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Re: WWE: Cementing your Legacy, Boxing with God.

"Could we please get some clarity around here?" Michael Cole pleads on the microphone. "I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, I'm being told we have to go straight to the main event. As soon as we get any updates on the Royal Rumble situation we'll make sure you know."

WWE Championship
CM Punk(c) vs The Rock

If ya Smell!...

The Rock enters first to a massive pop. He exudes confidence. His motions are slow, yet energetic. He makes his way down the ramp and up the steel steps onto the apron. He climbs onto the top turnbuckle, the camera flashes are going non-stop as he does his iconic pose. He steps into the ring and shares a few words with referee Scott Armstrong. He paces around the ring, his eyes fixated on the titantron.

CM Punk enters the arena slowly, his black hooded zipper covering his face as he looks towards the ground. Paul Heyman walks behind him, holding the Championship belt high in the air. Del Rio, Miz, Ziggler, R-Truth, Kingston, Jericho, Bryan, Kane, Cena, Ryback. Many had tried to take the belt from him, all had failed.

He climbs into the ring, before mounting the top rope. He kisses the title, before holding it aloft. He returns to mat level, confiding in Paul Heyman before walking towards the referee. Instead of handing the belt to the official, he takes it to the top rope one more time.

Introducing first the challenger, from Miami, Florida, weighing 262 pounds: The Rock!

And his opponent, hailing from Chicago, Illinois. He is the WWE Champion, C.M. Punk!

Both men eye each other intensely as the referee holds the title aloft. The bell rings, and we're off!

Rock starts on the front foot, with knees to the gut of the champion. He takes him into the corner, continuing the assault on the midsection. He pulls off before the referee reaches five, only to be hit with a high knee from Punk. Rock drops to one knee, stunned. Punk takes control, delivering calculated knee after calculated knee to the shoulder of the challenger. He whips Rock into the corner, before hitting his trademark running knee, flooring the Rock for the first time. Punk continues his ground and pound assault on the shoulder, before dragging Rock over to the corner. Punk exits the ring. He takes Rock's arm and wraps it violently around the turnbuckle. “Best in the World” he smiles deviously as Heyman looks on in glee. He taunts the crowd, allowing The Rock to recover somewhat. Punk turns around into a violent clothesline from Rock, turning Punk inside out. Rock drags Punk to the ring post, throwing him face first into it. He rolls in and out of the ring breaking the count. He tosses Punk over the Spanish announce table, before stripping it of it's cover. He pulls the computers out, throwing them to the floor. He again breaks the count. This time when he exits the ring he is floored by a flying clothesline from Punk off of the table. Punk rolls rock onto the table, lifting him slowly. He puts Rock into the position for the Rock Bottom. Rock elbows Punk, who wisely clambers off the table, yanking Rock's foot so he falls hard onto the table. Punk slides into the ring at the count of 7, breaking the count again. He sets Rock up for a suplex, his back to the ring. He lifts him half way up, catapulting him off the ropes so he smashes front first into the mats below. Punk lifts Rock up and rolls him into the ring.

He lifts Rock up so he is seated on the turnbuckle, before climbing up and opening up on the Rock. He reaches four punches before Rock uses all his strength to lift Punk up and drop him face first onto the top turnbuckle, dazing the champion. He throws him to the ground before stomping away at Punk. He poses, signalling that he is setting up Punk for the Rock Bottom. Punk rises to his feet, countering the Rock Bottom attempt with an elbow, before hoisting Rock up onto his shoulders. Rock struggles out of the attempted GTS and hits with a spinebuster. Rock removes one of his elbow pads, tossing it into the crowd, before running the ropes. Punk quickly rises to his feet and tackles the Rock, before swiftly locking in the Anaconda Vice. Rock screams in pain, a good few feet from the ropes. He tries his best to squirm to the ropes, finally making it after over a minute in the hold. Punk relinquishes the hold, before signalling for the GTS. Rock slowly makes his way to his feet, and once again finds himself up on Punk's shoulders. This time Punk throws Rock down, but before he can connect The Rock's face to his knee he finds himself being lifted into the air for the Rock Bottom. Rock attempts the cover.


Punk gets the shoulder up. Rock signals for the Rock Bottom once more. Punk rises, he is extremely groggy. He turns to face The Rock and connects with a swift kick to the temple of the challenger, sending him to the ground. He lifts The Rock up upon his shoulders, and finally connects with the Go To Sleep. He hooks the leg.


Rock somehow gets the shoulder up. Punk tosses Rock from the ring carelessly, causing him to tumble into the announce table. He follows him and places him on the Spanish announce table. He climbs to the top rope and points both his hands skywards. He leaps from the top rope and connects with a big elbow to the heart of The Rock, right through the table. Both men lie motionless, with Heyman screaming to Punk, asking if he's alright. Rock begins to stir first, breaking the count at 8. Punk climbs to the apron and screams at the referee to get medical help for Punk Rock exits the ring as Punk gets to his feet. Punk connects with a violent chair shot to the head of The Rock. The referee turns to see both men lying out, the chair lying feet from both of them. He admonishes Heyman for distracting him, before restarting the count. Punk rises to his feet at four, dragging the carcass of The Rock into the ring. For the first time it is visible that The Rock has been busted open by the chair. Punk lifts Rock to his feet, preparing for one last GTS. He's hit with a second Rock bottom.


Punk again somehow gets the shoulder up. Rock stumbles to the feet of Punk, and locks in the Sharpshooter. Punk writhes in agony as the bloody Rock screams for him to tap. Punk grabs onto Heyman's outstretched hand, and Heyman uses all his strength to pull Punk to the ropes. The referee once again gives Heyman a talking to. Punk uses the distraction once more to hit Rock with a low blow. Rock hits the ground in agony, and Punk pulls himself up to his feet using the ropes. Punk climbs up top once again, only this time Rock quickly rises to his feet and climbs up the rope after him. Punk punches Rock in the midsection twice, causing Rock to grab his gut in pain. Punk takes advantage by bringing the Rock to the top rope too. He puts Rock's head between his thighs, before raising his hands in the air. “435!” he screams before hooking both of The Rock's arms. He jumps off the top rope, performing a Pedigree-like manoeuvre from the top rope to the mat. The Pepsi Plunge! Punk puts The Rock into a cover.


Again The Rock gets the shoulder up! Punk looks at the referee in disbelief. He turns to Heyman, who screams at him not to let up. Punk quickly locks in the Anaconda Vice on The Rock. Screaming at The Rock to tap out, he torques the move to cause as much discomfort for the Rock as possible. “Go back to Hollywood!”. Noticing that Rock is beginning to fade, Scott Armstrong raises The Rock's hand, dropping it to the mat.


He does it again.


He drops it a third time, but The Rock doesn't let his hand fall a third time. He stirs slightly, slapping his hand at Punk's face. Punk releases the hold, hoisting Rock onto his shoulders a third time. GTS, again! Punk smiles deviously at Heyman who is in hysterics. He falls to his knees and makes the cover.


The bell rings. “Punk is still the Champion!” Cole declares.
“He cheated!” King groans, “The steel chair to the head, the low blow. He's a no good cheat.”
“Cheater or not; Punk is still 'The Best in the World'.” JBL argues.
“Thanks for joining us for perhaps the most controversial Royal Rumble of all time. Tune into Raw tomorrow for all the fallout. Tune in to Raw tomorrow for day 435 of the reign of 'The Best in the World!”

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