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Re: 2/1 Smackdown, 1/30 Main Event & SMS Spoilers

No, Barrett lost to a nobody this week. Kofi's at least jobbing to a former World Champion who has some minimal success.
And Barrett's beaten Kofi like 3 times in the past few weeks.

Originally Posted by King Kenny View Post
I still hold hope. Not every champion has been booked strong before they have won it. Look at Bryan and Swagger for example.
Bryan and Swagger won it a LOT faster than he did, though. Problem is in WWE, they do NOT do slow, steady pushes. If you don't win the belt within about a year and a half, maybe 2, you're DONE. Fact is, that's just how they book, all the time. There's an exception here and there but generally speaking, they know where they're going with you from the beginning. Bryan is a product of that vision.

With Swagger, he got purely lucky because it was the last WrestleMania MITB before the switch to the MITB PPV, and they didn't want to build the MITB winner up because there'd be 2 other ones in 3 to 4 months, so they just put it on a jobber and got the reign over with quickly and then buried him because there was no plan for him. That situation's not happening again, nor do I think they'd even choose Barrett for it.

Bottom line is that Vince is just a damn Anglophobe, that's ALL there is to it. I'm not changing my "Vince hates the English" rhetoric until I see definitive proof otherwise, because there has not been ONE English talent ever contracted to WWE that's done well for themselves. Ever. And it's not like they're in short supply to find, if you want to find a good one you can. Hell, they DID.

"Young wrestlers, those of you hoping to make a career of this and get into this business somehow, I cannot stress this enough, be as tall as you can" - Vinny V on Baron Corbin

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