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Re: That Facebook Thread (No, I don't want to be your fucking friend)

Originally Posted by BULLY View Post
Most peoples used the same tired excuse for spending 16 hours on facebook liking cute cat memes and updating their fuckbook status every time they take a dump. "Oh I just use it to talk to my family online!!11 Yeahnah you don't. Stop using your family to justify your putrid addiction. Also here's an interesting concept. Pick up the phone and call them. Or better yet, fucking go and visit them once in a while. People are getting too goddamn lazy.

Also, facebook is being used as a vehicle for even more disgusting behaviour. People who want to be celebrities so they do disgusting shit like suck on a bloody tampon or have sex with their fucking dog and post it up on facebook just for their fifteen minutes of fame. And it fucking works. What a world we live in huh?
Beyond lazy, and way too reliant upon technology. Not only facebook, but their mobile phones. During uni, I'd have friends who would hear their phone, then stop mid-convo to see who was calling them or had texted. They would freak out when my phone rang/buzzed and I didn't stop the convo to see who it was. I had to tell them that if it was anyone/anything important, they would call again.

These days though on the casual directory I do check my phone when it rings all the time in case it's an appointment, but that's for a different purpose.

Let's not forget Amanda Todd.
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