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Re: As a TNA fan...it hurts me to say this

Originally Posted by Lariatoh! View Post
I just want to say that comparing WCW/WWF to TNA/WWE is apples and oranges.
Yeah, there are differences, but in the end apples and oranges are still both fruit, after all. So there is a sort of comparison. Just for analogy purposes.

In saying all of this, I think TNA is the number 2 promotion in the US and possibly he world (NJPW) not withstanding, and I think they should just concentrate on putting out a good wrestling product, and not worry about trying to compete. Not trying to overtake, because that is a fools errand, and what does it really matter in the long run? If they are putting out a different wrestling show, with different talent and it is entertaining, then who cares if they beat WWE in the ratings? Bragging rights really mean nothing. They give us more and diversified wrestling for fans to watch. I have never bought into, one federation is better than the other...

...The better their product and creative is then the more fans they will get and more epic feel they can start to put on. Just grow your fan base and one day an epic feel, may come, but for now, make a profit and keep providing us with an alternative and a place to see on an international stage other great wrestlers can perform on.
Yes. This is exactly what TNA needs to do.
Not going to happen, though, as long as they let Hogan hang around.
Ultimately he is too big a fish to be in their little pond, and his presence hurts the lesser known names that deserve better exposure.
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