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Re: How About A War Games Style Elimination Chamber?

I would book it. And I would book Cena to lose. Just hear me out on this one.

Heyman, to please Triple H, admits to being behind the Shield to save his job. Triple H then starts to gun down Brock Lesnar for revenge. Heyman and the Shield then continue the beat downs, targeting Cena and Ryback mostly. Maddox comes back and Cena adds him after an impressive match in which he beats somebody (Tensai maybe). Headed into the match, Ryback is beaten down by The Shield prior to the match. He chose to be the first man for his team previously so when the match begins, he is weaken by a lot.

Shield uses some crazy tactics, like chaining Cena's cell shut. So when Cena's time comes, he is stuck fighting to get out. Shield gain the advantage by 3-1 on Ryback and just destory him. Maddox enters and is like lightning in a bottle. He starts taking guys out one by one but soon the numbers get to him. They destroy him in the center of the ring just to prove a point to Cena. Finally, Heyman from the outside, unlocks Cena's door. No Super-Cena breaking shit. I want him to seem mortal. He enters the ring and goes off crazy. Have him eliminate Reigns for sure. And possibly Rollins. But I would have Ambrose pin him clean. Later that night, have Punk win by DQ because Shield goes to help but Cena gets involved wanting to face The Rock again.

This sets the stage for "is this Cena's year?" and "its happening all over again" story lines to start up. Cena will be booked going into WrestleMania as a one man army. Everybody doubts him. Even have Triple H try to talk him into giving up the Royal Rumble win so he isn't embarrassed at WrestleMania. Cena can show flashes of turning heel. Just enough to see crowd reaction. If they honestly show hate towards him, you pull the trigger at WrestleMania and make him full on heel. Have him cheat to win the title. If the heel switch doesn't look to work, you put the title on CM Punk. Make it Rock v Cena v Punk.

Then you have Cena try to chase Punk again. Shield gets involved. Cena realizes he can't ever beat Punk so he goes to target the Shield. All 3 guys could benefit from matches and story lines involving Cena. Take your strongest guy and have him turn face and gun after Punk.

Look WWE, I did your job. I basically booked from Elimination Chamber to SummerSlam and it probably better than crap you have.

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