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Re: C3K Presents: WWE 2009 - The Fear That's In Your Eyes

Raw Feedback

Orton was expected after the ending with Taker last week and I was a little confused by the promo to be honest. One minute heís saying Taker should be suspended, the next heís saying he doesnít want that, he wants to finish him off himself. I get the idea of it but I thought you shoulda gone either one way or the other, totally lose it and demand Lawler take away his title match and suspend him or say that whatís done is done and heís gonna make him pay. I still think your characterisation of Orton needs to improve also, a lot of words just seem totally unlike Orton. Him calling Lawlerís management Ďineptí for example and also look to put more emphasis on certain words, make it mean a little more. Read it back and youíll probably see the kinda words I mean if you really think of it the way Orton speaks. Lawler wasnít bad when he began talking, liked him playing up Ortonís lack of remorse in the past but I do think you shouldíve made the announcement regarding Fully Loaded a bit bigger, it just felt a little bit flat, get King to REALLY sell it.

Very surprised to see the Colons win this, fancied Legacy all day long but a nice little shock. Aftermath gave them some heat back but interested where you go from here, a lot of options in the tag ranks at the minute, that win could see the Colons interjected after Fully Loaded.

Regalís character was much better here, had him pretty much spot on and I liked his playing up of the importance of the I.C Title in years gone by. Wanting rid of it because of its downgrading is a clever move and would no doubt draw him and the Monarchy huge heat. The only thing I donít like about this is that heíd hand the title to Barrett, Iím not a massive fan of that but maybe itís just my personal preference.

Thought we couldíve had a bit more expansion on that Maryse situation but alas, we shall see what goes down.

Strong match here between these two and this does Barrett the world of good moving forward, huge win. Classic Regal with the Brass Knucks also, just very well booked, simple and effective.

Thought this was your strongest work in the show. Mizís character was nailed, although it drifted a little bit towards the end before coming back strong. His whole hypocritical schtick on Michaels was great as itís totally true. Miz playing up the injured ankle also was smart and Iím enjoying this feud a lot more than I thought I would.

Classic Cryme Tyme here. Itís pretty hard to write them but also pretty fun too so kudos for attempting it and I thought you did a decent job, the handshake with Foley and them ignoring Cole was great. Monarchy coming out didnít surprise me and things got pretty heated which I like. Not everything was on point BUT the main thing here is that youíre trying to make this feel big time and I commend you for that, the Tag Titles should be in more high profile feuds and youíre doing just that. Definitely the Monarchyís night tonight, expecting a big comeback next week from CT and Rey but a solid job here and the Monarchy continues to grow every week, hopefully theyíre getting to the point you want them to be at now.

Orton always knocking Goldust off here. Aftermath was more important, typical Taker stuff. After last week, nothing was gonna come close to it BUT I felt this was a little bit flat for the main feud on Raw. Maybe a little bit more mind games from the Deadman, though I guess Ortonís promo from earlier on was enough to keep this thing ticking along.

The Womenís division is certainly building, massive props for that fella, takes some enthusiasm to bother with that. Beth/Melina however is the one that REALLY feels big right now. Iím not really feeling Maryse/Katie compared to the other two, I think that needs maybe a little less focus and a bit more shifted to ze champion(see what I did there :/)

Simple but effective stuff here from Regal and Perkins, foreshadowing after Fully Loaded me thinks, would be all for it.

Kennedy was strong here, playing up his hot streak well and the dynamic between these two is quite strong. Wouldíve liked a bit more from MVP but Iím certainly interested to see what goes down when they meet the Monarchy.

Match was standard here, not a whole lot to say on it, all about the Punk/Swagger feud really. A bit surprised that this has gotten so heated, so quickly but Iím enjoying it and Iím sure Punkerís gonna stick Swags down come Fully Loaded.

Big win for Regal here, no doubt about it BUT I was surprised about how you went around it. The ending all just felt a littleÖflat. This was the main event, this was the final image people remember of the show and all we got was a small distraction by Miz, a Regal Plex and bang, game over. No mention of Michaels being angered, no real mention of Miz rubbing it in, just a smirk, the commentators didnít really play up the attack at all, they simply claimed it to be the Monarchyís night when the real story here was Miz/Michaels.

On the whole thereís so many things that are potentially great and youíre sort of nearly but not quite there. Orton definitely needs some work and Iíd like to see more from the Taker feud next week, maybe give Orton some heat back. The Monarchy are certainly looking strong and thatís a major positive right now, does certainly feel like theyíre taking control. It may seem like Iím criticising a lot in there so my apologies, Iím not intending to, I just know youíre capable of more and Iím pretty sure youíll produce the goods moving forward, keep on truckiní sir
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