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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

I think the OP mistakenly thought that we Ziggler fans would give a flying fuck what he thought...

If I cared what the rest of the IWC thought of my opinions, I'd be a pretty sad individual. Luckily, I don't. I think Ziggler is an awesome worker who, unlike 99% of the rest of the roster (Punk, Cesaro, Sandow and Cody being the exceptions) makes me want to watch what he does because I find him entertaining. His bumping is almost Mr. Perfect caliber, I like his mannerisms pertaining to his character (like the elbow drop collection he does) when he's in ring and he's just generally solid when it comes to wrestling skills.

Others may not like him, and that's fine. I fucking detest Daniel Bryan for my own reasons. Like whoever you want. I hear people constantly say that his gimmick is a ripoff...just about all gimmicks these days are ripoffs, why are you singling out one guy for it? You dislike Ziggler for other reasons, that's fine, just say so. Its the lame ass beating around the bush that pisses me, for one, off. A billion excuses to hide the truth that you just don't like his face or something because it irks you. Why not just say that to begin with? I can do it-I think Bryan is an ugly human being, when he's in the ring I think he's the equivalent of paint drying, I don't buy for one second that he can hang with guys like the Shield or Kane in a match, his current character pushes every button to irritate me and I think he's incredibly unconvincing on the mic. What might be worse are his marks on this site. See? Easy.

I'm failing to see the purpose of this thread. Someone posts an unpopular opinion and suddenly its 13 pages of arguing. Why do you give a shit what truk's opinion is, especially if it conflicts with yours? Ignore him.

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