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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

Smackdown Feedback

Hola, fellow 2005-er. Let's delve into this. I've been a lurker for the most part but I figure I might as well post some feedback for ya.

I like this opening promo. Melina as the mouthpiece for Mercury and Nitro works really well and I do like how she carried most of their work throughout. Did a good ob of putting her guys over, and the dialogue seemed realistic. A ladder match b/w RVD/Rey and Mercury/Nitro sounds like sex, so I am certaily looking forward to that. Moving along, you did a good ob using two guys who aren't really known for their mic skills. I'll have to delve into the thread to see what RVD was referring to (or if you could help me out, that would be great). To wrap things up, a prototypical cowarldy heel escape of the ring is a good way to finish this off. Looking forward to seeing the nightly and weekly progression.

Good stuff from Angle and Orton, two guys that do have some skills on the mic. An Angle-Orton 'unholy alliance' would probably produce some good stuff so I am interested to see where this goes now that the seeds have been planted. I was a big fan of Orton at this time and cannot stand his current character so the nostalgia factor may have influenced my thoguths on this promo, but I still think it was well done for what it was.

Cryme Tyme? Okay. I can dig it. I do think that, IRL, they didn't get the fairest of shares and they do have some potential in them and I thought it was good that you ahd them go against an established team that had talent (Noble and Kash definitely fit that mold). This was a pretty good match here with some back-and-forth action. The finish was good, nothing too out of the ordinary and it was a good way of getting CT over. So far, so good.

Short 'n sweet promo from T-Lo who was written well and had the dialogue you'd expect. I have a feeling his stern warnings aren't going to go over too wel.

A JBL squash seems like a good way to make him look strong in this feud he has with Lashley. Not that I am totally against him being around the WWE Championship but I do like you are finding other routes for him at this point in this thread. JBL is one of my favorite characters to write and I thought you captured him very well here. I do think though that you could have used a few less commas and a few more periods, from a grammar perspective. I'm victim to it sometimes, but comma splices suck. If that's what you're doing wrong, then you've got a whole lot going good. I did like this:

John Bradshaw Layfield: One, two, three, four, five(tapping a finger for each number). Five…five minutes this kid’s been in this company, five minutes this kid’s been on MY show and DAMN IT TO HELL, HE WILL NOT…he will not be labelled things, he will not be handed things that he doesn’t deserve.
I though the finger-snapping was a good touch and it definitely seems like something JBL would do. Very nice segment here.

First Blood, eh? Not a bad choice for a gimmick match. I don't think this will be the payoff of this feud so I think that it will be ramped up later on, which is something I'm looking forward to seeing. I sense a cage match down the line, but that's just me.

Eh. Not sure if I like this Cena promo a lot. Not sure waht it is, but the way he kind of came off was awkward and sort of reminded me of how he was. This isn't necessarily a knock on you, rather his character. Just felt off for some reason. Hopeful for improvements in that area but when it came down to it, Cena ended the promo right and he no doubt will probably still look very strong by the end of the night.

Hmmm. Confusing bit there with MNM, unless I am missing something. Intrigued.

Very good match here with Carlito and Hardy, and I do like Carlito going over here. Keeps the necessary balance of heels and faces ddown to a tee so I expect the fourth match of the night to be won by the face. Your match writing is very easy to read and follow and the pacing of this match seemed to be good. A good finish, and believable also, since the leg drop isn't that powerful a move so it does seem theoretical that Carlito can hit the Back Stabber out of nowhere, as you put it. Good stuff. Push plz.

Always love 'Taker promos, even if they're short like this. HYPE~ seems to be at a good level.

Wow, caught me off guard there with Helms winning to put the heels on top 3-1 on the evening, but that's not a bad thing at all. As you seemed to push forth, this was to get Helms over and you did just that with a pretty good performance and not against a scrub either in Moore. 3 Count Reunion plz. (JK) Seems like the 'dominant champ' figure is working for him so far.

Good bits by both Helms and Carlito. Can't complain really about either and each seem to be going in their own respective directions. Like I said, Carlito 4 Prez.

Whoa. Okay. That ending was VERY interesting and not something that I was expecting. If Orton and ANgle are going to be pulling tyrannical stuff like this week in and week out this definitely has me intrigued. Although, I can probably guess where this is leading, but then again, I could totally be wrong too. Liked how this night paid off and how it concluded.

Overall, a darn good show.Though there were a few areas to work on but the pros really outweighed the cons. Hopefully we can both have successful '05 threads. Cheers.

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