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Re: Rock convinces me that Austin should Never..Ever.wrestle again.....

Originally Posted by KeepinItReal View Post
No, he's absolutely right. Rock and Punk are my all-time favorites, and Rock might be a bit slower today, but that's it. He's just as entertaining, and he tells just as much a story. He was never an amazing in-ring performer, that's just the truth. He was like Randy Orton is today: great at playing his character at every moment of every match, great at selling, great at being 'intense,' but not an amazing performer aside from that. That still makes Rock an all-time great, I'd say top 3 with Hogan/Rock/Austin. Maybe 'mediocre' takes it a bit too far, but I might call him mediocre too. Rock was made famous by his incredible promos, not 5-star matches.

And I thought Rock/Punk was great. Apply standards consistently, and you'll realize that Rock's greatest matches ten yrs ago were as "psychological" as Rock vs. Punk. Lol its precisely because he was never an amazing in-ring performer, but rather a great actor, that he can put on classic Rock matches at the age of 40. Kurt Angle is nothing like he used to be because he was mostly about in-ring ability.
I thought Rock was just starting to hit his peak as a wrestle around 2002. I think he could've gotten really good had he remained a full timer. Cena pretty much stunk until 2007 that was the year he turned 30. Rock was already a part timer when he turned 30. Most wrestlers hit their peak around the age Rock was when he left.
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