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Re: Being the booker


Looks like the Flair/Foley aint quite over yet, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this lead to an elimination match for the GM spot. Some very good lines between the two men, and they are captured perfectly. Good stuff from Christian and then Flair talking about the other guys on Raw. 5 on 5 match should be good, and the heel team assembled is a pretty strong one. WAR GAMES!!! That will be an amazing match, and will probably steal the show. Interesting to see who Foley picks tonight, but it will be someone good I feel

Good win for Trish going into her title shot next week, and it will be interesting to see whether she takes the title or not

Good stuff from Foley, and I’m thinking someone like Rey will be on his team. Cabana will be a good one as well

DX promo was brilliant, and it got even funnier the second time that I read it. Cena will get his rematch, perhaps at SS as I don’t see who else could face HBK at the moment, unless you give us a DX vs. Team Cena match

The Hurricane – lol – isn’t he the hardcore champion though? HBK retains unsurprisingly, and then Cena runs down and takes out DX. HBK/Cena for SS then?

Good win for WGTT, but I’m not too sure where they is going at the moment

Carlito and RVD sucking up to each other was done well, and it looks as if team flair is focused. Eugene!!! Poor Eugene getting attacked, and maybe he is a surprise possibility for team foley

Kennedy is gold in this thread, and his lines were just great. He picks up a nice win, and I see him moving towards the IC belt quickly

Great Christian interview, and when will him and Austin finally hook it up? Maybe Wrestlemania?

Rey on team Foley is a good decision. Good win for Batista, putting him over a s a big threat and it doesn’t damage Rey at all. The heels beat Rey and Foley down until Taker! Wow, that is seriously helped team foley, and Taker cleans house, taking them all down. War games match will be great, and maybe MOTY contender


Great opening promo, with some great lines from all the men involved. Goldberg/Tazz 2 will be a great main event, and I guess this could be leading to a team Rock/Austin vs Team Goldberg match

Good win for the cabinet, and I suspect this is going to lead to a match at SS, maybe the cabinet vs. Jericho/amw/London

Fatal 4 way for the title looks to be a good one, and it will be interesting to see who leaves with the belt, as I don’t think that it will be angle. Benoit will be on someone’s SS team, but whose, as I’m sure he will have a match at the ppv.

SS should be a great ppv, and I cant wait to see it. A late contender for PPV of the year perhaps?
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