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*cracks fingers*

Fuck me that was a chore. SOme of the notions and thought processes from players is completely detrimental to not only towns chances, but also of portraying themselves as being of high intellect.

Originally Posted by Nov View Post
Doesn't look like my cup of tea but I know a lot of people who absolutely love it.
Lawls is your buddy. I'm putting it to you that he gave you a great role, or made you scum. Dispute this suggestion plz.

Originally Posted by Mclovin it View Post
Your vote for me seemed pretty random. Explain why I am scum plz.
Seems a little rattled and suggests he may have been caught out.

Originally Posted by oompaloompaTAZ View Post
i've seen the show and it should make for a great game and also! idun wanna get in too deep but there is an englishmen who is one of the TOP "mafiosos" in the show, portrayed by an englishman by the name of Timothy Dalton A.K.A James Bond !Character Name, Volkoff, Alexei Volkoff
Volkoff are a villain group. Did you scumslip?

Originally Posted by Titania View Post
I just finished reading pg. 14 and I need to sleep so hopefully I'll finish catching up tomorrow after I come home from work. The two strongest reads I have right now are Faraday is town and Anark is scum. Faraday's aggression and depth of analysis/thought in his posts and how genuine he is coming across to me shows me he is town. There's a tremendous difference in his playstyle here compared to the last game I can recall playing against him when he was scum. In that game on day 1 he gave a bullshit reason why Lawls was scum and lead a lynch on him. He was lazy and scummy.

I'll be totally shocked if Anark is town. He's reminded me of his scum self in Champions League and this isn't a case of adjusting his town game to suit his scum meta. I noticed he quickly backed away from Faraday and I don't like how after that he put all his attention on Champ because of the Streetfighter gif he was including in his posts. Champ had already said that it wasn't a pr and he just felt like posting the gif yet Anark just can't let it go to the point where he's lynching him for such a ridiculous reason. As town I couldn't care less about Champ including the gif or not, esp. since he already addressed that it's not a pr. It's such an unimportant, useless thing to focus on. I don't see town Anark wasting his time and space in this game like that at all. And also the miller claim joke. I agree with CP. I see it as just something that he could be setting up to fall back on later in case he's copped because some are suspicious of him. He also got quite defensive towards Cloverleaf which I didn't like.

Vote Anark

Wow, it's past 2:00 AM here. I can see there's a wagon on docblue with that vote count, wish I had time to read the rest of the thread since day might be over by the time I get home tomorrow but this is all I can do now.
What, no setup speculation or drivel about theme knowledge? Oh how transparent you can be. The copout of needing to sleep in play as well. Jill, Jill, Jill

Initial scummy vibes: Nov, Kenny, obby, McLovin, Skyfall, IMPULSE

Initial town vibes: Anark, Faraday, Mikey

The rest of you I haven't established you to be one way or the other yet.

Now, in my next post, I'm going to convince you all to vote Kenny and expose him for the scummy fuck that he is.
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