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Re: 1/28 Raw Discussion: Fallout from the Rumble

Raw positives

* CM Punk: Punk was amazing on this show, his reaction to losing the title and his hilarious delusion act is simply brilliant. Definitely the best part about the show tonight.

* Jericho on the mic: Great to see Jericho back and the old Y2J kicking into gear. Really good work on the mic from Jericho as expected. Business as usual from one of the GOAT's. Welcome back

* Del Rio/Show segment: I personally loved this. I thought this was really good and everything done was spot on. Using the duct tape to reverse the roles was done nicely and Show really came across like a monster. Ricardo's selling was done well but Del Rio's reactions told the story. Sold it so well, the facial expressions, the shouting out, the act of desperation by Del Rio especially the look on his face trying to help a defenseless Ricardo who was getting beaten on. It got Show a lot of heat which should transfer over to more support for Del Rio in the eyes of the casuals. Done really well.

* Heyman/Vince segment, Lesnar returns: Good segment with Vince and Heyman. Heyman was exceptional here, the defending of his position and then his reaction when the evidence came out against him was brilliant. The video footage was interesting but pretty much confirms Heyman's involvement with the Shield and probably Punk's too. Interesting attack on Maddox, maybe seeing a face turn for him. Lesnar returning was not a big surprise for me but it was well done. Simple but effective.

* Sheamus vs Sandow: Gotta give Sheamus a lot of credit for his selling in the match. Very consistent with the Shield attack and was consistent throughout the match. This was a good match, good psychology and storytelling with the tables and the arm. Again, really good selling from Sheamus throughout. Entertaining match.

* Orton vs Cesaro: Typically good match from these two. Cesaro is the fucking king of TV matches still in my mind. Predictable use of the special ref stipulation. But pretty good.

Raw Negatives

* Raw Roulette = Filler time: A lot of crap on this show which doesn't deserve their own points. From the divas match which went nowhere to the make me laugh challenge to the horrible dancing contest. I completely skipped Khali's segment just because its Khali. Just so unnecessary. Can't they fill the time with anything better?

* Ziggler's promo: I'm a big fan of Ziggler's but its evident he cannot do live back and forth promos. Against Cena live he came off extremely forced and scripted. So much so that AJ who had half the time Ziggler had on the mic came off way more convincing and natural than he did. Tonight against Jericho once again he came across very forced and scripted. He repeated about three times to Jericho asking him what he was doing here. Come on...really weak performance here. Big E sounded more convincing in one line than Ziggler did at all. Big fucking E.

* Cena vs Cody: For those who keep shouting out BURIAL! at every fucking loss someone takes. Well here is an example of what a burial actually is. Cody Rhodes, the man who had an 8 month IC title reign and challenged for the tag team titles at the Rumble got a total of ONE KICK, yes thats right, ONE KICK on John Cena. The rest consisted of Cena pretty much beating Cody like he was a complete jobber. I understand you need to make Cena look strong, but this was fucking pathetic.

* Bo Dallas vs Wade Barrett: Now I'm going to admit I'm completely biased here. The underdog/1-2-3 kid style booking in this situation is not a bad idea, its actually a great idea for someone like Bo Dallas coming in who does not look like someone who should be a legit threat to Barrett. Here is the big glaring problem: Bo Dallas fucking sucks. He has average working skills, not anything special to warrant him getting called up before better talent like Bray Wyatt, Paige or Ohno. His character fucking sucks, he is the most cookie cutter babyface you can get. His look sucks, his theme sucks, his screeching sucks. Everything about him screams terrible, let for some reason WWE sees something in him. And he is allowed to get a fluke victory over Wade Barrett...someone who potentially could be a world champion down the line. I'm really perplexed as to what WWE sees in this kid.

* Cena's promo/ Shield beatdown: compared to last week's fuckery this promo was fucking Raven genius quality. Cena did well putting over Punk and also the severity of losing to the Rock....yet in the process belittled the World Heavyweight Championship and pretty much stated it was the B World Championship. Way to fucking go you moron. Furthermore the promo itself was just painfully average for someone who has just won the Royal Rumble. The Shields beatdown after was cool, WWE obviously care a lot about the Shield as they are still making them look really dangerous and a big force. These beatdowns are getting a little old now though. WWE needs to vary their booking more, have them jump people backstage, have them jump them on their entrances, in the parking lot....not always coming through the crowd and into the arena. WWE are doing great to keeping the mystique of the Shield even after the video package with Heyman (which was good) but they need to keep interest on the Shield by varying up the booking a little bit.

* Commentary: Commentary really bothered me on this show but particularly in one part: the divas match. They pretty much buried the divas match and the division with their commentary. Just shows how much WWE cares about them. Seriously, they need to stop shitting on segments and try and put them over for christ's sake. It's not hard to not shit on the talent in the segment. Even if the segment is bad like the divas match was you do not tell the viewer that what their watching is shit because then if you show that you as a commentator think its bad and don't care about it then the casual viewer won't give a shit either which only damages the already dying divas division and is bad for the WWE as a whole. Jesus fucking christ you morons.

**** <3 ****

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