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Re: Ultimate Warrior

Originally Posted by Deandre Cole View Post
I think the WWE's shitting on Warrior is a little too much.

The main reasons they use to bash him are no different than various other guys have done over the years. I mean, he worked for WWE on 3 different occasions. So, from his first stint, they knew what he was about but continued to bring him back.

I think the main bad point about Warrior is he doesn't handle business properly. The guy seems pretty intelligent but the fact that he's been shitting on the business and various top names in it for years will pretty much alter the views that any in the business have of him. Plus, he was pretty green and got pushed too far, too fast.

I remember Konnan saying he's only known 3 people to flip out on Vince and get away with it and that was HBK, Eddie & Warrior. Vince saw something good about all 3 to continue dealing with them and considering what guys like HBK have put Vince through, I don't believe Warrior is this psychotic, egomaniac they portray him to be, especially since they created the monster.
What do you mean does not handle business properly? Warrior knwo his namevalue, he does not share the socalled passion Ric Flair and others have, Warrior have made tons of moeny, so he does not have to come back to the business and refuse to come back on McMahon's terms. Sometimes it seems to me that everybody thinks cMahon treats hall his wrestlers fairly and dont push htem around. From what Iäve seen in shoot itnerviews with Warrior and read in Lesnars book, they both kind of confirms that Vince lives in his own WWE bubble and do think he can do what ever he wants and that everybody is want the top spot on no matter what. LEsnar, Goldberg and Warrior made shitloads of money and refused to go back on Vince terms, which is what everybody should strive for IMO. Their personal quality in their lives are like 1000 times more important than the person the portray on TV

Originally Posted by promoter2003 View Post
Bruno Sammartino has crapped on the modern wwf/e ever since he exited. He never got a railroad DVD. There is always two sides of the story I believe. I think the company thought like the IWC and made the DVD the way it was thinking everyone would agree. It backfired.

They even tried getting him into the HOF before guys like Savage who sure as hell deserve induction over him, yet he has more chance than Savage(regardless of the rumors).

Vince is strange like that because guys like Hall, Nash, and Luger scrwed him over more imo as they almost put a nail in the coffin for the company in the 90's after getting over 2 years promo as being the new generation of wrestling. We saw how wcw used that to its advantage. HBK would have done the same thing if he could have got out of that contract too in the mid 90's to jump ship.

Warrior is a strange dude and it's easy to make a dvd trying to capitalize on it imo.
Yep, WWE makes money on what they want, and as you say they did capitalize on Warrior despite being on bad terms.

Originally Posted by Rugal 3:16 View Post
From what I heard warrior is kind of above HBK and Hogan in terms of a rotten human being but a notch below Bret Hart.

very unprofessional indeed, but it's peanuts compared to the Montreal Screwjob sin The Hitman has commited/caused.
Yes I agree, in terms of Warrior holding Vince up for money, I think Vince have to blame himself, not Warrior. Fans seems to buy in to WWE's version of it. But is that the real story? Do WWE tell the truth or manipulate it in order for them to be the good guys while burying Warrior?
Personaly I think that if I guy gets screwed around too much, got some spine and does not need the business as much as it needs you. You should be able to draw the line somewhere. Bret Hart did it in Montreal, Lesnar have done it, so did Goldberg. They all then got portrayed as the most evil men in wrestling by WWE and most fans tend to buy in to most of WWE's propaganda.


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