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Re: Why are chicks getting tired of dicks? Well real ones anyway...

Originally Posted by BLACKANDRE View Post
Doesn't matter that she was unknown before, you've promoted her just like Don King pimps out big time boxing matches. Everyone on here knows who she is now so there are no excuses. She would lose in a poll because most people on here aren't nonces. End of.

Jada Stevens, as an example, has an ass. Karla has a saggy flat bottom. Get over it.

I don't need to calm down, it's called banter Waggles. The fact that you're telling me to calm down suggests that you're irate right now. If you didn't care you wouldn't have replied and never would, but you're always ing that child for whatever strange reason.

As for your personal opinions on those other three? I couldn't care less. I was just explaining why normal people would find actual women attractive, but I should have realised what a ridiculous waste of time that was after the first time that I saw the spinning nonce gallery of doom in your sig.
Like I said, you're blind if you think she has a saggy flat bottom. This site is just a minority of people, Karla's name isn't out there like Katy and all those media outlets that make her out to be some spectacular looking girl when she isn't. Did I say I didn't care? have to re read what I posted and check that. And the fact that you're getting all hot just because I said calm down probably means you need to. You're taking my opinion on Karla way too seriously, yo.

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