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Re: The brand extension should return.

Originally Posted by HeelKofiKingston View Post
im gonna take the roster and randomly put them on, starting with the big guys, then the mid carders ect.
this isn't how it should be, just an exmaple that it CAN be done. Especially if they are bringing back midcarders still

John Cena
Dolph Ziggler
Daniel Bryan
Wade Barrett
Alberto Del Rio
Chris Jericho
Dean Ambrose
Seth Rollins
Roman Reigns

Jey Uso
Jimmy Uso
Mark Henry
Tyson Kidd
Evan Bourne
Santino Marella
Darren Young
Titus O Neil
Ted Dibiase
Brodus Clay
Alex Riley
Brad Maddox
Big E Langston
Yoshi Tatsu
Percy Watson
Bray Wyatt
Erick Rowan
Luke Harper
Kassius Ohno
Xaiver Woods

CM Punk
Randy Orton
The Big Show
Cody Rhodes
Damien Sandow
Antonio Cesaro
Kofi Kingston
The Miz
Rey Mysterio
Sin Cara

Shelton Benjamin
Jack Swagger
Justin Gabriel
David Otunga
Zach Ryder
Heath Slater
Jinder Mahal
Drew McnTyre
Johnny "Fandango" Curtis
Michael McGillicutty
Great Khali
Bo Dallas
Adrian Beville
Derrick Bateman
Conor O Brian
Leo Krueger
Richie Steamboat
Corey Craves

yeah. they can easily do it.
and still be able to release many talents, have back ups for injuries ect... idk they're lazy asses don't keep it going. wwe has ALOT of employees. when was the last time a firing spree took place.

[B]hopefully[/B] this shows people that the roster is much bigger than one might think. especially if they are signing a bunch of indy guys like el generico ect.
In bold are the wrestlers ppl care about (and I'm including wrestlers I don't care about), not in bold are the ones ppl don't care about. Raw is 3 hours long, and then there's SD; if they need to give new guys exposure, like all the great guys in NXT, they have space to give them. If they want to use the spots for showcasing new guys, they can do it, if they don't want to, they don't have to. They should be able to use all their best talent on both Raw and SD every week. No matter how good the roster is, the brand extension can only make sense for hardcore fans. Casual fans watch Monday Night Raw. So, you have to put your top stars on Raw, or you're not using them. Same goes for SmackDown; hardcore fans might make up a larger proportion of SD's viewership than Raw's, but casual fans are still the big difference maker in ratings.

You can always use time on the shows to showcase new talent, there's no rule saying WWE has to use the same wrestlers each show each week. The only major benefit that the brand extension brought with regard to opportunities and exposure is two world titles. No matter how beneficial the brand extension is for increased roster spots, it simply comes at the expense of entertainment. Practically look at what the brand extension means: Batista and Undertaker not being on Raw 99% of the time, and in your division split, Orton and Punk not being on Raw 99% of the time. That means less viewers.

Raw alone is 3 hours long, Raw + SD used to be 4 hours, and now the roster is much thinner than it was when the brand extension started in 2002. Raw struggles now to fill up time with great wrestlers, that will be even harder without CM Punk and Randy Orton.

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