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Re: The almighty REP - Post your user CP

Originally Posted by Yeah1993 View Post
I said 'show off' purposely to poke fun at the fact that users think other users take it so seriously. This has little to do with the rep itself and is more about the rep comments. There really isn't anybody who actually treats rep like an award or an actual form of reputation.

Also you don't really seem to understand what 'IWC' means. Imaginary? You know it's just a term used for people who post about wrestling online, right? As in....US!?
'Show off' is now the ziggy!

REP is a disaster for any forum.

Person 1: "I agree with you and will green rep you for it!"
Person 2: "I don't agree with you and will red rep you for it"

Next example
Person 1: "CM Punk is the best in the world!": gets green reps from those that agree, red from those who don't.
Person 2: "Hulk Hogan is the best in the world": same thing.
Person 3: Austin Aries (wtf his name is) can beat x and y on any day of the week!" Gets the same treatment.

This is what REP is about here on these forums. REP isn't respect. It is just a comment on those who agree or disagree with the individual. I've just seen a lot of people treat the REP bar as a full sign of instant respect.

That is a problem. Are people that damn stupid? Green doesn't endure respect and red doesn't mean disrespect those people.

Here is the main issue I have with REP. One person who has a crap load of green will and can say anything they want to in order to keep that green. That same person will not shed a hint of anything bad so that they can keep that green. It is their prize. They won't say anything negative to risk loosing that green leading into the red.

Admins: You want some of these people to be more honest then get rid of REP. Turn it off. When it is gone then those who were concerned about it may actually say what they should instead of hold things back in fear of getting a red rep. Though, we won't know till it is tried.
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