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Re: WWE 2013 - A New Path

Hey, thanks for those comments on Smackdown I'll just give you some thoughts on your latest Raw.

Raw Feedback

First off, Angle being the masked man is quite a swerve; I wasn't expecting him at all. I did like Shane's reasoning for putting Angle up to it to light a fire under Cena and bring him back up, as that is one of the main questions I had at first, so I'm glad you cleared that up. I did like that the man attacked again and laid Cena out... but I think the reveal could have been saved for a bigger stage; maybe Elimination Chamber? Just because I think knowing that Shane was behind it all is enough to digest for one show. I think I'm still waiting on answers as to why Angle would agree to help Shane against Cena, hopefully that will be addressed soon. I just think that if you're going to have Cena vs Angle at Wrestlemania, I would have preferred to have seen a couple more weeks of Shane toying with Cena first before the big reveal.

Ahh, but you made up for it with the segment with Vince later on. Shane vs Cena at EC means that we will most likely get Cena vs Angle at Mania. Another way of keeping this thing ticking over, I like it. I just think that this segment could have been done in the ring next week.

Hmm... I can't say I'm a fan of Cesaro losing the United States title. There are two reasons though; One, I am a HUGE Cesaro mark and believe everything he does is gold, and Two, he was your strongest looking champion after Punk lost. His title reign had been stellar and he is starting to really come into his own with the United States Championship. I've got nothing against Woods (because I've just debuted him as well) but I think that Cesaro's title reign still had a LOT of legs... I would have rather seen Woods give chase to Cesaro before eventually beating him and getting that feel good victory.

Yes monster Clay! So much better as a destructive heel.

See, with last week when you had the Triple H and Lesnar rematch in a Steel Cage on Raw... I have to be honest that I didn't like that you gave that match away on free TV. Because Wrestlemania or even Elimination Chamber would be better for that... but I understand that you want to have Lesnar in the Chamber. But this week you've done it again with having this HUGE match on Raw. This match could easily main event any B-list Pay-Per-View or even Survivor Series for example... but it is the main event of Raw. I hope you get what I mean, but I just think a common theme for some of your angles is that you're pulling the trigger too quickly; people enjoy a slower build to things just as much or maybe even more.

I apologise if I've been going on a bit, but the basic principles are there for sure. You've got the eye for booking to be able to create interesting angles, what with Cena/Angle and the Clay heel turn. This was a good show for sure, just some of the booking decisions confused me a little... it just felt like you gave too much away on this one show. Elimination Chamber is a pretty awesome card you've pout together and I can't wait to see how it all unfolds. There have been a LOT of 2013 threads popping up recently, and with the way I've seen you go so far and that I've noticed you going around and commenting on other people's threads, you definitely have the potential to be the top of the bunch if you carry on the way you are going. Well done dude
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