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Re: As a TNA fan...it hurts me to say this

Originally Posted by 4hisdamnself View Post
At this very moment, Impact is a better wrestling show no doubt about it
I was going to disagree with you at first, but then I re-read the post, and I have to say I partially agree. There is some better wrestling on TNA, as far as in ring work goes. But you have to look at the whole show. You have to. The biggest reason I do not watch TNA on a consistent basis is that I have already seen most of this crap before. I was there, watching WCW Monday Nitro as it was dying, and I really am sick of watching it over and over again on Thursday nights. That is where the doubts creep in. It doesn't matter how big of a star Hogan was. He is the biggest cancer in pro wrestling today, and is doing his damndest to pull down TNA with him in his professional career freefall. It wouldn't matter one bit if CM Punk or John Cena jumped ship to TNA tomorrow. Until you get rid of the people who are running the show into the ground today, you won't have a product to prop up for tomorrow.

But the WWE is a larger than life machine and almost all the TNA's shows are taping at Universal Studios Florida where admission is free. that's some big difference
The same used to be true about WCW vs WWF. Turner had all the money, and all the ratings. WCW was live, and WWF taped its shows in advance. WCW had taken all the biggest names, and was burying the WWF. But guess who got creative? Who took chances? Big names and big success mean nothing if it can't be sustained.

WWE has been going into a lull. Now is the time for TNA to take risks, and think outside the box. The reason they are failing is because they are trying to use WWF tactics against WWE. Do they honestly think they can play Vince's games against Vince? He's already been there, done that. All WWE has to do is play to the status quo to win. And everything ends up being stale all the way around for everyone. Pro wrestling as an industry suffers, along with us fans who want to see something better.

TNA will continue to flounder behind WWE until they make some serious changes. Hopefully it is not too late. I want to see good competition between two strong companies. I want to see better products on both sides. But for the love of God, I recently just read spoilers telling me what's going to happen for the next 4 weeks of Impact. How can TNA possibly compete when they are taping a month's worth of programming in advance? Especially with those god-awful storylines and piss poor swerves?
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