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Re: Is WrestleMania this obvious?

yeah im pretty pissed off with the way things seem to be shaping up. i think they really should of gone a completly different route. punk vs rock for the title at rumble, when the lights went out i was praying for it to be lesnar! costing rock the match, punk retains (none of this bullshit that happened with vince and the shield) setting up rock vs brock and punk vs undertaker in a streak vs streak match at wrestlemania. big show should have kept the title and not dropped it to del rio, ryback should of won the rumble and challeged big show at wrestlemania (obv going over, giving him the WHC title instead and keeping him away from the wwe title for a while) and have summat like cena, sheamus, orton vs the shield (with a orton wrestlemania heel turn) and ziggler vs jericho. and give HHH a year off

instead we are pretty much guaranteed rock vs cena again! obv cena is winning. (will be ok with this, if we get a cena heel turn but ive given up on that idea now)

brock vs HHH again! obv HHH is winning

and still possibly cm punk vs the undertaker but without any real threat to the streak now he has dropped the belt. so obv undertaker is winning!

although would be cool if they are just messing with us and they pull some swerve where we get cena, rock, punk triple threat obv cena is winning regardless but would be cool if they did finally have the balls to pull a cena heel turn and have him be the leader of the shield all this time costing rock & punk the match. never gonna happen tho, especially as it looks like we will be getting cena, sheamus, ryback vs the shield at the elimination chamber so unless they do summat extremly clever it will make no sense.

and maybe we get brock vs the undertaker! that would be cool. its leading to HHH-lesnar but i guess HHH could cut some sort of promo in the ring with brock on raw where he says summat like "i aint gonna be the man facing you at wrestlemania because i wasnt able to get the job done at summerslam but i know a man who can" ...GONG GONG. but wishful thinking i guess. ah well always wrestlemania 30

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