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Re: The brand extension should return.

Originally Posted by LyotoDragonMachida View Post
How is Raw for the casual fans and Smackdown for the hardcore fans? Their main group of viewers is young children who aren't even awake at 11PM. Little kids don't go out every Friday night. The reason Smackdown is behind Raw isn't because it is for hardcore fan, it's because it sucks! It's basically just Raw replays now. Also it's stupid to say the split rosters caused Eddie to not be on Raw because without Smackdown he would have never been a star. Raw was being ran by HHH and everybody knows nobody got over during that time except HHH's friends. Edge, Benoit, and Cena were over but only because they did it on Smackdown and then got drafted.

Keep the big stars on Raw and let Smackdown make it's on stars and be the better show like before.
Raw has always had higher ratings than SmackDown, from the beginning, before the brand extension (and before the move to Fridays, one of the worst nights for TV ratings). Hence, we can generally say that whomever watches SD also watches Raw. So, the difference in viewers are the ppl who just watch Raw, or are at least a lot more likely to watch Raw than SD: I call them casual fans. Maybe if you watch Raw every single wk but never SD, you shouldn't be called a casual fan, but that's not my pt. My pt is there are ppl who judge the product just based on Raw, or are at least only willing to watch Raw, and THOSE fans miss out on major stars when those stars don't appear on Raw. Those fans that only watch Raw barely got to see Brock Lesnar, Undertaker, Eddie Guerrero, Kurt Angle, Edge Batista, etc. That just doesn't make sense.

Judging by the higher ratings, there are ppl who every now and then tune into Monday Night Raw, and might stay watching and tune in next wk, or say "I don't care about David Otunga" and don't tune in again for a yr or half a yr or w/e. The higher the chance that they see someone that entertains them, the higher the chance they'll continue to watch. I hope they see Sheamus or Randy Orton, and not David Otunga.

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