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Re: WWE 2005: Raising the Bar.

WWE Friday Night Smackdown- 9/9/05- Nashville; Tennessee

The show begins with a replay of last week’s main event that saw The Undertaker team with Kurt Angle to take on John Cena and Kurt Angle before the chaos that ensued to finish the match as Randy Orton RKO’s his own partner and walking out on Cena as Kurt Angle then tagged himself in out of nowhere, taking his partner out from behind before covering Cena for a massive victory. We then see the aftermath of the goings on as out comes Teddy Long to announce the next number one contender. All three challengers are shown, Angle thinking he’s got it in the bag, Orton expecting to be handed it while Taker looks shocked at what’s gone on as Long then drops a bombshell that it’ll be John Cena defending the WWE Title…AGAINST THE UNDERTAKER!!

We then go the opening video before the pyro hits and Michael Cole welcomes us to proceedings here in Nashville.

Michael Cole: Welcome everyone to Friday Night Smackdown!! We come to you from Nashville, Tennessee on a night where the WWE Championship is on the line!! John Cena versus The Undertaker right here tonight, a MONUMENTAL match up!!

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. One of the all time greats, one of the best there’s ever been, the Phenom, the Deadman, The Undertaker challengin’ one of the best young talents in the business, the never say die champion, the one and only, John Cena. I can…not…wait.

Michael Cole: That’s not all we’ve got either folks. Tonight after weeks of hype, we will witness the debut of Cryme Tyme as they accept the challenge from Jamie Noble and Kid Kash. Cryme Tyme versus The Pitbulls here tonight!!

Tazz: I can’t wait to see what Cryme Tyme are made of Cole, they’re gonna have to do somethin’ big to knock off the Pitbulls, that’s for sure.

Michael Cole: And how about this one? A Summerslam rematch. Matt Hardy goes one on one with the Apple Spitter, Carlito!! The United States Championship will NOT be on the line, however we have learned that if Carlito can defeat Matt Hardy here tonight he WILL earn himself another opportunity at Hardy’s gold. Big chance for Carlito tonight in Nashville.


Cole is then cut off by the sound of MNM’s music and the Hollywood A-Listers get their usual red carpet treatment as they make their way down ringside, Melina with her usual devilish looks, Mercury and Nitro a little more cocky than they have been in recent weeks as they flash broad smiles to the snapping camera.

Michael Cole: But it would appear as though we are kicking things off with a visit from the self proclaimed A-List stars, MNM who have, well, they’ve had a rough time of it lately Tazz.

Tazz: Absolutely. Findin’ out they gotta defend those Tag Team Titles at No Mercy once AGAIN against Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio…only this time in a Ladder match. I know I wouldn’t be too happy about that!! A Ladder match puts all the advantage in the challengers corner come No Mercy, it’s an environment that RVD and Mysterio thrive in. MNM? They’ve not experienced it before, they ain’t faced it first hand and they may be in for a rude awakenin’ come October 9th.

Michael Cole: Indeed everything so far has gone the way of MNM but that may all change at No Mercy. However, last week we uh, we saw Melina take a phone call and perhaps, I mean this is just speculation on our part but perhaps Melina may have been speaking to whoever it is she paid off back at the Bash. It certainly seemed that way from what we heard and if that is the case, you’ve gotta worry about Van Dam and Mysterio’s chances.

Tazz: No matter what Melina, what MNM have up their sleeve for No Mercy, I think that they’ll go in as the underdogs. It’s up to these guys now to prove me and prove a whole lotta people wrong.

Melina has a microphone and is waiting patiently for the boos to die down as Mercury and Nitro point into the crowd angrily, clearly wanting them to be quiet and allow their third party to speak.

Melina: We’ve had a couple of weeks to take in just what we’re gonna be up against at No Mercy. We’ve had a couple of weeks since Teddy Long stood in this ring and he embarrassed himself by announcing my boys would be defending their Tag Team Titles once again against those LOSERS…Van Dam and Mysterio. Not…(huffs) and not just defending them in any kinda match either, no, no. Teddy announced that it would be in(again huffs)…it would be in a Ladder match.

Strong pop for that as Melina smiles sarcastically.

Melina: So not only do my boys have to face a team they’ve already beaten THREE times, they have to do it in a match that suits their opponents, in a match that fits their opponents style, in a match that MNM have never…competed in.

More cheers for that as Melina snarls.

Melina: So I gotta ask, how…how on earth is that fair?

Melina’s clearly riled now as the fans get on her back, Nitro and Mercury telling them to shut up.

Melina: It’s not, nothing about that match is fair. And all of this comes around because Teddy Long wants the Tag Team Titles, wants OUR…Tag Team Titles around the waists of his little buddies. Cos let me assure you, that’s exactly what this whole thing's about. Teddy Long wants all the titles around this place to be in the possession of ‘his guys’.

Melina scrunches her face up, disgusted by this.

Melina: What do I mean by ‘his guys’? Well it’s really easy to understand. His guys are the people who get handed things on a plate. His guys are the people who win nothing yet STILL, yet still…they get everything. Opportunities, chances, you name it, they get it. Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, John Cena, Matt Hardy, Paul London, Bobby Lashley, they’re all perfect examples.

Pops for every mention of those superstars.

Melina: MNM? MNM aren’t ‘his guys’ and why…why is that? Why are we not beloved by Teddy Long? Why are we not protected at every corner? We’re Hollywood STARS, we are Smackdown’s…hell we are the ENTIRE WWE’S A-LIST STARS!! We DESERVE respect, we deserve to be treated like ROYALTY AROUND HERE!! But what do we get? We…get…nothing.

Melina is clearly seething here as Johnny Nitro takes the microphone off of her now.

Johnny Nitro: Y’know Melina’s right. Van Dam and Mysterio have had three chances at our titles, three chances…three defeats. You turn the tables round and we get three shots at them, we have three defeats? You’d better believe we aren’t getting another shot at those titles.

Nitro shakes his head, Mercury doing likewise.

Johnny Nitro: But like Melina said, this is all because Teddy Long displays BLATANT favouritism. He shows CLEAR bias to certain superstars and in his role as Smackdown General Manager that simply can't be tolerated. His job is to be impartial, his job is to call everything he sees down the middle, not to take anybody’s side around here but what do ya know? Teddy Long’s done exactly that.

Boos for Nitro’s comments as Joey Mercury then takes over.

Joey Mercury: There’s not a whole lot more to say on the matter but I will just say that us comin’ out here and talking about Teddy Long is in no way us being bitter, this is us simply stating cold, hard FACTS.

Melina yells ‘FACTS’ as the crowd boo her screeching voice.

Joey Mercury: He’s making decisions that aren’t fair, he’s making decisions that aren’t right and it’s about damn time they come to an end so Teddy why don’t you come on out here and how bout you do the right thing for once? How bout you do the honourable thing and come out here…to resign from your position as Smackdown General Manager

MAJOR boos for this as MNM take them in their stride, not responding to them as they instead wait for the emergence of the Smackdown G.M.

‘One of a Kind/619 Remix’

But it is not the GM who steps out, it is instead MNM’s challengers come No Mercy, Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio who emerge to a HUGE ovation, Van Dam having a mic in hand, set to address the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Rob Van Dam: Not who you’re lookin’ for right? Well me and Rey were sittin’ backstage and we couldn’t listen to much more of this crap for any longer.

Decent pop for that.

Rob Van Dam: So you think that Teddy Long’s got it in for you guys huh? That Teddy Long is biased, that he’s shown favouritism towards us?

The trio are nodding inside the ring, looking at one another confidently as they do so.

Rob Van Dam: If you call Teddy Long finally giving us the fair shot at those titles we deserve biased, then yeah, yeah maybe he is. If you call Teddy Long finally stacking the odds against you after you’ve done every little thing possible to stack ‘em your way as favouritism, then again maybe you’re right, maybe Teddy Long does show favouritism.

Mercury and Nitro applaud what Van Dam is saying.

Rob Van Dam: But this so called bias, this so called favouritism… it’s the right thing. As much as you two dudes don’t wanna believe it, we DO deserve another shot at those titles. You’ve made my life a misery. I can’t speak for Rey but there’s times where I’ve felt like I’ve reached the end of the road and that's all because of the three of you.

There’s a real serious tone to Van Dam here.

Rob Van Dam: So no matter how much you think this is unfair, how this is not right, how Teddy Long is biased and whatever other B.S you’re spewin’, this the very LEAST that we deserve for EVERYTHING you’ve put me through, for everythin’ you’ve put Rey through and you’d better believe that come No Mercy we’re gonna take the chance we’ve been waiting for.

Big time pop for this as Van Dam’s intensity shines through. Mysterio now takes the mic as Melina seems to mouth ‘Come on then, what’s your story?’

Rey Mysterio: Rob’s absolutely right. You guys don’t understand how much this has affected him, hey, it’s affected me too but this has…this has changed Rob completely. You screwed us over three times in a row and it had Rob doubting himself, it had him…well lemme put it this way…I saw a side to him that I didn’t believe existed.

Van Dam has his head down as Rey says this.

Rey Mysterio: YOU…did that to him. It’s because of you that for the last few months his life, my life…they’ve been hell and now you wanna whine and complain because you’re gonna have to face us one more time in a FAIR fight? That's the very least you owe us esses’.

Mysterio’s bringing it here too with his serious tone, the time for fun and games appears to be over with as Van Dam takes the mic back off of Rey.

Rob Van Dam: Rey nailed it. I don’t like to admit it but I think it’s pretty damn obvious that this whole thing’s shown a completely different side to Rob Van Dam. But here we are and I’m ready to move on, ready to step up, ready to take the both of you…hell if you wanna try it Melina, I’m ready to take all THREE of you on.

Decent pop for that as Melina rolls her eyes.

Rob Van Dam: And hey, lemme tell ya, it’s ok, we get it, we understand. All this about Teddy Long, about bias, about No Mercy being ‘unfair’, it’s just a cover up isn’t it? It’s because you’re scared aren’t ya? Melina, you know your boys next to you, when the pressure’s on, when they step in the ring and there’s ladders all around them, they’re just gonna crack right in front of your eyes, ain’t that right dudes?

Melina is shaking her head, mumbling ‘no’ as Nitro and Mercury are getting pretty angry here.

Rob Van Dam: They just aren’t gonna be able to handle Mr.Friday Night and the Master of the 619 smokin’ their asses all over Oklahoma!!

Massive pop for this as Melina now snatches the mic off of Mercury.

Melina: That’s enough, seriously, have you…have you listened to yourselves? You think we’re…you think we’re scared of you? You think my boys are scared…of you two? You really are losing it aren’t you Rob?

Boos for that comment.

Melina: We’re not scared at all, in fact we’d actually be looking forward to this match if you’d y’know…actually earned it. The only reason we’re out here ‘whining and complaining’ as you put it is because of Teddy Long and his incompetence. We’re tired of having somebody like him running an important show like this, being in charge of important people like us.

Mercury and Nitro flaunt themselves amidst more boos as Melina smirks.

Melina: You two? We aren’t gonna complain about you two, not at all because we’ve proved time and time again that we are BETTER than both of you. This match at No Mercy is gonna be the final nail in your coffin because hey, three defeats in a row is bad enough, four? Four defeats in a row? On such a big stage? In YOUR kinda match? Rob I think it really will be rock bottom don’t you?

Rob Van Dam: You sure do sound confident. I don’t…I don’t really get that. You’ve beat us three times in a row, congratulations, but each and every single time you’ve screwed us over. At No Mercy that just ain’t gonna happen. Me and Rey, we KNOW you’re scared, we KNOW you’re feelin’ the heat. A-List my ass, when you step inside that ring with us, we’ll show the world just how Z-list you truly are.

Massive pop for that, Melina looking a little irritated whilst Nitro and Mercury are yelling up the ramp before Nitro grabs the microphone off of Melina.

Johnny Nitro: Feeling the heat?! Scared?! How ‘bout you two come on down that ramp and we’ll show just how scared we are!!

A strong pop for that as Rey and RVD look on at one another, Mysterio shrugging his shoulders, Van Dam nodding his head AND THE HIGH FLIERS CHARGE DOWN TO THE RING, THE FIGHT IS ABOUT TO GET GOING!! MELINA DROPS OUT THE RING AS MERCURY AND NITRO AWAIT, VAN DAM AND REY CHARGE IN…BUT THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS IMMEDIATELY SLIDE OUT OF THE RING!! MNM ducking the advances of their challengers here tonight!!

Michael Cole: OH DAMN IT TO HELL!! MNM called Van Dam and Mysterio to the ring, they wanted the fight but then…then they just high tailed it!! I think MNM really are scared Tazz and I don’t think anything they say is gonna change that.

Tazz: I don’t know Cole. I think this is all just mind games. Van Dam’s rattled, we know that, we’ve known that for months and hey, Melina’s right, like her or not. Four defeats in a row? It could be game over for Rey and Rob come No Mercy and that may just tear ‘em apart.

The champions and Melina are retreating up the ramp to a ton of boos as Nitro and Mercury smirk cunningly stating 'Not tonight' while Van Dam and Rey watch on angered inside the ring, pointing fingers at the men they meet come October 9th as we then head off into our first commercial break.


We return and we’re immediately thrust backstage where we see Kristal Marshall who is standing by all smiles as she gets ready to speak with us.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentleman, joining me at this time please welcome the ‘Wrestling Machine’, Kurt Angle!!

Angle enters the scene, hands on hips and is looking furious, not even acknowledging Kristal as the fans greet him with heat.

Kristal Marshall: Kurt last week you successfully pinned the WWE Champion John Cena in your tag team match. However, you were NOT named as the next number one contender. Your thoughts on that?

Angle huffs, gritting his teeth a little bit at the question.

Kurt Angle: At Summerslam I took on John Cena for the WWE Championship…and I never lost that match. Last week I beat John Cena one, two, three in the middle of that ring and just like you said Kristal, I was NOT given another title shot. My thoughts on that? My thoughts on…that? ARE YOU FREAKIN’ KIDDIN’ ME!?!?

Angle loses it, almost spitting in Kristal’s face he’s that angry.

Kurt Angle: Who the HELL does Teddy Long think he is? I beat the WWE Champion, I pinned him, not The Undertaker, NOT ANYBODY ELSE!! But he…he’s the one who gets the title shot? The Undertaker gets a chance to come here tonight and fight for the WWE Championship? Really? A guy who has lost to Randy Orton TWICE since Wrestlemania, a guy who wouldn’t even come CLOSE…to beating me just gets…he just gets handed a title opportunity.

Angle looks pissed here as he questions the decision.

Kurt Angle: It’s wrong and Teddy Long knows it, The Undertaker himself knows it, heck even John Cena knows it!! John Cena’s back here tonight and he’s thanking GOD THAT HE HASN’T GOTTA FACE ME TONIGHT!!

Loud boos for that comment, Angle is clearly seething right now.

Kurt Angle: It’s Cena’s lucky night because he knows, he knows deep down that he just can’t get the job done against me, he can…not…beat me. A crooked referee’s helped him, a biased General Manager’s helped him but I promise… next time he won’t be so lucky.

Angle shakes his head in dismay.

Kurt Angle: Cos believe me, there WILL BE a next time and when it comes I’m gonna do the same thing I did at Summerslam and that is tear John Cena apart. Only this time? This time I’m gonna finish the job off, I’m gonna add in what I did last week and that’s put his shoulders down to the mat and listen to that sweet sound as the referee counts one…two…three.

Kristal Marshall: Well Kurt if I may ask, what if John Cena doesn’t walk out here tonight as WWE Champion? Will you then be targeting The Undertaker?

Angle doesn’t respond to the question right away, instead thinking for a moment.

Kurt Angle: The WWE Championship is all I’m targeting and that means whether it’s Cena or whether it’s The Undertaker, I’m gonna be gunnin’ for ‘em. Teddy Long can stop me getting a title shot tonight…what…what the hell do you want?

Angle looks puzzled as he poses the question and the camera then shifts…and we see Randy Orton has entered the shot with a smirk on his face. The Legend Killer getting a chorus of boos from the Nashville faithful.

Randy Orton: What do I want? Kurt I want the exact same thing you do. You might have won that match last week but you only won it…because of me.

Orton now smirks at a still pissed off Angle.

Randy Orton: Let's face it, if i didn't hit Cena with the RKO last week you wouldn't have a leg to stand on here tonight. That title shot should be mine, not yours, not Undertaker’s…mine.

Kurt Angle: Yeah, yeah because hitting an RKO on your partner is a sure fire way to earn a title shot, right? Did you even hear what Teddy Lo…

Randy Orton: Oh I heard loud and clear what Teddy Long said Kurt but guess what? I don’t give a DAMN what Teddy Long says. He needs to do what’s best for this show and whether he likes it or not, I am the very BEST thing on this show and I deserve, I NEED…to be WWE Champion.

Orton’s getting a little worked up here, neither man backing down.

Kurt Angle: Well you aren’t the only one who feels that way Randy. You’re in it for yourself, you look after number one, I get that and I’m the exact same way. I don’t care about John Cena, I don’t care about The Undertaker, I don’t care about ANYBODY, all I care about is the WWE Championship being around my waist again.

Randy Orton: Well that’s one thing we have in common Kurt but that’s where it ends.

Kurt Angle: No, no, see that’s where you’re wrong. We got a LOT more in common than you think. As much as I don't wanna admit it, I'm big enough to do it and say that we’re both being held back, we’re both being denied what we want. But the question...is why? Why are we being held back? Why are we being denied what we want, what we've EARNED. It’s because Teddy Long wants us as far away from that title as we can possibly be.

Orton’s interest has picked up now as he tilts his head curiously at Angle’s words.

Kurt Angle: Face the facts Randy. You beat The Undertaker not once, but TWICE. Not a whole lot of people can say that. Me on the other hand? I beat John Cena last week, I got beaten at Summerslam ONLY…because of a crooked referee and yet do either of us get even a sniff of a title shot?

Orton now folds his arms listening in to Angle.

Kurt Angle: No, no we don’t. So you might not wanna admit it but we DO have a lot in common and I think it’s time we start putting that into practice.

Angle now smiles, Orton seemingly confused.

Randy Orton: Wh-what do you mean ‘into practice’?

Kurt Angle: Well if Teddy Long won’t give us what we want…I say we don’t let him have what he wants.

Angle is now chuckling to himself, Orton silent before he unfolds his arms.

Randy Orton: I don’t…I don’t like you Kurt and to be honest I don’t even agree with you on a whole lot of what you just said. But I DO agree that this is all because of Teddy Long and I DO agree that something…something needs to be done about it.

Kurt Angle: That’s all I wanted to hear…I got a plan.

And with that the camera zooms in on a beaming smile upon Kurt Angle’s face as we then fade out back to ringside where we hear…

‘A Country Boy Can Survive’

It’s the music of the Pitbulls who come out to a small amount of boos, all set for action after they angrily called out the imminently debuting Cryme Tyme.

Michael Cole: Well I have got no idea just what Kurt Angle has in store here tonight but onto the action and Tazz last week we saw these two men issue a challenge for right here tonight, that challenge was to Cryme Tyme who will make their Smackdown debut right here in Nashville. Kash and Noble were, well, they were complaining that they’re undervalued here on Smackdown.

Tazz: That ain’t all Cole. They seem to think that Cryme Tyme are gonna show up around here and just get handed the things they haven’t been. I don’t…I got a lot of respect for these two guys but I don’t know why they’re thinkin’ like that. We’ll see exactly what Cryme Tyme have got here tonight.

‘Bringin’ Da Hood 2 U’

Out next to a fairly decent pop considering it’s their debut are the boys from Brooklyn themselves, JTG and Shad Gaspard, Cryme Tyme who high five the fans on their way down the ramp, looking pumped up as Kash and Noble watch on furiously.

Michael Cole: Well here they are Tazz!! The boys from Brooklyn who in their words ‘Ain’t steal Nuttin’!!

Tazz: Cole don’t ever say that again.

Michael Cole: Ha ha, well partner it’s their words not mine and Cryme Tyme have said that even though they don’t steal anything, nine times out of ten Cryme Tyme still gets what they want.

Tazz: Hey, we’re about to find out.

Match One: Tag Team Match

The Pitbulls vs Cryme Tyme

Jamie Noble starts things off for the Pitbulls whilst it’s the smaller member of Cryme Tyme that begins, JTG and it’s a rough start for the debuting tandem as Noble assumes control following several early exchanges, finally flooring the ‘hood’ superstar with a beautiful snap suplex.

Noble continues to work over the very lively JTG, stomping away with his usual stiff kicks before dropping a knee right across the throat of his opponent, JTG gasping for air as Noble goes to work with an array of right hands now. After a spell on top, Noble drags JTG towards his corner, tagging in Kid Kash before a final kick to the chest as Kash picks up where Noble left off, stomping the hell out of a struggling debutant. We see Shad on the apron, encouraging his partner, the crowd trying to do the same as Kash tells them all to shut up which draws strong heat. Kash then drags JTG to his feet, striking with several forearms before an Irish whip, JTG rebounds and Kash strikes with a pinpoint dropkick, cover by Kash, kick out at two.

Kash looks to continue wearing JTG down, striking with kicks across the mid section before dragging his opponent to his feet, striking with a knee to the gut before an Irish whip, JTG rebounds and Kash goes for an arm drag, JTG though fights it, spins round and takes Kash down with an arm drag of his own! JTG now assuming control as Kash is quickly up but JTG strikes, clothesline, another clothesline and a third before he runs the ropes and connects with a swinging neckbreaker!! Beautiful from JTG, into a cover, 1…2…kick out at two from Kash!!

JTG brings Kash to his feet, dragging him over to his corner now and he tags in the big man, Shad Gaspard who storms in and goes right to work, big right hands to the gut before an Irish whip, Kash rebounds and Shad goes for a big boot, Kash ducks it, Shad spins round and Kash goes for a boot, Shad catches it, spins Kash away and TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Huge impact as we hear JTG yell out ‘Chyeahhh’, the crowd popping big time as Shad covers, 1…2…NOBLE BREAKS THE COUNT!! Noble breaks the count and begins hammering away with kicks to Shad BUT HERE COMES JTG!!

JTG storms in and he sends Noble flying up and over the ropes with a thunderous clothesline!! Noble crashes down to the outside, Shad and Kash are to their feet now, Kash charges, Shad catches him, SAMOAN DROP AND JTG WITH A RUNNING CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER!! BEAUTIFUL DOUBLE TEAM!! Cover by Shad…1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!!

Winners: Cryme Tyme(7:19)

Michael Cole: Hugely impressive debut here tonight by the boys from Brooklyn!! Cryme Tyme victorious and if that’s anything to go by, these two are gonna make quite the impact here on Smackdown!!

Tazz: Beautiful move to finish off Kid Kash there Cole. I dunno what they call that thing but it looks lethal. These guys might not need to steal anything after all, they might just damn take it anyway!! Kash and Noble ain’t no slouches but that was impressive.

JTG is bopping along in the ring, Shad smiling and dancing along also as the crowd buy into the ‘street’ duo on their Friday Night Smackdown debut. The two men then exit the ring, a jubilant crowd wanting any chance they can to get a high five, JTG obliging as he nods his head along to their theme music, Shad yelling out ‘It’s what we do baby’ as we then get a shot of a laid out Kid Kash and a furious Jamie Noble coming to his side. The Pitbulls are eyeing up the troublesome twosome who back up the ramp, JTG letting out a final ‘Chyeaaah’ for good measure as we fade out.


We return from the break and we’re taken into the office of Teddy Long who is sorting out some paperwork at his desk, nothing too major going on for T-Long right now before he’s interrupted by Josh Matthews as Long stands up and greets the pest that he is.

Josh Matthews: Excuse me Teddy, could we get a quick word on all that we’ve heard so far tonight on Smackdown?

Teddy Long: Sure thing playa.

Josh Matthews: Well I don’t know if you’ve heard everything that’s been said about you tonight but there’s been some pretty strong words from MNM, from Kurt Angle, from Randy Orton and I was just wondering how you felt about some of the claims from your own superstars?

Long looks a little bit irritated, the comments perhaps having irked him.

Teddy Long: Listen Josh I ain’t heard every word they said here tonight but I got the gist of it. They ain’t happy wit’ my decisions, they ain’t happy wit’ their positions but believe me dawg, I show absolutely NO BIAS around here, ya understand?

Matthews nods, listening in.

Teddy Long: MNM got themselves into the mess they’re in and believe me, they gonn’ have to get themselves out of it come No Mercy. Same goes for Kurt and Randy, I let ‘em know exactly what the deal was last week. They needed to co exist, they needed to show team work, they needed to prove to me I could rely on ‘em but did they do that? You damn right they didn’t.

Long’s pretty angry here, the accusations perhaps having got to him here tonight.

Teddy Long: Just like MNM, they only have themselves to blame and the only way they can get outta this is by showin’ me, by provin’ to me that they deserve to be in contention for the WWE Title.

Josh Matthews: Well Teddy that brings me to my next question, we heard earlier on from both men and Kurt Angle stated regarding our main event tonight that he had a plan. What would your message be to Kurt regarding that plan?

Teddy Long: Well so long as that plan is for the main event to run smoothly with absolutely NO interference then me and Kurt ain’t gonna have a problem. But if that plan involves ANYTHING other than that? Well to put it simply, Mr.Angle ain’t gonn’ get anywhere near that title shot he believes he deserves, ya feel me?

Long now lets out a smirk as Josh Matthews nods and thanks Teddy for his time before exiting and we return back ringside where we see the master of the worm(No, not Randy Orton TWG) but Scotty 2 Hotty who is pumping up the crowd to little return before we hear…


And the small amount of cheers turn to a loud amount of jeers as the trademark white limo pulls up and out steps the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ who is all smiles as he removes his hat to resounding boos before heading down the ramp.

Michael Cole: Strong words from Teddy Long right there and I don’t blame him for giving that kinda warning to Kurt Angle here tonight. But we’re all set for some more action and this man has NO intention of retirement after all, instead JBL has his sights very firmly set on the demise of Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: Lashley’s an absolute beast Cole BUT JBL is as smart as they come and he’s laid the groundwork, that attack a couple weeks back woulda knocked the stuffin’ outta Bobby Lashley. He’ll be back but JBL will have got inside his head, I got no doubts about that, it’s how Lashley deals with it that’ll decide where this kid goes from here.

Match Two: Singles Match

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Scotty 2 Hotty

It’s just a total domination from Bradshaw here. Scotty fights and fights to stay alive following the usual ruthless approach from the Wall Street Warrior, taking no mercy on the master of the ‘Worm’. The end is convincing as ever from the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ as he almost beheads Scotty with a venomous Clothesline from Hell, covering Scotty for the three count, a snarl on his face almost the entire time.

Winner: John Bradshaw Layfield(3:17)

JBL kicks Scotty out of the ring for good measure, in no mood to mess around here tonight before he demands that Tony Chimel hand him a microphone. Bradshaw scowls at Chimel before snatching the mic and heading to the centre of the ring to make an address.

John Bradshaw Layfield: THAT was impressive. THAT was eye catching. THAT was what you call… total domination.

Layfield now manages to muster up a smile.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Every single one of those things are what you just witnessed but every single one of those things are what big, bad Bobby Lashley has been labelled too since he came to the WWE. I’ve sat in the back and had to listen to that little nerd down there Michael Cole tellin’ everybody just what Bobby Lashley is capable of, I’ve heard it all. Well I got news for ya, they’re all lies.

JBL nods, a defiance in him as the crowd boos.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Bobby Lashley is a dime a dozen, I’ve seen his kind before and that’s why it makes me SICK…to hear people labellin’ this kid as the next big thing, as the future, as a WWE Champion in the makin’. That couldn’t be ANY further from the truth.

Bradshaw appears to raise the intensity levels here now.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Like I said, I’ve seen his type before, I’ve seen these…these physical specimens burst onto the scene and sometimes they…they take your breath away, they do. Power, speed, athleticism, you name it, they’ve got it but guys like Bobby Lashley, they come…and then they go.

Layfield holds his left hand up now for all to see, his fingers.

John Bradshaw Layfield: One, two, three, four, five(tapping a finger for each number). Five…five minutes this kid’s been in this company, five minutes this kid’s been on MY show and DAMN IT TO HELL, HE WILL NOT…he will not be labelled things, he will not be handed things that he doesn’t deserve.

Strong heat for JBL getting fired up there.

John Bradshaw Layfield: It took me eight years to reach the very top of this company, eight long years before I got my hands on the most coveted prize in this business. EIGHT LONG YEARS OF BLOOD, SWEAT AND TEARS!! But…but now people just expect me to stand by and let some punk kid come and take my spot?

The Wall Street Warrior questions that.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Not a chance. I don’t like and I don’t respect people who just walk into things and they just get handed somethin’ without workin’ a freakin’ second for it. Bobby Lashley is the prime example. That’s why I did what I did two weeks ago, that’s why I targeted him a month back, that’s why I WILL NOT STOP…until I’ve made him work for every inch he gets around here.

More strong heat for JBL here.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I want him to go through the pain that I’ve felt. I want him to suffer like I’ve suffered, I want him to GET HIS ASS KICKED SO BADLY HE DOUBTS HE’LL EVER COME BACK!! Cos that’s what I’ve felt…oh yes sir, I’ve felt it ALL! I’ve worked too damn hard to let a guy like him waltz all over me which is why I’m here tonight with a challenge in mind.

Bradshaw now begins smiling, the crowd wondering just what the challenge may be.

John Bradshaw Layfield: A challenge that’ll see what this kid’s REALLY got, a challenge that’ll show each and every one of you people why Bobby Lashley is simply a flash in the pan. I want Bobby Lashley one on one at No Mercy but I don’t just want any kinda match, no, beating him…it just ain’t enough. I wanna make Bobby Lashley go through EVERYTHING I’ve felt, go through EVERYTHING I’ve suffered, I want Bobby Lashley to go through a FIGHT, I wanna make...him...bleed. Me and Lashley, No Mercy…a First Blood match.

Wow. Pretty big pop for that as Layfield has laid down the challenge.

John Bradshaw Layfield: I know you ain’t here tonight kid, I know you’re back home recoverin’ from the beatin’ I dealt to ya but I want you to think about this challenge and I want you to think about it REAL good. October 9th you got a chance to prove to me, prove to them, prove to EVERYBODY you are somethin’ more than a one trick pony. BUT…lemme warn ya, at No Mercy you might think you’re bein’ some kinda tough guy takin’ me on, you might think this is gonna make your career but I GUARANDAMNTEE it ain’t gonna make it, Bobby…it’s gonna break it.

And with that Layfield flashes his winning smile and drops the mic to a chorus of boos, the challenge very firmly laid down here tonight to Bobby Lashley.

Michael Cole: Challenge made and it is a HUGE one from JBL. The Wall Street Warrior versus the ‘Real Deal’ in a First Blood match at No Mercy!! Can you imagine it Tazz? It would be an all out fight in Houston!!

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. Bobby Lashley’s got a lotta thinkin’ to do. He’s beaten everyone and everything in his path so far but a guy like JBL in a match like that is gonna be a whole different ball game. HUGE challenge for Lashley IF…if he accepts. I got a feelin’ the Dominator ain’t gonna back down.

We see JBL step back into his limousine and he waves to the crowd, smiling and grinning only to receive a chorus of boos to which he scowls and yells ‘TO HELL WITH YOU AND TO HELL WITH BOBBY LASHLEY’.


We return and go straight into a video package…

We see a dark room with a simple spotlight as some end of the world esque, dark music plays and into that spotlight steps Randy Orton.

Narrator: There are those who show no respect.

Orton stands in the spotlight and smirks before we then cut to footage from Summerslam where Orton hammers The Undertaker with a deadly RKO counter to the chokeslam.

We go again back to that spotlight where this time stands Rob Van Dam who plays with his hands as if warming up for battle, a fierce look on his face.

Narrator: There are those who have no regrets.

We see action of Van Dam following MNM backstage before we see footage from The Great American Bash of Van Dam kicking Joey Mercury’s head off before a shot of Van Dam exhausted having laid it all on the line.

We once more go back to the spotlight, the same eerie music playing but it’s slowly picking up pace as into the light comes Carlito, apple in hand as he tosses it up and down.

Narrator: There are those who show no class.

Footage from Summerslam where Carlito ambushed Matt Hardy backstage is shown before we see Lito’s trademark as he spits apple into the face of Hardy, a wry smile on his face after doing so.

Again we go back to the spotlight, this time there stands the WWE Champion himself, John Cena who proudly points down at the title around his waist.

Narrator: There are those who show no fear.

We then see shots of Cena tearing into John Bradshaw Layfield in their bloody Last Man Standing match at Judgment Day before we see more action from Cena defending his title at the Bash against Layfield, Angle and Orton before a final image of Cena holding his title up high.

Narrator: And then there are those who show…No Mercy.

And with that we get a shot of a roaring Kurt Angle appear into the spotlight before footage of Angle putting Shawn Michaels in the Ankle Lock before more victims falling at the hands of Angle’s ruthless streak including John Cena, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam as the dark music really kicks into gear before slowly dying down again and we get flashing images of Angle, Cena, Carlito, Van Dam and finally Randy Orton before a dramatic, sudden stop to the music.

Returning from the video package and we’re straight backstage where once again Josh Matthews is set for an interrogation on some poor soul.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentleman, he defends the WWE Championship right here tonight in Nashville, please welcome, John Cena!!

Cena enters to a strong pop, a few boos thrown in however as clearly there are some fans firmly in The Undertaker’s camp tonight.

Josh Matthews: John tonight you go one on one with The Undertaker for your WWE Championship. Before we get your thoughts on that match, can we just ask you if you believe The Undertaker does deserve this opportunity ahead of both Kurt Angle and Randy Orton?

Cena huffs a little bit, tipping his cap down before looking back up at Matthews.

John Cena: Tough question, really, I mean I can see it both ways. I get why Kurt Angle’s frustrated, I get why Randy Orton’s frustrated but Josh I TOTALLY get why The Undertaker’s the man I’m facin’ here tonight.

Decent pop for that.

John Cena: Teddy Long made it pretty damn clear last week just what was goin’ down. He wanted to see who’d impress him, he wanted to see who he could trust, he wanted to see who would put their issues aside for ONE night and get on with the job. The Undertaker did exactly that. Kurt? Randy? They couldn’t do it, for just one night…and they still couldn’t do it. For that? I ain’t got any sympathy with ‘em.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: Where I do have sympathy for ‘em is the fact that when it comes to winnin’ and losin’, well, they ain’t done a whole lotta losin’ lately. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Kurt Angle DOES deserve another shot at this(points at the title). Him beatin’ me last week, it was controversial but it goes down in the record books as Kurt Angle beat…John Cena.

Boos for that, Cena clearly not happy.

John Cena: Randy Orton’s in that same boat, he beat The Undertaker at Summerslam, ain’t nobody debatin’ it, that’s as impressive as it gets, worthy of a title shot? I wouldn’t have complained but hey, those two know damn well they’ve only got themselves to blame.

Small pop at that as Cena smirks a little to himself.

Josh Matthews: Well with that out of the way attention turns to tonight and your opponent The Undertaker. How are you feeling about facing the Phenom and do you believe you will leave Nashville tonight still as the WWE Champion?

John Cena: I got nothin’ but respect for The Undertaker, the guy’s a legend in this business and I know it’s gonna be one of, if not THE most difficult match I’ve faced as champion so far. But do I believe I’m gonna walk out still holdin’ this title?

Cena holds the title out in front of him, both he and Matthews looking at.

John Cena: You bet your ass I do.

Big time pop for that.

John Cena: As much respect as I have for the Deadman, I hold NO FEAR about facin’ him. I’m the WWE Champion for a reason and it don’t matter whether it’s Angle, Orton, Undertaker, whoever, this championship means that I’m the guy on top. This championship means that I’m the best around here and until somebody takes it from me, ain’t nothin’ gonna change my opinion and ain’t nothin’ gonna phase me.

Cena’s determination is evident.

John Cena: No matter what gets in my way here tonight, no matter how much The Undertaker throws at me, I ain’t no bettin’ man but if I was? I’d bet that this time next week, the champ will STILL…be here.

Cena raises his title high to a strong pop once again before we head off elsewhere backstage.

As we’re taken to the parking lot where we see the trio that consist of the A-Listers, Melina, Nitro and Mercury, MNM who appear to be exiting the arena. Melina has a miserable look on her face, Nitro and Mercury are carrying their bags and are having a bit of a laugh and a joke together. The trio approach their limousine but just as Nitro opens the door, we see the trio’s driver enter the scene…

Driver: Ermm, sorry to delay our departure but I was handed this envelope a few minutes ago. Was told to pass it on to you, apparently it’s important.

With that Melina takes the envelope and all three of the Hollywood ‘stars’ look very apprehensive as Melina opens it up slowly, the driver leaving the scene and returning to the front of the limo as Melina shares a look of fear almost with Nitro and Mercury. All three then read what appears to be a letter inside the envelope but they read it fairly quickly, perhaps not a lot has been written?

Johnny Nitro: A better offer?

Joey Mercury: He’s bluffing, who…who would…

Johnny Nitro: He might be bluffing but we can’t take that chance Joey. We’re countin’ on hi…

Melina: Alright, alright. He might…he might be bluffing but guys…he might not and Johnny’s right, we can’t take that chance.

Joey Merucry: So what do we do?

Melina: Simple, we need to match that offer…and go beyond it.

Nitro and Mercury huff.

Johnny Nitro: We’ve already offered so much though, how much more have we got to give?

Melina: Look let’s talk about this on the way back, I’m sure we can work this whole thing out.

And with that Melina runs her hand through her hair frustrated with what she’s found out, Nitro and Mercury now longer buzzing, instead their body language shifts to head down as they enter the limo, MNM’s plans perhaps being scuppered.

We then head off back to ringside where we hear…


And there’s instant heat as the music of the Apple Spitter hits and out steps Friday night’s coolest superstar, Carlito who is all set for action.

Michael Cole: Big opportunity here tonight for the Apple Spitter who became involved in a pretty heated rivalry leading towards Summerslam with Matt Hardy over the United States Title. Despite suffering defeat there Carlito hasn’t given up hope of capturing that title and a win here tonight for Carlito WILL earn him another shot at Hardy with that United States title on the line

Tazz: Major chance for Carlito here tonight, got that right Cole. Matt Hardy pulled it off big time at Summerslam, probably one of the best performances in Hardy’s career and Carlito knows he’s gonna have to be on top of his game here tonight and if he comes through this? He’s gonna have to do it all over again when the title’s on the line.

‘Live for the Moment’

As Carlito waits in the ring, the crowd go wild upon hearing the music of the United States Champion Matt Hardy who storms out, eyes firmly fixed on his opponent.

Michael Cole: Well like you said Tazz Matt Hardy put on a heck of a performance at Summerslam and he’s been on a huge roll ever since coming to Friday Night Smackdown. Do you believe this is only the beginning for our United States Champion?

Tazz: Absolutely. I don’t see any reason why Matt Hardy can’t go from strength to strength. He’s been as impressive as it gets since he came here, you’re right on Cole. Carlito ain’t gonna be easy, I would never write Carlito off BUT Matt Hardy’s on a hot streak and I can’t see it changin’.

Match Three: Singles Match

Matt Hardy vs Carlito

Hardy starts this thing off on the front foot, Carlito having no answer to the red hot champion who appears as though he can’t be stopped right now, hammering away at Carlito with right hand after right hand before taking him down with a big time clothesline, the fans right behind the U.S Champion from the get go.

Hardy continues to mount the pressure, dropping Lito with a big shoulder block before a beautiful vertical suplex sees Hardy score the first pinfall attempt of the match, Lito kicking out at two, a dazed look on his face as he struggles to keep pace with the blistering start from Hardy. Finally though, a turning point for the Apple Spitter. Hardy looking to keep the tempo high pulls Lito to his feet, goes for an Irish whip, Lito hangs onto the ropes however as Hardy comes steaming in, clothesline over the top!! BUT LITO COUNTERS AND PULLS THE TOP ROPE DOWN!! Hardy goes spiralling up and over, a change in momentum now.

Lito now takes full control and works on Hardy from head to toe on the outside, stomping the hell out of the champion, no remorse as he intelligently picks apart Hardy. The referee’s countout not deterring the ‘Coolest’ superstar on Friday nights as he uses the time to his advantage, bringing Hardy to his feet before SLAMMING his head against the announce table!! Hardy falls aback as Lito now displays his usual cocky demeanour, taking in the heat from the crowd. The count is now at six as Lito grabs Hardy by the arm, that arrogant smirk on his face which changes quickly into a no nonsense look as he WHIPS HARDY FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!! Lito really turning the tide in this one as Hardy is floored, the count now approaching eight as the Apple Spitter has to quickly get Hardy back to his feet and inside the ring, as he follows right behind.

The pressure continues from Hardy’s former challenger to the U.S Title as he continues stomping the hell out of Hardy, the champion looking a little worse for wear here as Lito brings Hardy to his feet, Irish whip and Hardy rebounds right into a boot to the gut and a beautiful DDT from Lito!! Cover, 1…2…kick out at two and a half from Hardy, Lito coming within a whisker there. Lito doesn’t let it phase him though as he again goes in for the kill, Hardy down and out and LITO STRIKES WITH A SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT!! Great athleticism from Carly there, cover again, 1…2…kick out again at two from Hardy.

The champion finally gets a stranglehold back on the match though as Carlito heads up to the top rope, waiting for Hardy to rise, as the champion does so, Lito soars, MISSILE DROPKICK!! NOBODY HOME!! Carlito crashes and burns as Hardy rests on the apron, taking a breather before heading right after the Puerta Rican star. Lito rises to his feet and Hardy swings a right, Lito ducks it, Lito swings, Hardy blocks it, boot to the gut from Hardy, SIDE EFFECT!! CONNECTS!! Lito is floored and Hardy is feeling it now, the crowd fully behind the man who ‘Will not Die’.

Hardy now heads to the top rope, the end in sight for him here as Lito’s helpless. Hardy lets out a roar before flying through the sky, LEG DROP OFF THE TOP CRUSHING CARLTIO ACROSS THE CHEST!! The fans are going wild as Hardy scrambles into the cover, 1…2…3…NO!! Lito just about gets the shoulder up!! Hardy shakes his head but returns to his feet quickly…as he signals for the Twist of Fate!! Carlito groggily sits up, no idea of his whereabouts as he staggers to his feet, Hardy spins him round, boot to the gut, Twist of Fate, NO!! LITO FIGHTS OUT OF IT, GRABS HARDY FROM BEHIND, BACKSTABBER!! BACKSTABBER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!! Cover, 1…2…3…HE GOT HIM!! LITO WINS IT!!

Winner: Carlito(10:01)

Michael Cole: HE GOT HIM!! Carlito from out of nowhere!! Carlito has earned himself a United States Title shot and…and Matt Hardy…Matt Hardy can’t believe it!!

Tazz: Hardy can’t believe it? I can’t believe it either!! Hardy looked to have this thing won but Carlito from outta freakin’ nowhere, a HUGE win for the Apple Spitter baby!! Major props to Carlito right there. Matt Hardy knows exactly what he’s dealin’ with now and it might be a whole lot harder than he ever thought it was gonna be.

Michael Cole: A major victory for Carlito here tonight and the Apple Spitter WILL get another shot at the United States title. This rivalry is a long way from over!!

Lito is overjoyed as he backs up the ramp, his arm raised by the official, all smiles as he stares right back at a disappointed Matt Hardy who can’t quite believe he’s lost this one having seemingly been in control. Hardy shakes his head in disbelief before seemingly telling Carlito that ‘Next time can’t come soon enough’. Carlito simply smiles all the more and winks in Hardy’s direction, only angering the U.S Champion further as we go to a break.


Coming back from the commercials we’re led to a dark room where all we can hear are footsteps. The camera then shows us two feet in black boots before the shot rises up the man’s body and it’s revealed as the Phenom himself, The Undertaker who stares a hole through the camera, the image of the Deadman greeted with a massive pop from the crowd.

The Undertaker: John Cena…you’ve overcome obstacle after obstacle, challenge after challenge but there is no challenge that can prepare you for your fate tonight.

Taker still has that crazy, eye bulging look on his face.

The Undertaker: When you step inside the ring with the dead, you step into the unknown. We all fear what we don’t know and John Cena you are no different. On the outside you shows strength, you show bravery, you show no fear but on the inside…on the inside just like those before you, you have weakness, you have doubts, you ARE…afraid.

Taker is very cold in the manner of his speech here.

The Undertaker: Tonight John Cena you will meet your destiny, you will fear what stands before you, you will see the WWE Title taken from your grasp and John Cena, you will…REST…IN…PEACE.

And with that chilling message Taker’s eyes roll back and he imitates his infamous throat slash, the crowd going crazy for the Deadman as we then head back to ringside.

‘I’ll do Anything’

It’s the music of Shannon Moore who storms out full of energy accompanied to the ring by his partner Spike Dudley with Moore all set for some singles action here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito’s gonna put that theory to the test when he and Matt Hardy do collide for the United States Championship. I’m pretty sure Hardy’s gonna have something to say about those claims. Moving onto tonight though and folks of course our HUGE main event still to come as John Cena defends the WWE Championship agains The Undertaker but right now we’re all set for some Cruiserweight action as Shannon Moore tangles with the current champion, Gregory Helms.

Tazz: Huge chance for Moore tonight. Paul London’s the number one contender, Paul London’s the man who faces Helms at No Mercy but Shannon Moore could no doubt put himself in contention with a win here tonight, not that it’s gonna be easy.

‘Listen, it’s time’

And there’s rousing heat as out steps the Cruiserweight Champion, basking in the boos as Gregory Helms arrives alongside his partner in crime, the Mexican Warrior, Chavo Guerrero who continuously points to the Cruiserweight title around Helms’ waist.

Michael Cole: Well these two guys have seen the numbers game continue to be their advantage, however that’s all changed now Tazz. Helms and Chavo have got the upper hand time and again over Paul London but since the Daredevil has found himself his own partner in Brian Kendrick, things have certainly changed. The odds are now even and come No Mercy, Helms and Chavo know that the Cruiserweight title may well be in jeopardy.

Tazz: Well there ain’t any doubts that the numbers game no longer plays into these two’s hands BUT I disagree wit’ you that these two guys know the title’s in jeopardy. I don’t think they do, I think Helms and Chavo are just as confident that they’re gonna walk out wit’ that belt still around the waist of Gregory Helms.

Match Four: Singles Match

Gregory Helms vs Shannon Moore

Moore starts this one off surprisingly strong as Helms looks a little taken aback by the fast paced style from Moore, Tazz and Michael Cole playing up that maybe Helms mind is elsewhere tonight, perhaps more focused towards the challenge of Paul London come No Mercy.

Moore scores a surprise early nearfall off of a sunset flip that has the crowd going crazy, thinking the champion was to be beaten, Chavo tearing his hair out on the outside before Helms turns the match in his favour in emphatic style, taking Moore’s clean outwith a spinning heel kick from out of nowhere. From that point on it was all plain sailing for the champion who picks apart Moore in his usual arrogant fashion, mouthing off to the crowd that ‘This is ya boy’s fate at No Mercy’ as he drops Moore with a delayed vertical suplex, massive impact on his plucky opponent.

Helms continues to remain in control and puts Moore out of his misery in the end as he takes Moore’s head off with a STUNNING Shining Wizard!! The impact reverberating around the arena as Helms slides into a cover, Chavo Guerrero telling the crowd just how damn good his partner is, 1…2…3…game over for Shannon Moore.

Winner: Gregory Helms(4:11)

Michael Cole: No doubt a dominant display from Gregory Helms here tonight and the numbers really didn’t matter here tonight. No need for Chavo Guerrero, no need for underhand tactics, Helms got the job done tonight but the big question is, can he do that against Paul London?

Tazz: I don’t see why he can’t Cole. Helms is the champion for a reason and that reason is that he’s freakin’ talented.

Michael Cole: Talented, sure but Tazz even you gotta admit that’s NOT the reason he’s champion, Chavo Guerrero is that reason.

Helms now has a microphone as Chavo Guerrero holds the Cruiserweight Championship out for him, Helms accepting it with a broad smile, placing it on his shoulder before addressing everybody.

Gregory Helms: So the match is set huh? Me puttin’ this championship on the line at No Mercy against boy wonder himself…Paul London.

Nice pop for the mention of London.

Gregory Helms: But hold the press ladies and gentleman because Paul London’s little buddy, Brian Kendrick is gonna be in his corner.

Another little pop for the mention of Kendrick, Helms and Chavo smirking at one another.

Gregory Helms: Major news right there ain’t it? Well, at least you’d think it is by the way people are talking. All people keep on sayin’ is that now Kendrick’s in Paul London’s corner, now that there’s two of them to take on the two of us, now that the numbers game is no more…that my title reign is under threat.

Helms says that in an almost questionable manner.

Gregory Helms: Well all I can say is... are you people really that stupid? Do you people actually listen to whatcha sayin’? Brian Kendrick being at ringside puts my title reign in jeopardy? Gimme a break. Brian Kendrick ain’t gonna make an ounce of difference at No Mercy. The fact still remains that when that bell rings, the only two men standin’ inside this ring are gonna be Paul London and the greatest Cruiserweight of ‘em all…Gregory Helms!!

Strong boos for that as Chavo applauds the arrogant champion.

Gregory Helms: That match ain’t gonna be two on one, it ain’t gonna be three on two, it’s gonna be a straight up, one on one and y’all might not wanna hear it but I ain’t liein’ when I say that your boy Paul London just ain’t up to the challenge.

Helms shakes his head, smirking to himself.

Gregory Helms: So forget title reigns bein’ under threat, forget Brian Kendrick bein’ in his corner, forget the odds apparently bein’ even cos when ya play with Gregory Helms, the odds are NEVER even. At No Mercy Paul London’s gonna do what he does best… fall short. And y’all gonna witness the master at work doin’ what he does best…WINNIN’.

Helms then drops the mic, an emphatic thud as we see Chavo continuing to celebrate before yelling ‘THIS MAN IS A WINNER’ and Helms looks down at the title belt around his waist before the duo exit the ring amidst a chorus of boos once again.

Michael Cole: Do you really buy that? Gregory Helms absolutely certain that the odds remain in his favour come No Mercy but in recent weeks what’s actually happened is the opposite of that. London and Kendrick have had Helms, they’ve had Chavo’s number and come No Mercy I would say the odds are in the challenger’s corner.

Tazz: You’re so damn biased Cole. You heard from the man himself right there, Brian Kendrick doesn’t make an ounce of difference when it comes to inside that ring. Sure he’s gonna occupy Chavo but the confidence from Helms tonight, man he had me believin’ in him a hundred percent. Helms has faith that one on one, ain’t nobody beatin’ him and at No Mercy that theory’s gonna be put to the test.

Helms takes the title off from around his waist and raises it up high, Chavo is still telling the crowd that Helms is ‘Just too damn good’ as both men then share a smirk at one another and we head off to another break.


We return from the break and we’re taken backstage where we see a jubilant Carlito passing through the halls, all smiles as he tosses his apple up and down in the air before being stopped in his tracks by a determined Kristal Marshall.

Kristal Marshall: Carlito, congratulations on your win over Matt Hardy tonight. You’ve now earned yourself another shot at the United States title, just how confident are you that this time around you’ll be victorious?

Carlito: Is…is Carlito confident? Carlito is ALWAYS confident and what ju saw out there tonight was Carlito proving exactly why he’s so confident.

Lito is clearly overjoyed, the boos already incoming for the Apple Spitter.

Carlito: Carlito told ju dat Summerslam was a fluke. Carlito may not be holding dat United States title right now but dat doesn’t tell the whole story and Matt Hardy knows it. He had one lucky night but lucky nights against Carlito? They don’t come around very often ESPECIALLY…for a guy like Matt Hardy.

Lito tosses his apple a little, smirking slyly at Kristal.

Carlito: See a guy like Matt Hardy, he doesn’t…he doesn’t even belong in this company, let alone holding one of its championships. Matt Hardy has and ju better believe Carlito, he always will be nothin’ but an afterthought. Since the very moment he stepped foot in the W…W…E all people ever talked about was his brother. The Hardy Boyz, a legendary tag team, Carlito’s got no issues wit’ saying dat because Matt Hardy never made dat team legendary, no, no. His brother jumpin’ off ladders, his brother jumpin’ through tables, his brother tryin’ to kill himself made dat team legendary. Matt Hardy? Ha, Kristal, Matt Hardy as always…was nothin’ but an afterthought.

Strong boos for that as Lito continues smirking in his usual fashion.

Carlito: Carlito on the other hand? Carlito was made for this business. Carlito’s family? It’s wrestling royalty Kristal. When ju look at Carlito ju see somebody who not just belongs here, ju see somebody who belongs on top, ju see somebody who was BORN…to be a champion.

Carlito defiantly stares at Kristal.

Carlito: Das why one loss to Matt Hardy, it doesn’t bother Carlito cos Carlito knows…ha ha, Carlito knows dat nine times outta ten, heck ninety nine times outta a hundred, Carlito will always beat a loser like Matt Hardy. So Carlito’s got a lil message for ju Matt, enjoy holdin’ dat title, enjoy callin jurself a champion cos when Carlito gets his opportunity…dat title’s headin’ where it belongs and dat? Das cool.

Lito then takes a bite of his apple, nodding along smiling as we zoom in on him and his incredible ‘fro before we head back to ringside where there are several seconds of silence before we hear…


‘Graveyard Symphony’

And it’s a HUGE pop that greets the music of the Deadman, the Phenom, The Undertaker who makes his infamous entrance, a focused look as ever on the face of the number one contender here this evening.

Michael Cole: He is the cornerstone of this business. The legendary Phenom and Tazz it has been over three years since The Undertaker held a World Title. There is no doubt he’ll want to put an end to that tonight and once again return to the top of the food chain here in the WWE.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Over three years, that’s a heck of a long time for somebody like The Undertaker and there is no doubting that even for someone as cold as The Undertaker, that’s gotta hurt. John Cena’s back’s against the wall tonight, that’s for sure.

Taker takes his place in the ring, going through his usual routine, loud cheers as ever for the Deadman as he then awaits the arrival of the champion…

‘My Time is Now’

It’s an equally loud ovation as the WWE Champion bursts out, John Cena who looks all fired up tonight, interacting with the crowd before locking eyes with a fiercely determined looking Undertaker who awaits him inside the ring. Cena’s small smile evaporating into a look of sheer determination.

Michael Cole: The look on John Cena’s face says it all. A look of sheer determination on the face of the WWE Champion as he knows just what awaits him here tonight. Cena has overcome every obstacle thrown in his way so far as champion but this a whole different ball game Tazz.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. The Undertaker ain’t like any other superstar here in the WWE. But hey, John Cena ain’t like any other either, this is one of those match ups where if both of these guys are on their game you simply can’t call a winner and I can’t freakin’ wait.

Match Five: Singles Match

WWE Championship:

John Cena© vs The Undertaker

There’s an electric atmosphere amongst the fans as Cena and Taker stand in opposite corners, eyes locked on one another as the referee raises the WWE Championship up high, Cena’s attention flickering to it for a moment, Taker’s doing likewise and the bell then rings as both men begin to circle the ring, Taker at some speed, Cena a little bit more methodically before……



And there’s immense heat as both Cena and Taker stop in their tracks and look up at the titantron where we see the image of Kurt Angle and Randy Orton!! The two heels are being booed like crazy as Angle smirks, Orton a little more cold as they appear to be what looks like the WWE’s production truck. There’s several people sat down and monitors all over the place of different angles, the ring, the backstage area as well as the fans.

Kurt Angle: Sorry to interrupt but uh we got some bad news, y’see, this match? This match can not and this match will not take place.

Huge heat for that as Cena looks confused.

Randy Orton: Kurt’s right, this match just can’t happen, not on our watch. Teddy Long’s got this whole thing wrong and he needs to understand where we’re comin’ from, so uh, we hate to spoil the party but uh…you won’t be witnessing John Cena versus The Undertaker for the WWE Title here tonight. Infact you won’t get to witness John Cena versus ANYBODY for the WWE Title…until we get what we want.

Orton smirks now as Cena is furious inside the ring, Taker looks at Cena like ‘WTF?’ and Cena begins to move away, the champion yells 'TO HELL WIT' THEM, LET'S DO THIS', the crowd going crazy as Cena wants to carry this match on!! Taker still looks confused, not sure what's going on before he begins nodding back at Cena andit appears as though champion and challenger are ignoring the presence of Angle and Orton!!

Kurt Angle: You might be asking, ‘What…what can you guys really do to stop it?’ ‘Teddy Long’s in charge of Smackdown, not you two guys’.

Angle begins laughing as we see that Cena and Taker have now locked up again and Cena is forcing the Deadman aback towards the corner, Michael Cole and Tazz are confused as hell, the crowd likewise.

Randy Orton: Well for those of you who still think Teddy Long can take charge of a show like Smackdown, for those of you who think Teddy Long can take charge of ANYTHING…then guess again. Teddy Long may be the ‘General Manager’ of this show but he has absolutely NO AUTHORITY... but you’d better believe…we do.

Orton and Angle begin nodding at one another as we now see that Taker has Cena in the corner and is unloading on the champion with right hands to the gut, Cena looking a little winded as the challenger assumes control, the distraction of Angle and Orton no longer phasing them.

Kurt Angle: We’ve got all the authority, we’ve got all the power and until we get the title shots that WE DESERVE…we’re gonna abuse that power. That’s why we’re here in the production truck backstage.

Angle and Orton begin walking over to two gentleman sat down with headsets on.

Kurt Angle: How...how we doin’ guys?

The two men look scared to death, they clearly know what’s going on here, perhaps having had prior warning as Tazz notes that Angle and Orton may have had this whole thing planned from earlier on tonight.

Randy Orton: He said, HOW…ARE…YOU…DOING?

Orton grabs one of the men by the collar, the worker is petrified as he shakes, quivering whilst Orton glares at him.

Production Worker: I’m…I’m doin’ good, doin’ good.

We then flicker back to the action as Cena is fighting back with right hands to the Deadman, Irish whip by the champion, Taker rebounds and Cena knocks him down with a shoulder block. Some fans are glued to the titantron, others directly focused on the ring action.

Kurt Angle: That’s…that’s great, really. Well uh, seein’ as we’ve got the most authority and seein’ how we’ve got the most power around here, we decided that…we’re gonna show Teddy Long how to really use that authority, that power that he so CLEARLY lacks. Which is why we paid a visit back here tonight...cos right now, as I say these very words, you’re all getting one HECK of a main event right?

We go back to the action and we see that Cena has Taker upright and is looking for a suplex but Taker is fighting it, digging in with elbows to the back of Cena’s head and he breaks the hold the champion has before we shift back to the titantron.

Randy Orton: And that main event was made all because Teddy Long wants to please you people. He doesn’t care about his superstars, he doesn’t care about what we want, well uh... guess what? We don’t care about what HE wants and that’s why this STUPID main event he’s got in store for you, it ain’t happenin’. Don’t believe us? Thisthis is what authority looks like, this…is what power looks like.

Orton then looks at Angle, a moment's hesitation before Angle eyes up one of the production workers.

Kurt Angle: Off.

Angle gets right in the face of one of the production crew, the man still trembling with fear as we see him shaking his head before we get a quick flash of the action and The Undertaker goes for a big clothesline but Cena ducks it and Taker spins round right into a knee to the gut before a big clothesline from Cena now. We then shift back to the tron and Angle now has his hands on hips, Orton is biting his lip in anger.

Kurt Angle: I said…off.

Still nothing as we’re left wondering just what the hell is going on here.

Randy Orton: TURN THEM OFF NOW…before this gets really outta hand.

The production worker appears to finally give in as Orton gets right in his face, the worker then begins to edge closer towards some of the buttons on the system as Angle and Orton share a stare, begin laughing to one another as the production worker pushes a button, the camera immediately shifting to inside the ring where Cena has Taker in a chinlock…BEFORE THE LIGHTS GO OUT IN THE ARENA!! IT’S TOTAL DARKNESS INSIDE THE ARENA AND THE BOOS ARE ABSOULTELY THUNDEROUS!! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?!?

We then flick back to the tron which is still on as Angle and Orton begin to walk away from the terrified production workers.

Kurt Angle: We told you that this wasn’t happening. We told you that until we get what we want, YOU aren’t getting what you all want and Teddy Long, Teddy Long IS MOST FREAKIN' DEFINITELY…not getting what he wants.

Randy Orton: As General Manager he has a responsibility to do what’s right, he has a responsibility to do what’s fair and he…is…not DOING IT!! So we? We’re gonna do it for him.

Angle is chuckling, Orton a more ruthless look in his eye before a closing line from Angle, the arena still in total darkness, the boos still thundering in.

Kurt Angle: Show’s over folks. Show’s over.

Angle continues laughing as he walks out of shot, Orton doing likewise with a more cold stare before a wry hint of a smirk and we go to a final shot of an absolutely pitch black arena, absolutely no image of anything, we’re only left to hear the very loud, very audible boos from the Nashville faithful.

Date: 9th October 2005

Location: Toyota Center, Houston, Texas

Current Card:

WWE Tag Team Championships: Ladder Match:

MNM(c) vs Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio

WWE Cruiserweight Championship:

Gregory Helms(c) w/Chavo Guerrero vs Paul London w/Brian Kendrick
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