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Re: Ultimate Warrior

Originally Posted by Berkajr View Post
What do you mean does not handle business properly? Warrior knwo his namevalue, he does not share the socalled passion Ric Flair and others have, Warrior have made tons of moeny, so he does not have to come back to the business and refuse to come back on McMahon's terms. Sometimes it seems to me that everybody thinks cMahon treats hall his wrestlers fairly and dont push htem around. From what Iäve seen in shoot itnerviews with Warrior and read in Lesnars book, they both kind of confirms that Vince lives in his own WWE bubble and do think he can do what ever he wants and that everybody is want the top spot on no matter what. LEsnar, Goldberg and Warrior made shitloads of money and refused to go back on Vince terms, which is what everybody should strive for IMO. Their personal quality in their lives are like 1000 times more important than the person the portray on TV
Who said anything about coming back to the business? That has nothing to do with him failing to handle business properly.

Knowing his name value doesn't make it acceptable for him to hold up Vince for more money minutes before bell time, nor does it make it acceptable for him to rip off a promoter between his second and third WWE run. You taking things completely out of context.

In terms of handling business, Warrior wasn't good at it and has done some questionable things. Has nothing to do with him refusing to come back, but more so what he did within the span of 5 years. Not only was he rather green but he was difficult to work with, unreliable (eventhough he should get a pass, given the circumstances regarding his father) and flat out, did not meet Vince's expectations when he envisioned Warrior becoming face of the company.

Face it, it's a reason Warrior has been let go on 3 different occasions and I'm not placing total blame on him, as I think Vince is so stuck in his ways, it would have to be highly profitable for him to even be on working terms with Warrior, which at this point, I doubt either is interested in. It's simple, Warrior really wants nothing to do with the business, has a good life outside of it and Vince doesn't care either way because Warrior was such a headache to deal with but at the time, it was worth it. It's not worth it any more, for either man.

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