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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by el dandy View Post
I come bringing numbers to back up my claims, all you butt hurt marks have is "Oh..well.. that's.. just like..Dave's opinion, man"

Guaranteed if Ziggler ever puts his money where his mouth is and ACTUALLY steals a show and puts on that magnificent match that gets rated favorably by Wrestling Observer the Ziggler marks will wear it like a badge on their sleeves.
Numbers for what? The number of people that raised their hands when you asked them if they think Dolph Ziggler toterly sucx1!!!?

You asked when he stole a show, people replied with times that he stole a show. But those "show steals" didn't count because Meltzer didn't like them? What?... Are you not open to the idea that maybe you don't like Ziggler as much as everyone else does, and that's the reason you're trying to belittle his accomplishments? Because like I said, having a different opinion to everyone is no crime. I just don't see why you have to make everyone think your opinion is the "right" one.

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