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Re: As a TNA fan...it hurts me to say this

Originally Posted by Bearcatter View Post

The same used to be true about WCW vs WWF. Turner had all the money, and all the ratings. WCW was live, and WWF taped its shows in advance. WCW had taken all the biggest names, and was burying the WWF. But guess who got creative? Who took chances? Big names and big success mean nothing if it can't be sustained.

WWE has been going into a lull. Now is the time for TNA to take risks, and think outside the box. The reason they are failing is because they are trying to use WWF tactics against WWE. Do they honestly think they can play Vince's games against Vince? He's already been there, done that. All WWE has to do is play to the status quo to win. And everything ends up being stale all the way around for everyone. Pro wrestling as an industry suffers, along with us fans who want to see something better.

TNA will continue to flounder behind WWE until they make some serious changes. Hopefully it is not too late. I want to see good competition between two strong companies. I want to see better products on both sides. But for the love of God, I recently just read spoilers telling me what's going to happen for the next 4 weeks of Impact. How can TNA possibly compete when they are taping a month's worth of programming in advance? Especially with those god-awful storylines and piss poor swerves?
I just want to say that comparing WCW/WWF to TNA/WWE is apples and oranges.

WWF before the nWo started runnin wild was the top dog had the rock and roll era, wrestlemania, and still had an aura, no matter what was happening at the time. Even though WCW was kicking VInce's ass, Chris Jericho's dream was always to go to the WWF and he jumped when he had the chance.

WWF was still thought of as the. It time, no matter how big WCW got. TNA on the other people even on wrestling forums are unaware of its existence. At least before Hogan showed up. Nash and Angle all the time used to have people come up to them and ask them why they aren't wrestling any more even though they were heavily featured every Thursday night on impact.

The WWE might suck to a lot of people at the moment, but when the Rock walks out, or Brock Lesnar's music hits, it all just feels like this giant epic blockbuster production. You might say well that's the Rock and Brock, well what about 3 relatively unknown talents called the Shield who are taking the industry by storm. Why? Because of the WWE machine. Because simply they are on WWE tv. How epic was the Royal Rumble titantron? Amazing.

TNA has all the talent in the world, some of he very best, but their promotion machine and their production values are dwarfed by Vince's.

In saying all of this, I think TNA is the number 2 promotion in the US and possibly he world (NJPW) not withstanding, and I think they should just concentrate on putting out a good wrestling product, and not worry about trying to compete. Not trying to overtake, because that is a fools errand, and what does it really matter in the long run? If they are putting out a different wrestling show, with different talent and it is entertaining, then who cares if they beat WWE in the ratings? Bragging rights really mean nothing. They give us more and diversified wrestling for fans to watch. I have never bought into, one federation is better than the other.

What concerns me about TNA ( this is a a TNA thread) is that they have amazing talents like Alex Shelley who could be as big as a CM Punk or Chris Jericho, but TNA just didn't have a clue what to do with him. At least they have seen Austin Aries' potential. TNA has started to turn a corner because they are starting to recognize and push the great talents they already have instead of try and buy someone like they did with Anderson and see how they really don't fit into the TNA environment, dont have the WWE machine that makes them more than what they really are and therefore don't help TNA in any way in the long run.

OP what makes Sheamus any better than Matt Morgan? The WWE machine is all. What makes Punk better than Aries, the machine. What makes Cena better than Joe? Or Magnus? Or Styles? It is all in the booking for TNA because hey don't have he epic stage that WWE has.

The better their product and creative is than the more fans they will get and more epic feel they can start to put on. Just grow your fan base and one day an epic feel, may come, but for now, make a profit and keep providing us with an alternative and a place to se on an international stage other great wrestlers can perform on.
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