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Originally Posted by Anark View Post
No, absolutely not. I have explained why I don't understand a Doc wagon. It's not that I think he is town, not at all, so please don't throw this back in my face if he does something I find scummy in the future. But to try and take out one of the best town players based off of their single day 1 post is nonsense to me.

I don't really care if others agree or not. It's nonsense to me and it will remain nonsense.

I reiterate that it's not that I think he's town, but that I don't think he's done enough to warrant a wagon and his potential value to town is such that it should require a lot more to lynch him that one single day 1 post.
Well the one best player town is out of question we are not deciding on that , If anybody suspects soembody to mafia we are lynch simple as that whether he Lawls, doc, farday,magic,shepard obby ziggler mark or Ehan619 mark on anyone to the matter and if its nonesense to lynch doc on 1 vote its nonsense vote for others on one vote aswell

And its not like we are lynch him of without defending we are going give chance defend and then claim and if still we are not convinced then lynch will happen

So who's gonna prepare my next signature?
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