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Default Re: Has anything OUTRAGEOUS ever happened at your school?

Back in Kuwait:

-Some guy set an entire lab on fire,He got suspended "I don't remember how many days"

-A Palestinian guy "A friend of mine" hooked up with a Lebanese girl in an older class and they skipped class and went to a stairway nobody ever goes to and started fucking,Unfortunately somebody saw them and reported them and this act alone actually did lead to the school segregating boys from girls having girls and boys classes and breaks separated.However even after the segregation another couple were caught being naughty in the school's roof.

-Some guy died off cancer

-A guy I knew "a friendly guy actually" died in a car accident

-I had a fight with some guy who kept insulting me simply because I didn't pick much fights with anybody so he thought I was "easy bait",The fight was pretty serious and I ended up busting his nose and he ripped my shirt off.

Recently in Egypt:

-A girl kept calling me a faggot for having long hair and for being born and raised in Kuwait and she one day came up to me with her friends and took my hair band off my pony tail then started throwing it around then threw in on the ground and once I was about to pick it up she stepped on it,That made me go badshit and I just grabbed her leg flipped her and had her fall down on the ground hard on her head.

-Students here actually got an Arabic teacher fired
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