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Re: Ziggler defines overrated...

Originally Posted by ThePhenomenal-1 View Post
Great bumper? What??? What does that even mean? Selling is either making the opponents move look devastating or selling an injury. I.e ziggler takes a brogue kick, and sells the move as a devastating finisher with his theatrics. Even cena has admitted that ziggler is one of the best workers he's ever worked with, half those people in your list aren't even good workers forget being better than ziggler. HBK back in the attitude era when he started his heel run was considered a 'cocky heel' and look how he evolved. Ziggler character will evolve too with time, just like all top stars have done. He might not be groundbreaking on the mic but he only recently has started to get mic time. CM punk was not dropping pipe bombs as soon as he started wwe...
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Bumping: To fall on the mat or ground. A flat back bump is a bump in which a wrestler lands solidly on his back with high impact, spread over as much surface as possible.

Selling: To react to an opponent's attacks in a manner that suggests to the audience that the attacks actually hurt.

You know when all of the IWC becomes really annoyed when Cena has the shit kicked out of him for 20 minutes and has his leg worked on for 15 minutes, yet all of a sudden he's running around the ring like nothing, that is not selling. I'm not saying Ziggler does exactly that, but he isn't the best seller in the company. Bumping, on the other hand, is the landing process of a move. Look at the .gif. Ziggler is a great bumper because he landed in a way that legitimately looked like it hurt, and it probably did hurt like hell. Had he simply ran in to the headbutt, fell on his ass and rolled backwards a bit, that wouldn't be great bumping.

In terms of those guys not being good workers, I could probably write 1000 word essays on all of them and why they are not only good workers, but better workers than Dolph. Finally, in terms of Ziggler only just being given time on the mic, I understand that. But surely if he hasn't had enough time on the mic for me to think he's nothing great, then surely he hasn't had enough time on the mic for everybody else to think he's good?

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