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Originally Posted by PacoAwesome View Post
So far this is just a usual Day 1. People start wagons on players they don't like or that are infamous on appearing scummy in other games. I don't suspect anyone yet although I wouldn't be surprised if good old jedi master Faraday was scum. He's already planting his seeds in this game. And how my game is going to go? I'll probably make it to mid-game, then someone will say I had a scummy post and will tell everyone to lynch me. The I will plead and beg for them not to send me to the gallows, but my efforts will be in vain. Then I will die and my corpse will flip town.Finally,everyone will mourn about me being mislynched for like a second before moving on. That's how my games usually go.
Interesting. Noted.

Originally Posted by Skyfall View Post
it's at the top of the OP Faraday, of which I guarantee you of all people would have read. this post feels kind of awkward.

vote Faraday
Idk how many games youve played with John, but from when I played with him this was typical behavior of his. Could he be scum? absolutely, but i dont think his interaction wth me makes him seem that way.

Originally Posted by Cloverleaf View Post
Everyone vote Fluffy before he comes on and drops a random list of scum and then continue to tunnel the entire list without giving any reasons whatsoever.

Seems like PHEN0M will dislike him.

Are you willing to sheep onto my Fluffykins wagin PHEN0M?

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