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Re: The brand extension should return.

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
In bold are the wrestlers ppl care about (and I'm including wrestlers I don't care about), not in bold are the ones ppl don't care about. Raw is 3 hours long, and then there's SD; if they need to give new guys exposure, like all the great guys in NXT, they have space to give them. If they want to use the spots for showcasing new guys, they can do it, if they don't want to, they don't have to. They should be able to use all their best talent on both Raw and SD every week. No matter how good the roster is, the brand extension can only make sense for hardcore fans. Casual fans watch Monday Night Raw. So, you have to put your top stars on Raw, or you're not using them. Same goes for SmackDown; hardcore fans might make up a larger proportion of SD's viewership than Raw's, but casual fans are still the big difference maker in ratings.

You can always use time on the shows to showcase new talent, there's no rule saying WWE has to use the same wrestlers each show each week. The only major benefit that the brand extension brought with regard to opportunities and exposure is two world titles. No matter how beneficial the brand extension is for increased roster spots, it simply comes at the expense of entertainment. Practically look at what the brand extension means: Batista and Undertaker not being on Raw 99% of the time, and in your division split, Orton and Punk not being on Raw 99% of the time. That means less viewers.

Raw alone is 3 hours long, Raw + SD used to be 4 hours, and now the roster is much thinner than it was when the brand extension started in 2002. Raw struggles now to fill up time with great wrestlers, that will be even harder without CM Punk and Randy Orton.
How is Raw for the casual fans and Smackdown for the hardcore fans? Their main group of viewers is young children who aren't even awake at 11PM. Little kids don't go out every Friday night. The reason Smackdown is behind Raw isn't because it is for hardcore fan, it's because it sucks! It's basically just Raw replays now. Also it's stupid to say the split rosters caused Eddie to not be on Raw because without Smackdown he would have never been a star. Raw was being ran by HHH and everybody knows nobody got over during that time except HHH's friends. Edge, Benoit, and Cena were over but only because they did it on Smackdown and then got drafted.

Keep the big stars on Raw and let Smackdown make it's on stars and be the better show like before.
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