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Re: Official DVD/Match/Show Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Big Z View Post
Match 4 - CM Punk Vs The Rock - Jericho had a GREAT performance in the RR match despite being gone for 6 months. He lasted nearly 50 minutes. Rock cuts a (shit) promo prior to his match and HE'S ALREADY BREATHING HEAVY. Not a good sign lol. Rock keeps trying to use the Spanish announce table. Punk keeps putting the cover back on it. HE'S A REAL HERO TO THE MEXICANS. When Rock does get to use it, the table breaks before Rock can hit a Rock Bottom and it looks to hurt Rock more than Punk. LOL. Heyman hits Rock from behind and I'm positive he screams "MOMMY!" when Rock turns around and goes after him. Plenty of support for PUNK, even against the self proclaimed great one. Smart stuff from Punk going after the mid section since THE SHIELD attacked him on SD and hit the triple powerbomb and Rock was bleeding internally. Punk hits a couple of high risk moves, and he plays up on the fact he recently had knee surgery, a nice little touch, and Rock at least does a nice job of attacking it when he gets the chance. A couple of nice sequences, one ending with Punk locking the Anaconda Vice in, and the other with Rock applying a Sharpshooter. After that, the match really begins to go downhill. Table spot is fucked up, Rock is about to his the single worst elbow in the world... lights go out, Shield attack Rock and it's all done in a super shitty way. Punk wins, which was awesome, but with time left I knew something was going down. Vince restarts the match, random People's Elbow, Rock... wins. Just like that. Talk about an absolutely HORRIBLE way for the huge title reign of Punk to end. It was just so... flat. Dull. Boring. Uninspiring. Punk looked terrible, Rock looked terrible, nobody benefited from the title change. Just shitty booking. And thus ends Punk's great reign, and we'll be lucky if Rock has more than 2 matches now (EC and WM) for his reign. I get that business wise leading into WM, Rock as champ will draw, but only for this short time. Cena is probably gonna beat him for the title... and then what? Is Cena suddenly gonna spike the ratings and increase buyrates because he beat The Rock? Extremely doubtful. Cena winning or losing doesn't change ANYTHING anymore. Punk losing to Rock here doesn't help him. Rock losing to Cena isn't going to do anything. Cena beating Rock isn't going to do anything. This whole situation is POINTLESS. Match is ok up until the lights going out shit. Then it dies. And brings the rest of the match down. **1/2.
My thoughts in a nutshell. Also agree about the submission sequences being pretty cool.
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