mate of Docs hop on with little to ne fear.

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