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re: The 2013 MOTYC Thread

Watching Punk's Best in the World DVD a day or two before Royal Rumble really put me in a sour mood watching him lose.

In the DVD you had him show how he's always been passed off as a champion who was given prestige by the belt, not someone who gave prestige to it (HHH's words, I believe). Punk commented how angry he was at the fact that he was relegated to something unworthy of his talents while The Miz ME'd Wrestlemania. That he clawed his way up every time only to be given a pat on the back or a MitB win with a lacklustre run stemming from it. Then what happens? He gets fucked again, this time so Rock/Cena can headline Wrestlemania.

Now maybe I'm being selfish (because I'm sure Cena/Rock will be a draw) but, when it comes to who deserves it, Punk shouldn't have been passed up yet again. And, as Bubz said, by ONE FUCKING ELBOW. What happened to The Rock that could barely catch his breath, let alone move himself back into the ring, when he said he would take the belt in a restart? One desperation spinebuster in (after Punk's signatures, I might add) and Rock's delivering the elbow like he has a still hot deep-fried Twinkie shoved up his ass. Absolutely no continuity in his selling and a slop of a performance throughout the match.

Call me disgruntled, hell, bitter-as-fuck even, but I cannot stand The Rock that's come back. On the one hand you've got Punk throwing creative promos at Rock (yes, his boxing with God line might have been cribbed but I stand by my point) and what does he get in return? Some Hollywood wannabe screaming "Snagglepuss". Rock vilified Cena for being kid-friendly and immature, but that's exactly everything that is wrong with The Rock, himself. He doesn't throw around good promos and nor does he make up for it with his wrestling. All he is is just that teenager that still giggles whenever someone says "tits" or anything remotely edgy and that's how he works his promos. The crowd eat it up because it's a knee-jerk reaction - "He said THAT on PG? Hehe!". It isn't clever, and it most certainly isn't fresh when he rehashes his insults every week. I can't help but think that we wouldn't accept it from anyone else but we do from him simply because he's The Rock. He's like the Kim Kardashian of wrestling, really. Pushed for his name and not for his (lack of) talent.

Where does that leave Punk? Relegated to some insignificant mid to upper card feud so WWE can sell their Wrestlemania and act like their product and stock value isn't falling? Maybe he'll win it from Cena later in the year when things lull over but for what point? I don't see him winning his rematch purely because of how Rock was booked here (Rock did not look believably beatable until The Shield interfered) and the fact that Cena won the Royal Rumble match and almost slipped up on Raw in saying he's facing Rock at WM instead of the champion.

This entire angle just felt like a big fuck you to Punk. He got everyone talking about WWE after his Pipebomb Moment and now when things simmer down they'll toss him to the side, again. That's their record with him (if you're going to argue its too soon to comment). Build him up with the longest reign of the modern era then flatline it with the most anti-climactic end in recent history. But it's okay because Rocky did it. A big name excuses everything else.

I'm sorry if this is wildly off-topic but seeing that match nominated as a MotYC pisses me off. The entire PPV was just typical WWE fuckery. If I removed my emotion surrounding the match and its finish, I can't see myself giving more than ★★★, anyway. It's totally not deserving of anything remotely near the title of MotY. It wasn't even the best match on the card. While Show/ADR may not be MotYC either (and wasn't even their best encounter) it was, at least, fun to watch. Something you couldn't make me say about Punk/Rock with a gun to my head.

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