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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by xdoomsayerx View Post
your going off dave metzler? All that fucking idiot looks at is technical wrestling... The same Guy who said hbk/taker at WM 25 wasn't a 5 star match.
Like him, love him, hate him... Dave is the measuring stick. You don't see on guys wiki pages "Xdoomsayerx's or El Dandy's 5 star rated match" in their accomplishments.

Originally Posted by greendayedgehead View Post
Oh, right, what was I thinking? Meltzer gave it three and a half stars, I probably imagined enjoying the hell out of it.

Whoops. Silly me. How could I possibly have mistaken that match for one of 2011's finest?
I don't know how you could have. You probably also think Edge/ADR at Mania was one of the best matches of the year, too. That's cool, I'll continue using Observer's scale as a reference and not the "greendayedgemark if Edge was involved it is an instant MOTY candidate" scale.

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